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Seeing as this is a contest of respectable interest with materials only dealing with a classy nature are to be submitted, we do have to lay down some guidelines.



1 . ] Absolutely no stealing anyone’s work; please abide by the uploading rules of Elftown.
2 . ] Please upload your images to Elftown; believe it or not, this isn't to be annoying, it's just to ensure that everyone can see your image.
3 . ] No harassment; we will kick you out. This applies to the rules of Immaturity..
4 . ] No vulgar comments about anyone’s house/photos/writing/personal identity/manipulations/ect.; it is wrongrude. Also, if they wanted your opinion, they’d ask. (Again, this applies to the rules of Immaturity..)
5 . ] No editing wikis except the entry pages; everything else is soon to be password-protected. Also, please allow the moderator [Cillamoon] to handle adding pages, décor images, ect. The truth is, if we need help, we will ask you for it.
6 . ] Photo manipulation is allowed, although preferred that you keep it to a minimum. Please also provide a proof photo if you are going to manipulate your photo in any way, outside of changing color contrast, black and white, or sepia.
7 . ] There is now no size limit...Just please keep them at a reasonable size for viewing. >_<
8 . ] All participants may enter a maximum of three entries each. If you would like to provide a link to a wiki with all the photo's you took for this session, you may do so.
9 . ] If you have chosen to do a nude, please bear in mind that the age requirement for the model is 18! The subject cannot be under this age!

If you have any questions or comments on the rules, or a specific entry, or even an inquiry as to whether an entry is acceptable, either send a message to one of the two moderators, or create a password protected wiki-page. If you choose to go with the latter, please submit your wiki page in don’t fall too far!. Password protect this page and send the password, through message, to [Cillamoon].



The main expectation is that you keep your photo's tailored to the Vargaesque theme.

NOTE: The Jury has been asked by a few ET members if they have to be the model themselves when entering, the answer is no. It is the Jury's decision that we trust ET members to submit photographs with the required age requirement. If it appears that the age requirement is not met, the member submitting the piece will be messaged privately to validate the age of the model.


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2011-06-03 [Nioniel]: Cilla; Don't Fall Too Far!'s links lead to empty wiki pages.

2011-07-08 [Cillamoon]: Thanks, I had no idea! :) Sorry, I guess I missed your comment on this until now. lol

2011-07-09 [Nioniel]: ^^

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