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Evolution of apparence and behaviour 
With each and every artist centaurs have been evolving. Tell here what has been changing in the ways centaur acts troughout famous(or unknown!) artists' work.

Feel free to add any centaur pictures (including fan art) in this section!

Centaurs in Harry Potter

In the books

In the first book appears several centaurs. One of them, Firenze, saves Harry Potter By attacking Voldemort who just slayed a unicorn to drink its blood.
Centaurs also appears in the Order of Phoenix.
In J.K Rowling's books, centaurs are most of the time calm people, who talk by enigmas. They seem to know the future by reading the stars and the nature around them. They don't like humans who consider them as inferiors.
As long as they are shown respect, they are friendly.
Most of them would never accept being mounted by a human.
They are good at hunting. Their favourite weapon is a bow.

In the movie

The movie version of "Firenze" is quite hairy. The scene where he appears is very short and in the dark. They shouldn't have cut this scene with all the centaurs, because it's a very interesting one in the book...

"No, she's infernally smart, (speaking of a Centaure named Cherie) all Centaures are. That's why they're the historians and poets and tutors of Xanth. May all their high I-Q feet founder." Character Dor from 'Centaure Asile' by Piers Anthony Page 1

P.S. the Centaure was his teacher so ya he doesn't like her. [Keeper of Darkness]

In Varley's work the centuars are a created race. And intended to make humans a little uncomforatable. They are all superfishaly female in apearence. Althoe they divide into both male and female gender roles. They can all have childern and they mature quickly (they all wont to have children)
They learn quickly and generaly speak there rachal language (not learnable by humans) and english.
They like the company of humans.
They are sexualy promisquis, and daring.
There language is entierly musucal.
They live about 300 years.
They reach adult hood at 6 years.
consuquently there are centuars that range from incredably nieave to quite wise.

Famous centaurs
Firenze (J.K Rowling)

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2004-06-03 [pixish]: In the Darksword trilogy books by Tracy Hickman and Margert Weis (I think) The Centaurs were malicious and very anti human. I think they were violent but not too smart, and used to kill humans...I don't have any of the books and I couldn't find anything on the net though to show you so I though I would leave it here in the comments :-)

2004-06-03 [May-lea]: Thanks. If ever you find them back, don't h├ęsitate to update the page, really!

2004-06-15 [pixish]: I shall :-)

2004-08-18 [zeldazebra]: Titin, and gia by John Varly. discribe centuars called in the books Titinades.

2004-08-26 [May-lea]: Why don't you edit the page to add this information? ^_^

2004-08-27 [zeldazebra]: Let me find the books again and I will.

2004-08-30 [May-lea]: nice!, thanks!

2005-01-12 [zeldazebra]: I found a John Varly web site Titin, Wizard , and Demon are the three books that feature centuars.

2005-01-13 [May-lea]: Thanks!

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