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Do you think you would make an amazing henchman..
What existing henchman do you think rok..?
Wat qualities do you admire henchmen for...

If yu wanna join just edit the page and add your user name to it. Reveal as much as like about what henchman you would be. If you can come up with a badge idea or make one which has both animal theme and henchman theme, message [Unknown_Freak]. Wiki page titles will be awarded...

[Unknown_Freak]-creator-I would be a dangerous samerai dude with green bulets that spread mecury into your blood.

[Hero of Time]
-Random insane person-I would be Gir from Invader Zim. Technically he is a Henchman.

[smidge]-legend upon mortals- I would a psychotic with a heavy Russian accent, consistantly high who whistles while I assassinate.

[Hugh G. Rection] I would carry around 2 frozen bread sticks to poke whoever to death then make them into a breadstick...

[furrystevo] I would want to have 4 macanical arms and 4 fire swords.

Also say which cute and cuddly animal you think will take over the world (feel free to join both if you like)

[Unknown_Freak]-Meercat-They look so inocent but believe me they're not...

[Leora1127] All Those little critters LOOK innocent.... I can't decide....

[The Last Laugh] Don't be fooled by my cute appearance...

[Hero of Time] Badgers with guns!

[smidge] Evil pugs of doom, they hide they their plot for world domination behind a thin veneer of stupidity.

[Hugh G. Rection] The penguins!!!! They will take over one day!! They look innocent falling over trying to follow planes but.. they will take over..all in due time....

[] those damn dolophins... did you see what they did to springfield? plus they are way to smart for there own good.

[furrystevo] The evil cats. they use the menicing "meow" to scare people off. and they have retractable claws.

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2004-05-19 [Unknown_Freak]: Woohoo

2004-05-19 [Unknown_Freak]: I'm lookin forward 2 people joining

2004-05-25 [ro]: no-one's gonna

2004-06-03 [Leora1127]: I did

2004-06-03 [Leora1127]: It usually takes awhile

2004-06-07 [Moogle Man]: dfbhjk;oldmkgvl;fd sfvcs hfrd n5erfdgb ejdbn edb iejdbh uieb jfenib bri bgrjdgnedkjgr jbgrj brfhje nrfjk hnfuhg fjdbhu dhbj hdfughru ghur hu ...the random animal strikes again...Mwa ha ha ha... wait u can see my user name...damn

2004-06-08 [Unknown_Freak]: Ohh u skare me so much

2004-06-12 [Leora1127]: Meh

2004-07-10 [Hero of Time]: Who wants to see a badger shoot people?

2004-09-09 [The Last Laugh]: hey can i join?

2004-09-12 [Unknown_Freak]: yea

2004-09-14 [The Last Laugh]: oh kay!!!

2004-10-20 [The Last Laugh]: hello!? anyone at all!

2004-11-18 [Teir'Dal]: fixed the page for ya, someone deleted it all

2004-11-18 [Unknown_Freak]: thanx

2005-02-21 [Leora1127]: fricken idiots

2005-02-22 [The Last Laugh]: I fixed it should put up a now.

2005-11-21 [Leora1127]: Badger?

2005-12-15 [The Last Laugh]: well don't post the password lol! but thats only if you want that word to be the pass...but nevermind.

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