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Evil Reflection Contest



Welcome to the Evil Reflection Contest!

Let me explain how this art contest works:

1. You have to pick one of the photo's we provide you.

2.a If you're going to make a drawing/painting, the photo you picked must be reflected in your art, but with evilness added.

2.b  If you're going to make a photomanipulation.. just use the photo, or make a new photo that looks like it, and make it evil.

3. Have fun!


Evil Reflection Competition rules

A. Theme: The theme is 'reflection', but it must be an evil one! Be creative. :)

B. Amount: 2 entries are allowed in total per contestant, it doesn't matter if they're both in the same section or not.

C. Uploading: Entries must be uploaded to Elftown.

D. Deadline: the contest closes after 10 entries are submitted per category.

E. Winners: There will be picked 2 winners, one from the drawing/painting section and one of the photomanipulation section.

F. Judging: This contest will be judged by Elftowners via the public poll opinion.



~ The reward is simple, not only will you get a badge made by myself, you'll get any ONE of your wiki's or favorite pieces advertised in my mood and/or on my page. ~



The photo's!

(more coming)



Evil Reflection Contest Entries


Contest Creater: [Rook.]
Conest Banner Creator: [nehirwen]

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2012-02-06 [Titanium Tiger]: this sounds like fun when are the rest of the photos coming?

2014-07-16 [Stephen]: Is this contest still being held and maintained? <img:44166_1164903284.gif>

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