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Evil Characters is the page where you place your characters history and rank. The Northern Caves
Or you may start in the city.



[Sir Riddle]- Cykes Blackheart
rank: duelist and assassin
age: 23 (young, but hasn't found his equal)
profession: archery, can fire 5 arrows straight in a row, all hit the rose, and all split the previous
swordsmanship, swift, flowing movement, unequaled by his comrades, feared by his enemies
stealth, notices anything but very good fighters, and/or mages
appearance: short, slender, not very muscled, long hair to his waist that hangs alongside his face in strings, before battle he braids his hair, and braids spikes in it, and uses it as an extra weapon
clothes: normal dark cotton trousers, dark leather vest, black cloak, leather patches on shoulders, knees, elbows, and wrists
history: as a boy he was a thief, after that, he didn't change much, at his 15th he killed his 1st man, after that it got worse and worse, he joined the army of death at his 17th, and was quickly ranked captain, after that the warlords began to take notice, he was ranked duelist and assassin, to his liking...
Weapons: 2 nicely crafted short swords, ivory hafts, a small bow in the blade, A ranger black bow, considered one of the most accurate, 2 normal daggers
creature companion: a big black snake with flaming eyes and a taste for blood, sharpened scales, and 2 horns at the sides from her face, she also provides the poison for Cykes' weapons
abilities: he can control fire and illusions, in fire he holds the element of the dragon, a rare ability that is normally found in mages of great knowledge, but he controls it like second nature, illusion then again use much of his powers and if not aided by the warlords, he'd faint after casting one
[♀Kotton Kandy♀ the ♀American Witch♀]- Madam Siri
Long golden hair with eyes to match and lips of crimson
Her clothes are usually slinky and move revealing as much skin as they hide... the colors are dark but not black normally
her occupation is whatever her master wishes she is a willing slave to the leader of whatever guild she belongs
This wonderfully twisted young lady has the power to wretch out your heart from the inside. She is a seductress that loves to play mind games but secretly yearns for love
She is dangerous... she always carries a small dagger that has magic deeply inlaid into it that will kill instantly
[Lirerial] Zataria
Age: 16
Hair: Black with dark blue highlights, waist length, worn loose or tied.
Eyes: Brown/black in human form, greenish blue in other forms, and yellow when she is extremely mad or going to use her powers. She is a shadow mage, as her power of shadows grows, her power over water fades
A werewolf, she's different from most, she was personally blessed by Selune, her moon Goddess, Zataria is able to change when she wants to and can control her actions. To show everyone that Zataria is her chosen Selune causes a twined silver collar to appear around Zataria's neck whenever she turns as human this collar looks like a silver tattoo. Zataria Doesn't trust anyone ever since her family was butchered alive, she is a fierce fighter and when she gets extremely mad her eyes turn red, or black she has completely lost her ability over water, but as gained expert control over shadows.Her teacher was an assassin, his most common statement was "Never talk to your victim, do not allow yourself to think of mercy, get in accomplish your mission and get out... quickly" She killed him when hunters hired him to kill her. She has trained until killing became second nature. She hates her brother Raven with a passion, she has tried to kill him numerous times but failed, she bears a scar on her chest given to her by him, when he turned her own dagger against her. Due to an ecounter with silver her she now has silver along her back and her sides.
Weapons: Black sword, that can cut through illusions and spirits, enchanted daggers that can shift to meld with her body when she shifts, her daggers can cut through anything, even magic, nothing can stop them but her mind.
Picture: Wolf Form:
Human Form:
player name:Blade
job:traveler, and merc for hire
personality:quite and friendly, but also wild
looks:has long black with red tips,6foot,120lbs,has a scar across left eye,has shiny red eyes, wears black boots and black pants, no shirt only a black leather overcoat,has wrapping over his arms,neck,and lower face.
Abilities: very algile,and expert with swords,staffs,and daggers, can control fire.
Username: [The Dizzy Raven]
Character Name: Amrevar
Gender: male
Race: Half Drow, half elf
Age: 4,931
Personality: Amrevar is bound by secrecy which goes by his mysterious personality yet being dark as a mature evil is what allows him to success in all that he does.
He is merciless and hardhearted. He allows nothing to stand in his way and those who serve him, fear him more than death itself, for he is known for causing his captives' lives to end with slow and excruciating torture. There is something he knows that those who follow the Light do not. Heartbreak and memories of his past continues to cause him to lose his mind into insanity. Killing only seems to take away the pain. He creates mayhem and kills without a cause; those who have done nothing die because of his utmost malice. His sworn enemy is Malias and he would stop at nothing to bring death to him. Amrevar's lust for bloodshed is highly unmatched, though he is stern when he causes it; he has lost his own blood a few times on account of this.
Physical Appearance : His eyes are a light blue; his hair is a long white and some is drawn over his shoulders. He wears black clothes with a dark purple cape that drapes over his right shoulder and hangs over his back. A purple jewel, encircled in silver, is placed in the center of his upper chest. He wears black gloves to cover the shadow Dragon mark. There is a scar that runs down through his left eye (caused by Malias)
Height: 5 foot, 11 inches
Weapons: A black hilted long sword, and two knives. also has a bow, but uses it seldom.
Powers: The powers of Darkness, can muster blue lightning, can control fire. Is capable of becoming the very Shadow dragon he adores most; only in true anger is he capable of great strength in that form , has the strength norm to the shadow dragon when transformation is intentional. He has the Mark of the Shadow Dragons on the back of his right hand that allows him to summon the Shadow Dragons, but when terrible angered, it glows which causes him to manipulate the shadows, creating himself to take the shadow dragon semblance. He can heal his wounds with magic, yet whenever this magic is used, energy is drained from him. Telepathic abilities as well.
Class: Dark Lord
Strengths and Weaknesses (including emotional): none emotional. Strengths: Fire and shadow. Weaknesses: Water and the powers of light
Abilities (talents): The shadow dragon form, he’s very agile, and sword master
Hobbies: unknown
Pets: black Dragon named Drazon and his steed Deathrider
Relatives: Malias
Loved One: Mavria (dead)
Companions (friends): none yet
History: Was never revealed...only known by Malias of Sar'dan.
Other: : His power to control Darkness is like none other; most of his abilities are unique, but none has known of its origin. His secrets are all he has left to protect himself with, except for his dark magic and weapons. If his secrets were revealed to his enemies, he knew that hiding was all he could do, for they could finally rid of his evil forever.
He also as a young daughter that he has kept secret ever since she was born.
Name: T'suba
Age: 32
Description: T’suba is a lean woman with powerful muscles do to years spent working on the farm. She has straw colored hair that she keeps cropped short and grey eyes that tend to show her cruelty.
Abilities: T’suba has only a fraction of her niece’s strength, though she is stronger than most men. She can use any farming tool skillfully as a weapon and practices with a sword and throwing knives.
History: When Raven’s parents died, T’suba took her in. She cruelly abused the girl, beating her, starving her, and forcing her to bed with the animals. The night Raven manages to escape she murdered her own husband, though any evidence of this was erased and Raven was blamed for the murder. She is currently seeking her niece, wanting to control her Raven, but more than that- wanting control over Raven’s hidden abilities.
[Cupboard*Full*O f*Malice]-Pharaun baenre
  RECENT HISTORY- Died in the demonweb pits thanks to a betrayal by quenthel beanre, pharaun was resurrected by his “friend” a promiscuous alu-fiend,But knowing that he couldn't get vengeance on the matron mother's sister he decided to let it go and mark it as a learning experience.After being resurrected he knew he couldn't stay in the underdark without being detected by quenthel or one of her mages for long so he killed the alu fiend so she wasn't tempted to tell he was revived and fled. He ventured to the surface,Despite the sun being hell on his eyes,to find a new place to call home before coming across this land of Selatar.
  DISTANT PAST- graduated from Sorcere at the top of the pile,literally,he killed his classmates who thought they were nearly as Adept as he.after he advanced in socre he became the archmage of G`ilithenzar apprentice Secretly desiring as do all Drow wizards to become archmage himself,knowing he couldn't beat the archmage he learned th archmages secrets and even after completing his apprenticeship he kept contact with the archmage gaining his trust before he struck.he was on the verge of making his move when he was sent on the mission that changed his life forever .
Pharaun has been through hell and back,also literally.
DESCRIPTION- pharaun is conniving and evil,even by Drow standards,you could be his enemy without even knowing it.despte being able to go head to head with any opponent he often kills his enemies unexpectedly with poison, special magical abilities,and turning others against them.He has no use for physical combat skills because rarely does an opponent get close enough to lay a blade on him.and on the rare occasions someone does get close enough they quickly regret it because pharaun can stun someone with but a single word of power .He has no real friends even when his one closest companion was killed he hardly even felt a pang of sorrow. This Drow mage finds the struggle of selatar an amusing distraction he cares nothing for either faction but he feels he may be able to gain something from the ensuing chaos.
  PHYSICAL APPEARANCE- 4'6” approx 98lbs long white hair ebony skin,Blood red eyes. Usually wearing his enchanted black piwafwi(cloak)that has a deep purple colored spider design on its back.the pockets of the piwafwi are enchanted with infinite also has strong shielding wards that would deflect physical attacks.under that he wears a black sleeveless leather vest and black breeches has a number of rings and charms about his person all of which have spells loaded in them.
 WEAPONS a magical rapier that moves of its own volition when activated,magic is his main weapon though.
  SKILLS Besides his magical spells (cant list them all)he has his innate ability to see in different spectrums and cast globes of impenetrable darkness
 RELATIONS-Grzzlat the vrok,zarie the one he loves
 AGE 5,113
 PET-Vashik a enchanted spider an extra set of eyes(highly poisonous)
ALIGNMENT-Neutral/Chaotic Evil
here is a drawing of pharaun i did
User Name:[bryko]
Character Name: Lefty
Class: Fighter/ Mage/ Thief.
Gender: male
Race: dark elf (drow)
Age: 17
Hair: white
Eyes: black
Appearance: tall dark elf with glassy dark eyes that pierce through the night and into his foes souls
Abilities: Master of disease and shadows, lurks in the shadows until threatened. Is able to summon forth small skeletal minions to do his work, but they are very weak and easily defeated with a few strikes
Items: some throwing knives, some food and drink, some empty water skins, and a walking stick

user name [Dezmond]
character Adrien sykes
allignment evil
class Hunter/assassin
gender male
race vampire/demon
age unknown (looks 21)
appearance about 6'2" tall, he has dark red eyes with black wavy hair that falls to his shoulders he wears a simple black shirt with brownish pants
abilities telepathic,telekinetic
weapons carries a pair of short swords around along with a sachel of throwing needles and kunai. a sachel of herbs as well for healing minor wounds.

User name: [Kuzima Shirigoshi]
Character Name: Kuzima 'Shadow' Shirigoshi
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: Unknown.
Personality: Evil, evil, evil, evil, with a dash of demented.
He lives for killing and will kill anyone who stands in his way. He comes from the land of Tellrius much like Ryu and Kiro. In fact, the only reason he is in this land is to kill Ryu. He rules over Tellrius with an iron fist. Not much is known about this evil king because there has only been one person to survive a battle with Shadow. Shadow loves to have fun with the person he's about to kill. His favorite tactic is to first cripple his opponent mentally before going in for the final strike.
Physical Appearance: His eyes, hair and cloak are all pitch black. His cloak covers most of his body. His long black hair reaches down over his eyes, covering his long fang-like teeth.
Height: 6 foot, 1 inch
Weapons: His one and only weapon is called the Dark Shifter, its origin and natural shape is unknown. It is a unique weapon in regards to the fact that it copies his opponent’s weapon.
Powers: Controls the very darkness, and controls it well. This power is very similar to Ryu's skill over the powers of light. No one's sure how he got these powers but there is a legend that he the descendant of the Kuzima Shirigoshi that opened the gate in Tellrius 200 years ago, some have even gone as far as saying he IS the same Kuzima Shirigoshi.
Class: King of Tellrius.
Strengths: Rules over the darkness and is nearly invincible at night.
Weaknesses: Light.
Pets: A large, but fast, black Wyvern that wears a special armor. Named Lyris.
History: Unknown.

user name:[Night Prowler]
character:Angel Azcort
appearance: about 6'2", dark red hair to his shoulders, dirty white shirt and faded brown pants, tattered boots and his lucky gray swagman hat.
abilities:Sharp Shooting
weapons:2 revolver pistols
History:He grew up with Sylge's uncle,he used to be a good man, even helped raise Sylge when Malcolm was sick, sometime a few years ago he gave it up and went bad for no reason.

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2007-09-02 [Silver Moon]: Hey would you like to be a hunter Dezmond? I need some hunters, they are a special group who seeks out specific people, by their masters

2007-09-02 [Dezmond]: sure why not lol it sounds like fun lol

2007-09-02 [Silver Moon]: might want to check out their description on the class page, I have been editing it

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2008-10-26 [Silver Moon]: nice char

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2008-10-26 [Xeroh Kanoe]: Xeroh's a good guy. Cypher on the other hand(his complete demon form)...that's a different story.

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hm... should I make a new character or stick with the old ones?

2008-11-08 [Silver Moon]: up to you

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