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What is your everyday superpower?

An everyday superpower is an amazing ability of magical proportions - that can't exactly save the planet or couldn't really qualify you for the Evil League of Evil - but would still be really darn handy in just everyday living. Everyday superpowers aid in small everyday tasks, or impress your friends on occasion; they'd make a great party trick, or maybe just save some time or inconvenience or your face in the crazy random happenstances of life.

So if you can think of such an everyday superpower that you think would be really cool to have, please add to the page. :)

If you are really into this kind of stuff, this video might be of interest to you:

100% Accuracy
Imagine never missing when you throw a crumpled up piece of paper towards the bin. Or driving your bike really fast towards a narrow opening and flying through smoothly and without any kind of interruption. Or my personal favourite: never fiddling with keys when about to lock or unlock something, it'd go in-twist-out like lightning. Over are the days of awkwardly fumbling with things such as USB cables or pencil sharpeners.

The Perfect Last Word
This superpower allows you to have the last word - and how! It would give you the perfect thing to say every time you leave the room: a quip, an insult, a profound philosophical statement that'll leave people pondering for days - or just the clearest and most concise way of telling someone where you are going, or when you'll be back, or that you'll miss them while you are away. Beginnings and middles of your conversations would be the same meaningless drivel as everyone else's, but that wouldn't matter because you'd be remembered for your parting words. And imagine: the best dying words ever.

Babelfish Ear
The ability to understand (not speak or read, just understand upon hearing) every human language when you hear it. Wouldn't it be great to sit on the bus and listen to the conversations of foreigners (or locals if you yourself are foreign) on the bus, grinning a little inside thinking that they think that no one understands. Or being able to watch any movie from any country, being able to travel anywhere without the fear of language barrier. The possibilities aren't quite endless, but it'd still come in handy.

Exact Change, Please
The magical ability to always have the exact amount of money in your pocket for whatever it is that you are buying. Maybe you couldn't buy a house or a car with this ability, and it could get awkward sometimes "that'll be seven ninety-seven" with currencies that don't have 1 or 2 penny/cent/whatever pieces - but still, how ideally wonderful to never have to fumble for that last 10p coin or just break your bills and get a whole ton of shrapnel again just because you can't get to your change.

Do You Happen to Have the Time?
This superpower lets you always know exactly what time it is in any part of the world, even if you aren't wearing a watch. You can tell the time down to the millisecond. Perhaps not the sexiest superpower to have, but it gives you the added benefit of never being late to anything... unless you wanted to be!

I'll Have the Chicken
The ability to pick instantly the meal or restaurant to have which will please all parties involved. This makes you a good house guest, since there's none of the 'what do you want to eat?', 'oh, whatever's easiest' nonsense.

...Do you smell smoke?
You never need to note the time when you're cooking, or set a timer. You always know exactly when a meal is perfectly cooked.

Where Did I Leave the Keys?
You always remember exactly where something has been left, whether it be your keys, phone, wallet, glasses, or all those other things that people put down and forget where they left them. You even know where other people left their phones. This makes you a really useful friend to have on speed dial, but it could creep new acquaintances out.

Did you bring the sunscreen, dear?
The ability to always pack correctly for any given vacation. No more stuck in 30 degrees weather with only longsleeves because you trusted the forecast, or berating yourself for not bringing shoes that don't blister when it turns out your in-laws are the hiking kind.

All Aboard!
The ability to control the timing of trains and buses etc public transport, so that whenever you get to the stop or station, the vehicle gets there at the same time. If you are running late, so is the bus. No more waiting in the cold or in the heat!

Built-in Google Map
You have a built in mental equivalent to Google Maps. You always know which turn to take, how far you need to go, and which public transportation, if any, is needed to reach your destination.

The ability to know what each thread in the forums (especially the junk forum) is about without having to check back.

The ability to edit any instance of text with your mind. See a typo in a poster outside? Fix it. Edit that person's rude t-shirt text to say something stupid about them instead. And finally: add the 'i' to all those 'to let' signs...

Universally Liked
The ability to be liked by everyone. Even people who have to punish you are more lenient than usual because they like you so much.

Dance My Drunk Meat-Puppets, Dance!
This superpower allows you to control the bodies of anyone who has consumed alcohol. Anything from getting that group of drunk teenagers off the road so that you can pass them by to making the rowdy drunk picking a fight just sit tight on his ass. The level of control would be directly proportionate to the amount of alcohol consumed, so with sensible drinkers you would maybe only be able to move their eyebrows or something...

I hope you have a lot of inconveniences in your day!
The ability to curse someone who crosses your path with random inconvenience. You couldn't cause actual harm to anybody, but they might lose their keys or phone, have a flat or an empty tank, ruin a load of laundry, have their computer refuse to load any webpages, or any of the tons of little annoying things that life throws at people.
(from the wonderful brain of Aziz Ansari)

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2011-05-10 [iippo]: XD YAS.

2011-05-10 [Triola]: Did you bring the sunscreen, dear?
The ability to always pack correctly for any given vacation. No more stuck in 30 degrees weather with only longsleeves because you trusted the forecast, or berating yourself for not bringing shoes that don't blister when it turns out your in-laws are the hiking kind.

2011-05-10 [SilverFire]: That could add a whole new level of excitement to the anticipation of holidays :D you'd be like, 'oooOoo, I wonder why I packed that.'

2011-05-10 [Triola]: Or disappointment, you're going to Egypt and suddenly you find yourself packing a wollen hat and mittens :P

2011-05-10 [Mortified Penguin]: What if you pack a brochure for a life insurance policy and the business card of a local funeral home?

2011-05-11 [Triola]: Then lets just hope you're not going on vacation alone <.<

2012-10-16 [Stephen]: Where did I leave the keys would be so very, very useful.

I've lost my cell phone for days at a time on a number of occasions now. Same for my wallet, and my cell phone's headset. <img:stuff/Br23-gif.gif>

2012-10-16 [iippo]: I had thought of a new one two weeks ago, what was it...? Grr...

2012-10-16 [Avaz]: I also thought of one a couple days ago, but by the time I came around to adding it here, I forgot. ._.

2012-10-16 [iippo]: Oh, I just thought of one: always coming to the bus stop or the train station right at the moment when the bus/train is arriving.

2012-10-16 [Avaz]: That's a good one, I have this power some days. Now you need a snazzy name for it.

2012-10-16 [Viking]: Perfect Travel Timing?

2012-10-16 [Avaz]: I suggest: All Aboard!

2012-10-19 [SilverFire]: Man, I would so screw people over with the all-aboard power. <_< I'd be like "Eh, the bus will be there when I'm there, no rush." And finish my dinner/whatever I was doing, and leave the house, and constantly make the bus mega late for everyone else.


2012-10-19 [SilverFire]: But these two posts made me think of this wiki:

2012-10-19 [Stephen]: I would use the revive bugs one to drive my friends crazy anytime I went to their house. <img:44166_1164145171.gif>

Changing a smell would be awesome, too.

How about a super power that keeps you from getting lost? Like if you're in a foreign city you don't take wrong turns, or don't get on the wrong public transportation.. etc. :P

2012-10-19 [Viking]: Like having built-in Google Maps?

2012-10-19 [Stephen]: Yeah, exactly!

2012-10-19 [iippo]: Adddd it :3

2012-10-19 [Stephen]: No idea what a good name would be. <img:44166_1164145272.gif>

2012-10-19 [iippo]: Built-in Google Map was pretty good I thunked >_>

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