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2011-05-25 02:14:06
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Etsy review

Etsy is a great website and I much prefer it to Ebay. It is used for selling vintage items, handmade items or supplies. This gives a much better option for those who make art or clothing to sell. I tried Ebay, but it never did it for me. Etsy allows me to make a store and sell things easily, without being forced to hold an auction or only have the item last 7 days. Etsy asks for a one time fee of 20 cents per item for 4 months. Then after you sell the item they take another small %. Membership is free and you can setup your store with a nifty banner, and join 'teams' with similar interests to what you are selling.

For me, Etsy is much more user friendly then Ebay.

/ [Aeolynn]

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2011-05-25 [SilverFire]: So potentially, you could join up, not sell anything for 4 months, and avoid the 20 cent er item fee? Not that it really matters, for 20 cents. I guess that's what they're counting on. :P

2011-05-25 [Aeolynn]: Yeah, but they don't put restrictions on you for how long and how much you are selling it for... I'd much rather just have a store then an auction

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