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Estantia's Stories

[Estantia]'s Stories!

Well... I have quite a few and they seem to be growing at a remarkable rate... I may put poems up here as well... anyway, should I just get on with it?

It goes without saying really, but if you steal ANY of them, you die!


The Stories!

First Kiss-For a Hopeless Romantics contest, it got third!
A Boy's Worst Nightmare-another Hopeless Romantics entry, hasn't been judged yet...
Estantia - What I'm Made Of - Written Snapshot to go with a song.
Gentle Heart - Written Snapshot, a weepie.

Rp related
Joe and Assassins- About my RP character Joe Marder, yes it does have a the in the title really...
The Idea Thief- Inspired by my textiles coursework, I'd say it was inspirational from that point of view... Involves Joe Marder.
Through the Eyes of a thief - 1- Joe Marder's early childhood. The title of this chapter is also "Seeds of Hate." It may still be missing something.
Estantia's First Story- The very first story of the great guide, known here as Estantia.
The Conference- How the school of Mastery's patrons actually managed to agree on something, set in the quite far past of Familiar's world. Also an entry for the Elftown Prose Contest.
Enter the liontaur - A liontaur walked into a bar...
The wheel turns - A possible future for the 11th Clan Universe.
Estantia's stories: Howitzer - Audition para for Atayemi's FBI K9.

Note, I don't do sickly sweet, so don't judge by the world.
Meeting Sanrina - Written snapshot, meeting my first pet from neopets.
Nothing is as it seems... - A Neopets series, contains notes on what stuff is.
Estantia: Behind Closed Doors - A Neopets short story.

Other Fanfiction
Cinnamon - Follow Me - Written snapshot that started off a Sonic fanfic, you have been warned...
Cinnamon Spice - The Sonic fanfic mentioned above.
Night of the Maze - A Harry Potter fanfiction for a competition on Quizilla.
Working around the edges - A Winx club fic at 


The Poems!

The Girl With No Name-One of my best! *hugs*
Pre-condemned-Written for a friend...
Do you see now?-For the Elftown Wiki Poetry Dueling Arena.
Acres of Grass...-For the Elftown Wiki Poetry Dueling Arena.
Goodnight Kiss- For the Valentines Poetry competition 2006.
The Walker- More an exploration of my thoughts on fate...
Between here and there- For the jump between child and adult.
Go where you will- For those who leave to take their own path.


The Characters!

Estantia-This is me in the rp world, mostly found in freeform rps like taverns.
Joe Marder-Mage thief of many names. My first other rp chary.
Sara Xanthis-Beautiful, tall and half lioness. Enough said.
Cirrasa-Wind mage/being. So far has no surname.
The 11th Clan- The group that Estantia is a part of and its world.
11th Thoughts- The theories and more general information about the multiverse and systems the 11th clan work in.
11th Auras- The aura system in more details, graphics for auras slowly going up.


Other Stuff!

Estantia's Application- Stuck with Personal statement? this might give you some ideas.
Estantia's Art- For my various pieces, ok so mostly it's the 11th Clan...

P.S. Feedback is welcome and please put it in the comments box beneath the story/character!

That's all for now...

- [Estantia]

All Dividers are courtesy of [eyes of frost] at Elftown Graphics but the banner is mine.

Estantia's Stories

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