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Estantia's Stories

Estantia's Application

Heya, I put this up here to help all the people doing personal statements for uni or college. This particular one is for uni but it should help give you some ideas.

Please note people, this is inspiration only and should NOT be copied!

Estantia's Stories


Eric Hoffer once said that "Where everything is possible miracles become commonplace." To me that represents a large part of physics, some things that seemed impossible even a few years ago are considered normal due to scientists. However there are still many things to be discovered and I want to be a part of those discoveries, be it a new source of energy or living underwater.

What makes me think that I can contribute to these big ideas? After all I am just a student with a dream. However the very fact that I am a student with a dream means that I am determined to learn all I can in order to make it possible and I have very few preconceived limits as to what we can do with our knowledge and the challenges that we can tackle.

One reason for thinking that I can do this is that throughout my educational career I have been challenging myself as a good all-round student. The idea of the International Baccalaureate's 6 subjects rather than the usual 4 caught my attention, as did the prospect that this was like a university course for sixth-formers. The prospect of doing things before I need to has always appealed to me as sensible, giving me prior knowledge of some subjects so that I can do harder problems if they appear. For example I was offered the chance to do an A-Level in maths when I was doing my GCSE's and, as maths is my next favourite subject, I took up the offer and received an A, two years early. This helped with my current IB physics course and I am certain that studying IB Further Maths alongside my diploma as a seventh subject will also be useful in the physics that I wish to study as the subjects are closely linked.

However, another valuable quality added to enthusiasm and intelligence is the fact that I am patient. This means that I will work at a problem until I finish it, though I am not so arrogant that I cannot accept help to complete the task if I need it! Yet it's also essential in this area to be thinking of other explanations and solutions to a problem, in fact it has been commented on by many experts, including Professor Lipton when he gave a lecture on the philosophy of science, that the ability to think outside the box is vital yet this need for creativity within a physicist is often forgotten.

Therefore it is hardly surprising that I also love creating stories through a variety of means. Writing, role-playing, drawing and singing are among many interests of mine. My writing can be found in many places on the internet; some written solely by me for others to enjoy and some created with other people from around the world. Showing people how to develop their writing is something I enjoy exceedingly, having assumed this role many times. One role-play in particular is written in such detail that an incredibly realistic world has come from our work, often leading to debates of how to define things we have written, and whether they could actually be made.

All of these things contribute to what is needed to be an excellent physicist, be it as a researcher or teacher, two areas which I not only like, but which are suffering from a shortage of people who are enthusiastic about these subjects and also possess the skill to do it properly. This is why I want to study Physics, not only for the enjoyment of the subject and the challenge that it offers, but also for the ways that this subject can be used to change the universe; or at the very least the way we see this universe with all its commonplace miracles.


Estantia's Stories

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