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Estantia's Stories

What I'm Made Of

Lyrics can be found at What I'm Made Of, though the song also fits "Through the fire and the flames" by Dragonforce, though less well.

Enjoy the snapshot!

Estantia's Stories
What I'm Made Of


The library was deathly quiet as the quiet brown haired girl walked quietly through the shelves to the table in the furthest corner. A silent walk through a deathly quiet library, only her footsteps sounded. Books tucked under her arm, quiet eyes serious.
    She reached her destination and meekly pulled out a chair and set her books down, the epitome of the meek schoolgirl. With a serious expression that wasn’t a smile or frown she opened her books up and settled to reading.
    Then there was a quick flicker of her eyes that went against everything her attitude had so far suggested. In a swift movement her hand slipped into her pocket and two headphones appeared in her palm, and swooping up to find their place in her ears in a way that showed this movement was frequent.
    She lowered her head slightly as if to look at her book closer, hair falling forwards to hide her ears. Her quiet eyes scanning the words in front of her, then quickly flicking to the side one last time as her other hand slid down her leg almost imperceptibly, flicking a switch.

The effect was immediate, the black and white world flooding with colour as Crush 40 roared out of the headphones, at a loud, but bearable volume. She still read the book, though her expression lifted slightly towards a smile and her eyes seemed to sparkle more.
    The girl smiled, leaning back and happily closing her eyes and absorbing the music flowing through her mind. Yeah, so it was kinda rock, kinda pop, what was rarely on the radio but should be in other words. If she was that sort of person she’d be headbanging to this, but she wasn’t, she seriously doubted anyone would believe she listened to this.
    What she had in her two hands was enough to set her free... Didn't that fit her exactly? She pondered this as she absently tapped her fingers on the desk, no -one would expect her to know so much about beat and blend her mind with it so entirely. Shows how much they knew. The thought made her smile blissfully, carefree as her mind surfed on music.
    Now her inner self closed her eyes as she smiled, her mind truly slipping loose of its constraints and soaring amid whirling colours of the music over a landscape only she could see. On wings she spun and dived, soared and laughed, singing her heart out and becoming the music in her flight. Brightness shone out the land as the picture appeared semi see-through in front of her eyes, as if seen on a different layer of sight, which it was.
    When she opened her eyes to see it better her eyes shone as she revelled in freedom, the ceiling only could appreciate her smiling eyes. Anyone else would think she was just thinking about her book. Instead she was thinking over all life as her wings brushed clouds in tinted air that rippled as she shot through it.
    Suddenly something appeared on the horizon, a flock of ships that shot towards her, lasers lighting the sky. She spread her wings and banked, sword in hand as she swerved and dipped, speeding up as she joined battle in a dive.
    Her body flexed and the shining sword shot though glinting metal, shearing cleanly as she spun, sword out before a pump of the wings sent her up to dive down and impale another, sword slicing out and to one behind , the bots shorting as she spun, slashed, dived and soared, wings flaring as she moved in air, one movement flowing to the next as if she was doing a sword dance.
    A trio shot away from her and she pursued, land blurring as she sped past, sword hanging behind as she laid her hands against her sides to shoot forwards. Soon they drew close to a cliff, just as the girl caught up to them and flipped so she planted a kick into one that sent it spinning to crash against the cliff as the second was shorn in half by the sword. The last robot propelled itself upwards, a whirl of feathers let the girl corkscrew upwards, arm straightening and sword glinting in the light as she broke the sound barrier and shot forwards, sword crashing into the bot and human following afterwards, straight through the centre like a leviathan surfacing from the depths, sword held ready.
    As she hung there she knew what had to happen now, letting go of the sword she folded her wings to her back and went into freefall, colours marbling around her as she plummeted, face completely focussed as she sped towards the ground, feeling her hair lift back off her face. Her mind carefully painted the image onto her mind, so she could see it clearly and she could take the photo of the moment with her memory.
    For a moment the image held and shone with a brilliance that seemed impossible in the world.

Then the music flicked off and in that instant everything was back to normal, colour vanishing as if it had never been. Eyes that were deep, calm and knowing scanned the words of the book in the corner of the empty room.
    The nothing more than ordinary girl neatly shut her books, picked up her stuff and exited the room as quietly as she came.


Estantia's Stories
What I'm Made Of

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2006-03-29 [nunt]: Wow. That is one amazing story! I love it.

2006-03-30 [Estantia]: Thankyou, I really like it, that's why it's currently residing in my house lol

2006-03-30 [nunt]: It's kind of a bit like me really

2006-03-30 [Estantia]: and me, and many, many other people...

2006-03-30 [nunt]: that's why Iove it so much, I can relate to it.

2006-03-30 [Estantia]: oh yes... and the song fits it perfectly, I only found it after I finished it though.

2006-03-30 [nunt]: which song?

2006-03-30 [Estantia]: sending the actual, before it was reliant k, be my escape, and didn't have the battle then.

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