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Estantia's Stories


Well, I'm finally writing myself a bio for rp use... *faints*

Estantia's Stories
Estantia's First Story
The 11th Clan


Username: [Estantia]
Character name: Estantia
Age: Around 19, but is a time traveller, so could change...

(Partially shapeshifted, other pics can be found at Estantia's art)

Appearance:At 5'8/9" she is tall for a woman. She usually looks about the same wherever she goes so people can identify her, if she wants to be secret then she will change. However she's usually found with her long, wavy, dark brown hair (I didn't have a dark enough one...) drifting loose around her shoulders and back. It reacts to her thoughts and mood a lot, and is likely to spark when she has too much magic, normally when she's angry. Her eyes also have a tendency to spark and glow at her will, but are normally a mix of colours with a light golden ring around the pupil. In shapeshifted form there is always a part of her that is light gold, the colour of her magic, her eyes particularly are always this colour, unless she happens to have a human head.

Another distinguishing feature is her long coat/cloak. It is the same light gold as her magic and appears to be made of cotton, though is waterproof and likely to develop a hood/pockets when needed. Underneath she usually wears a white dress, though no-one is quite sure about this.

General: Estantia is the Great Guide for this multiverse, and all the universes within it. Outside of there or in her home world her powers are limited. Basically she has to keep an eye on things everywhere and help out with whatever she can. Her power is centred on stories, and can access any story she has heard told, in words, song or art.

Because of this she has an immense amount of magic but needs a high level of control as her emotions affect her magic strongly. The magic he uses most often is shapeshifting, mind-speaking and healing, but her powers range well beyond that to try and keep a hold on everything. Mind you, she still manages to involve herself closely in some people's affairs. (ie. Joe Marder's)

From these worlds she can learn other spells, and has a mastery of most kinds of magic that she has come across, or spells that do much the same thing from another place. However there ARE some spells only she has been known to be able to use due to her position as the Great Guide.

However with great power comes great responsibility (More on this in 11th thoughts), and often she simply cannot intefere with some events. When this happens she normally directs her efforts into doing other things to help, while hating the fact she can do nothing. An example of this is in the Night of the Maze.

Since her magic is so closely tied to herself the amount she has affects how much energy she has. This is a flaw but is countered by the way she can use stories to her advantage. Another weakness are her friends, and a tendency to put them first.

Despite all this she is only a 19-year-old human, albeit a clever one. (Though she may look a different age at the time...)

History: She has been the Great Guide since she was 5 years old, though her role has changed through the years to a role almost serving as fate in recent times. Her symbol of office, her necklace, has rarely left her neck in the intervening time and the occasions that it has have not left her pleased, especially when they didn't give it back *winces*. The light gold of her magic and the golden coat she normally wears are so that she can be recognised easily, meaning that if taken off/not used she is effectively in disguise.

For the first 6 years of her duty she worked alone as the great guide, however on her first year in secondary school she met and befriended another mage who travels between universes stopping everything going nuts, DuelMasterP. After being continually thrown together for missions they decided to work as a team and founded the 11th Clan, which has steadily grown in numbers over the years.

Other: She is not much suited to rping for long periods of time due to her extensive magic (which can do rather a lot, if only for a short time) and being a potential god-moder, though she is bound never to interfere in free will and prefers her powers to remain under wraps for the most part. However she insists on making small appearances in almost everything one of her charges has a hand in, and usually goes there herself at one time or another.

In long term role-plays she will always have a handicap, be it a need for secrecy or otherwise... Not to mention all the other trouble she attracts.

She will normally turn up when things are going to go/ have gone crazy and she doesn't usually cause it... honest!


Estantia's Stories
Estantia's First Story
The 11th Clan

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