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Player: [Kai Crewger]

Name: Eri Ichiyama

Race: Human

Subrace: Xiadomian

Class: Shaman 3 / Acolyte 2

Allegiance: Self and Family, Church and Land, King and Realm, in that order.

Appearance: Eri stands about 5'7", slim and willowy though she has some very appreciable curves in the areas of the bust and hips. Her hair is blue-black, and hangs down to just below her shoulder blades; it's kept back by a cord, and her bangs fall just above her eyes, which are the same color - if not darker - than her hair. She usually wears a sleeveless, backless top that falls to mid-thigh and is held around the waist with a wide sash, and semi-loose pants that tie at the ankles. She goes either barefoot or with sandals, and she has a sheath strapped to her thigh for her dagger, and keeps specialized sleeves to sheath her wrist blades in. When travelling, she also has a large cloak, and leather pouches to keep her things in.

Age: 23

Personality: Eri is independent, to keep it short. She likes to do her own thing, though she keeps her loyalties straight. As a shamaness she has a bit of the chaotic element in her, and she enjoys nature more than the structures and organization of the cities of civilization, although she still keeps to custom fairly well as an Acolyte.

History: Eri was born the only child of Kaoru Yanichi and Sanroku Ichiyama, her father being the head of Kenata village. When she was young, about seven years old, her mother died of a wasting sickness that had struck the village. While sickness took mostly only the very old, or the very young, her mother had exhausted her energies aiding those who had gotten sick, and ended up succumbing to the disease herself. Since then, Eri was raised by her father in the traditions and ways of the village, all the while being groomed to become the next leader of Kenata. At the same time, Eri took her first steps down the path of the shamaness, beginning to learn the White as her mother had, learning and growing among the wild nature that surrounded the village. Meanwhile, sStories of the lands outside the walls always came through merchants or travelers, and she longed to grow up and follow them. However, her father's wish was that she remain in the village, and so she grew up caught between love and duty towards her family and land and the wild roaming spirit that she carried. As she grew older, she firmly took up the ways of the shamaness and the White against the constant danger from the nearby Fell Woods. At the same time, as she learned more about her magic and her self, a roaming priest happened to visit the village. His attention was eventually caught by Eri, and he lingered for a while to teach her more of the use of her power, at the same time granting her the knowledge necessary to become an acolyte. While she has travelled outside of the village and to the cities, still she sometimes longs for the wandering lifestyle of an adventurer, despite the wishes of her father to remain and help govern the village. To date, Eri has grown and practically filled the void her mother left behind when she died, acting as the village healer and wisewoman, though some find it strange that she has not yet married and begun a family. When questioned about this, though, she gets short with the speaker and usually withdraws to a more private space to avoid further inquiries.

Weapon of Choice: Claws and magic

Element: White (Life)


Level: 5

Experience/Next Level: 2050/3010

Wrist Blade (With White opal) (3 Atk, 2 Def, 1 Dex, +1 White Magic damage, 3 Wt)
Wrist Blade (3 Atk, 2 Def, 1 Dex, 3 Wt)
Dagger (1 Atk, 1 Def, 2 Rng, 1 Wt)
White Robes (2 Mag, Bonus to Lvl. 1 White Magic, 5 Wt)
White Cloak (2 Cha, 1 Mag, Bonus to Lvl. 1 White Magic, 3 Wt)
Bamboo Hat (3 Dex, 1 Cha, 2 Wt)
Water Skin
Bedroll Sack
Parchment (x10) (1 Wgt)
Vial of Ink (x2) (2 Wgt)
Healing Potion (1 Wgt)
Lesser Healing Potion (1 Wgt)
Magic Potion (x3) (3 Wgt)
First Aid Kit (Increases effectiveness of Heal skill)

 HP: 13/13
 MP: 16/16
 Str: 5
 Con: 6
 Int: 5
 Mag: 6
 Dex: 6
 Cha: 5

CC: 33/33

Skills: Handle Claw, Handle Staff, Glyph Writing, Lvl. 1 White Magic, Healing, lvl. 2 White Magic, Two-weapon Combat .

SP: 0


Lvl. 1: Heal 1, Antidote, Uncorrupt, Magic Circle Against Evil.

Lvl. 2: Mass Heal 1.

Special Skills:

Create Glyph - Every 5 levels, the Shaman can translate a spell he knows into glyph form and learn it as a glyph.

Glyphs Learned: - Glyph of Life

Alter Spell - Every 5 levels, the Acolyte can select a white magic spell and alter it, either increasing all of its effects by 1 or more grades ( 1 grade means from 4 turns duration to 5 turns, from d4 damage to d6, etc) or adding an extra GM-approved effect. The alteration of the spell has an XP cost of 500XP per spell level.

Party NÂș8

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2008-08-11 [Kai Crewger]: I bought the glyph of life, remember?

2008-08-11 [Lepellier]: yup, that's right...

2008-08-11 [Lepellier]: Hmmm...small problem...I added it up WITH the cost of buying the skill (150 g) and it came out to 1035...35 gp over the starting gold...

2008-08-11 [Kai Crewger]: hmmm... odd. well, I'm gonna trust your math, so you could just take out one of the magic potions and gimme 25 gp instead,

2008-08-12 [Lepellier]: well...I did the 885 math earlier...and 885+150=1035. But you could always do the party photo and not worry about it, lol.

2008-08-12 [Kai Crewger]: I could. I'll try and get around to it, then.

2008-08-12 [Lepellier]: hey, don't worry...i make take multiple artists perspective.

2008-08-19 [Kai Crewger]: no, wait. not overspent, cuz you calculated for an upgraded dagger when it's not upgraded (yet)

2008-08-19 [Lepellier]: ... No, I went straight through the equipment list...

2008-08-19 [Kai Crewger]: no, no, I didn't need an upgraded dagger, that was a mistake. It's just a normal dagger (I changed it back)

2008-08-19 [Lepellier]: when was this?

2008-08-19 [Kai Crewger]: um, a while ago. when you first pointed it out, I think.

2008-08-19 [Lepellier]: well...most recently, I redid the count...I'm pretty sure you are over spent, but idk...

2008-08-19 [Gastogh]: If the dagger is ordinary instead of +2, the total costs of your items amount to 840. So you'd have 160 gold left, minus the cost of your Glyph, however much that was.

2008-08-19 [Kai Crewger]: that was 150, therefore 10 GP leftover, which is what's up there. problem solved.

2008-08-19 [Lepellier]: hmmm....alright, I guess so then.

2008-08-19 [Lepellier]: By the way guys...let me do any page editing, please?

2008-08-19 [Kai Crewger]: um, I'd still like to reserve the right to do edits on my own character...

2008-08-19 [Lepellier]: Well...I guess that can slip...I just like making sure I'm on top of any changes done to character pages, so yeah...

2008-08-20 [Kai Crewger]: there's a 'view differences' button. whenever you receive notice that a page has changed, just use that. or ask, and I'll tell you, for eri.

2008-08-20 [Lepellier]: I figured. I just like making sure I have things under control, but i can trust ya. :)

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