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Erfworld review

This has got to be one of the coolest webcomics out there. Allow me to explain, Erfworld tells the tales of the denizens of...Erfworld, a land where life is a turn-based strategy game and everyone lives their lives fighting and dieing for their lords. On top of this there are lots of humorous references to real-world items, such as the creature called a Gwiffen which is a ride-able Peep marshmallow that can capture and entrap enemies in its marshmallowy goodness. In this story, Uber-gamer and Strategic Genius Parson, is sucked into Erfworld from the real world by Fate-amancy to aid Lord Stanely in his quest to acquire all of the Arkentools (Mystical items left behind by the Titans). He is put up against great odds as a coalition of other Lords are quickly approaching Stanely's final stronghold to end his reign of terror. This comic has it all: Combat, Love, Intrigue, Loss, Magic, Mystical Creatures, Strategy, Twists, Unintelligent Henchmen, Snazzy Outfits, Funny References, and a Hamster. If you want to check out this amazing comic then head over to and check it out. There is one book completely finished along with a prelude update series before the beginning of the second book.

GO NOW AND BECOME A TOOL! A Tool of the Titans that is...

/ [Lord Josmar]

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