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2007-02-17 16:24:48
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<img:stuff/Nightstar125Rt_test.png>Equines So Fine by *Artsie_ladie*<img:stuff/Nightstar125Lft_test.png> <img250*0:stuff/Ziyadah_GoldenStallion!.png>Welcome!!!<img250*0:stuff/Ziyadah_GoldenStallion!_rev.png>


Horses In Action - *Artsie_ladie*

Horses In Show - *Artsie_ladie*

Horses In Youth - *Artsie_ladie*

Horses In Snow - *Artsie_ladie*

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Horse photo reference
Horse photo reference competition
Horses! Horses! Horses! - *Artsie's* Passion!

[The Red Baron] tells me that "Ziyadah" in Arabic means "augmentation". This name I decided on from the book series called "The Black Stallion". One of my favourite horse stories' series by Walter Farley.</center>
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2007-01-06 [Artsieladie]: The Arabian Horse: It's the only true "purebred" horse breed. The Arabian's blood has influenced nearly all the breeds of horses, if not all. The Thoroughbred, the racing breed for example, was all begun due to 3 Arabians: The Darley Arabian, The Godolphin Arabian & The Byerly Turk. :D

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