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Eoin Colfer: And Another Thing... review

I love Eoin Colfer and his style of writing, so I was a bit reserved when I heard he had done the sixth part for Douglas Adams's Hitchhiker series.
The story continues from the Earth and how (once again) Arthur and Ford have to escape from a planet that is about to explode.
Later on Zaphod Beeblobrox gets mixed up in the story along with the Norse god Thor. And don't forget the Vogons. They're everywhere.

Colfer has managed to capture the style of writing by Adams and in that he's done great job. The story on the other hand doesn't really pop our in any way.
There are a few really great parts, for example when Cthulhu is applying a job as a god of a little planet Nano inhabited by the leftovers of mankind.

All the known characters are there yet one is missing. I had hoped that Colfer would revive Marvin and bring him back, but apparently he didn't think Marvin would have been an interesting addition to the story. Too bad.

The problem I seem to have with the Hitchhiker series is luck.
I have to admit that I'm a girl who enjoys both the stories which end badly and which end nicely. And in this case I so would have wanted that Arthur would have finally found his beloved Fenchurch in the end.
But no.

(Sorry about it.)

For the Hitchhiker fans this is a book you definitely want to read, but for the rest this doesn't really offer anything new...

/ [Caterin S.]

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