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Player – Gastogh

Name - Enryich Marsh

Race – Human

Sub-race – Rysallean

Class – Archer

Allegiance - None, effectively.

Appearance - Enryich has hair the color of new grass and his eyes are a gold-specked green. He's slender as expected of a Rysallean, and not very tall. Because of his size and manner, he appears even younger than he is. He has the typical straightforward bearing of someone who strides the woods instead of standing on protocol and entertaining some precious dignity. He's cheerful at heart and somewhat naive, but as a hunter he has none of the awkward country-child innocence.

Enryich's clothes and armor are typical Rysallean gear; skillfully worked leather in natural brown colors and camouflage embellishments that meld into the background of almost any setting. When he goes hunting or ranging, he also paints or smears his face with simple camoufalge, as is usual for his folk. All his equipment are similarly treated, and while any Rysallean wouldn't look at his getup twice in his home settings, farther from Rysallis and especially in any paved and civilized stone city he would appear like a complete barbarian. By his gear, anyway. Much of his Rysallean-made equipment has been with him since he left his home and he is reluctant to replace them with anything, no matter how worn they might become.

He also has a cloak, light green with darker, simply embroidered ornamental pictures of leaves on one side, and dark green with black and dark brown stitches resembling tree roots on the other. He switches between the two sides according to ambient light, usually the time of day. The cloak he keeps whole and mended above even his bow.

Age – 17

Personality - Enryich has always loved the wilds and especially forests, running, archery and seeing new places, as well as people with similar mindsets. He would become restive if he stayed indoors for more than a few hours running, and was very tolerant of weather to avoid it.

Brought up in a village with lynxes left him not so quiescent as most Rysalleans, though if Enryich talks with someone, he'd rather it was someone he knows or at least of similar character. He's patient in the hunt, able to sit in a bush in ambush for a full day without getting too bored if necessary. This patience doesn't carry over to other aspects of his life that well.

Enryich has a tolerant and kind nature. He didn't grow up used to senseless killing, hating, being hated, distrust or rudeness and has little of any of them in himself. Later, as he trekked away from the woods, he learned enough of them to steer clear where he found them. He'd rather bore himself out of his skull guarding some Xiadomian stone wall in a town called Kenata than hunt with murderers. He's fairly sure of that, as it's a choice he's already made. Still, he'd far rather be out hunting what needs hunting instead of waiting on the wall for them to come.

Enryich knows his own talents. He is good at archery and stealth and will usually accept a friendly challenge from anyone, though he seeks lessons more than competition. When younger, he was used to beating his peers and losing to his elders, and shrugs off defeats as easily as victories. He doesn't like sore losers any better than boastful winners.

Enryich strongly dislikes restrictions of all kinds, from ways of life in general to codes of behavior to the gear he wears. He could never abide staying under the same roof for more than two nights in a row (and somehow has managed not to, so far), but will respect those who have the patience for such life, so long as it's not expected of him.

History - Enryich was the born in the forests of South Rysallis north of Ravilla, the first child of a family who had the rare fortune to live in a community untouched by war or its unnatural beasts for as long as Enryich remained there. The community was a village with a population of roughly two hundred, half Rysallean and half catfolk, mostly lynxes. Most people there were halfbloods to some degree or the other, but Enryich's lynx blood, if he had any, didn't show.

Enryich's love of the forest and traveling kept him tagging along with hunters or anyone who would rather walk around than tend a garden. From eight years old onwards, he might go hunting with his friends or alone for several days, usually not returning before he had something respectable to show for his absence, be it a pile of squirrel hides or something larger.

Like all Rysalleans, Enryich is good with the bow, but his talent went a bit farther than that from early on. In contests he would pair up with older children for an even match, even taking on the village's adult hunters as soon as he could draw the same bows as they. He idolized master archers and in the rare case one happened to come upon the village, nothing would do but that he get lessons before they moved on.

He had friends and family whom he loved fiercely, and all the more because they never tried to keep him bound to a single place, but he had little hesitation to go out and away again when the chance presented itself. When with people he's comfortable with, he's usually full (if not to bursting) of good cheer and won't whine about small things. He can appreciate a prank or being upstaged if it's done in good humor.

When he was still short of fifteen, a band of lynxes came upon the village fleeing before the war. They stayed there for almost a year before moving on. During that time Enryich met Sirlsvyn of the family Klebir.

Sirlsvyn was a lynx girl of around his age who shared his sentiments on the world perfectly. By nature she was more of a fighter than a runner, having opposed her band's abandoning their homes instead of defending them. When hunting, she preferred to sneak behind game and scare them into an ambush.

After not much time at all, they hunted mostly together and without need of plans, making do mostly on innate understanding. She became Enryich's friend after two words, his hunting partner of choice within two weeks, and before the year was out they loved each other as much as they did the wilds.

The night before the lynx band was to move on, Enryich and Sirlsvyn were in the village outskirts looking down on late preparations of the lynxes for the morning tomorrow. Sirsvyn had turned to him and said, ”Come with me.” And he had.
When he faced his parents and little sister and brother the next morning and told them he would go, they wished him well and let him go. There was no fuss, and for that he had never loved them better, though the moment when he looked back and saw his little sister's face as he walked away with the lynxes and she was left behind was the only moment in his life when he had ever been sorry to leave so soon.

Over the next few months Enryich's and Sirlsvyn's relationship deepened, and they went even so far as to exchange gifts in an imitation of her folk's courtship rituals, knowing it wouldn't be acknowledged before they were recognized as adults. For all that, her folk seemed to accept Enryich as one of their own as readily as they had been accepted in his village.

The lynxes were to head first to the Ravillan plains, then east toward Kaerul and possibly north, vaguely Cormin-wards, but no one even pretended to know past the moment when they exited the woods. That suited Enryich fine, he who had heard some of the world outside the woods but never so much as seen a single map.

One late evening, just before the band left the woods, though, they were beset by dah'kin. Enryich never saw much casualties for either side, so practiced were the lynxes in scattering to avoid combat. Through an unfortunate oversight, Enryich had never been informed of the plans of regrouping. They left their property where it lay, and when Enryich later returned to the site, there were no new tracks and everything lay untouched, including the few bodies the dah'kin had left.

From things he'd heard, he knew dah'kin would've taken prisoners, for sport if nothing else. And surely enough, after camping by the ambush site for a few days without meeting anyone he found a set of dah'kin and lynx tracks leading east, following the northern border of the Ravillan plains. He followed, running down the cooling trail until it suddenly seemed to just vanish, and was left at a loss.

Hoping that Sirlsvyn had made it away and was headed where the sketchy plans had proposed, he set out to the east. He asked people he met for news of refugees, of which there were too many, lynxes, of which there was little, and of dah'kin, of which there was far too much, thank you very much.

In the end he ran, all the way from Rysallis to within range of sight of the Fell Woods, in search of sign or word of Sirlsvyn. When he came at last to Kenata, he was so utterly worn, weary, discouraged and at his wit's end that he decided to wait. For over a month now he has waited for Sirlsvyn to find him or to receive news, or get an idea to pursue, or anything. Still, what he saw of the world on his way developed his earlier restiveness to genuine wanderlust and sitting still itches and burns at him more than ever, even more so because now he had something that needed doing as soon as possible.

Following the locals' advice he doesn't camp outside the walls alone, but uses any acknowledgement gained by his archery or hunting skills to avoid staying in any one house. For lack of anything else to do and for the supposed honor of the summons, he came to the village chief's meeting, but any other goal he sets for himself would ever be second to finding his lynx girl again.

Weapon of Choice - Bows

Others - Enryich's cloak was a play-courtship gift Sirlsvyn made for him. It's his most treasured possession by far.

Level - 5

Experience/To Next Level - 2050/3010

Equipment -

Longbow +1 (3 Atk, -1 Def, 8 Rng, 5 Wgt)
40 Arrows (4 Wgt)
Dagger (1 Atk, 1 Def, 2 Rng, 1 Wgt)
Hunter Hat +1 (3 Dex, Bonus to Camouflage, 2 Wgt)
Tribal Necklace +1 (2 Atk, 3 Dex, 1 Cha, 3 Wgt)
Sirlsvyn's Cloak +2 (3 Dex, 1 Cha, 3 Wgt)
Swift gloves +2 (3 Dex, +2 bonus to stealing, 1 Wgt)
Winged Boots (3 Dex, 2 Wgt)
Survival Kit (Grants the wearer +2 in survival, 3 Wgt)
Healing Potion (1 Wgt)
Lesser Healing Potion (1 Wgt)
17 GP

Stats -
HP - 22
MP - 10
Str - 4
Con - 6
Int - 5
Mag - 5
Dex - 8
Cha - 5

CC - 26/30

Skills - Handle bows, Track, Marksmanship, Moving shot, Stealth Attack, Camouflage, Rapid reload, Rapid shot.

Skill Points – 0

Special Skills -
Craft Arrows - Tired of having to resort to greedy merchants for arrows, the Archer learns how to craft his own arrows out of whatever materials he can get his hands on. Each new material yields different kinds of arrow, the only way to know which makes whih is to try it on as many different kinds as stuff as you can find.

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2008-07-26 [Gastogh]: That's all right, it's sort of included only as a noteworthy part of normal adventuring gear, so I'll actually have something to carve arrows with if need be.

2008-07-26 [Lepellier]: kk

2008-07-28 [Gastogh]: Since the game's not in any rush to start, I've been expanding on Enryich's description. Nothing greatly relevant will be added at this point, just flavor, details and such.
Also, changed that knife's name to dagger, which is what it was supposed to be from the start. :p Not sure how I found an item called "knife" in the weapons index.

2008-07-30 [Lepellier]: Hah, I was honestly wondering that myself. But cool, the more detil, generally, the better.

2008-08-03 [Gastogh]: Hmm, what bonuses would an ordinary stone or some other improvised projectile get as a weapon since they're not classified as requiring a weapon proficiency? Would they be so simple to use that anyone gets full bonuses form items and the like?

I ask because Enryich might run out of arrows or get his bow stolen or sommin'.

2008-08-04 [Lepellier]: like...0

2008-08-04 [Gastogh]: So nothing from items, either?

2008-08-04 [Lepellier]: not unless you used it as a sling bullet, with a -2 to your attack.

2008-08-05 [Gastogh]: But a sling bullet requires you to use a sling, and slings require proficiency. Oh well.

2008-08-05 [Lepellier]: yeah, pretty much. a stone would confer a total of -6ish.

2008-08-05 [Gastogh]: -6 by itself isn't that bad, Enryich has attack bonuses of like, +27. What's bad is not getting the items, so I suppose I'll just have to hang onto that bow. :p

2008-08-05 [Lepellier]: I doubt he has a +27 over all, you have to remember that you get your weapon bonus, your Dex bonus (For ranged) and the bonuses from other items, but not other weapons.

2008-08-05 [Lepellier]: I think you get the bonus for Atk, not Dex from other items, not dex bonus for your attacks.

2008-08-05 [Gastogh]: 8 natural Dex+15 Dex from items+2 from race+2 from Marksmanship = 27.
But as I said, if he doesn't get anything from items, that's that.

"I think you get the bonus for Atk, not Dex from other items, not dex bonus for your attacks. "
When I last asked about that I was told that bonus to "attack" is only bonus to "melee attack", except in ranged weapon entries. So if ranged attackers are to get any bonuses to their attacks at all other than from their weapons, they WILL get that Dex from their items.

2008-08-05 [Lepellier]: Hmmmm...I know they do get a Dex bonus, but that +2 Dex from race is already calculated into your Natural Dex. You are probably right that it is your Dex bonus to ranged attacks, so i'll look into that for you at some point.

2008-08-05 [Gastogh]: Thanks.
But no, it's not +2 Dex from race. The race bonus is +1 Dex and *that* is already calculated in. What I'm talking about is this:
Human (Rysallean):
- +1 to DEX, -1 STR
- Starts with the Handle Bows skill
- +2 to Attack with Ranged Weapons.
- +1 SP at start.
- +1 SP every 5 levels

2008-08-06 [Lepellier]: oh, kk.

2008-08-07 [Gastogh]: In Tyza's thread, you said this: "Ok, you don't need Handle Axes. I'm lenient on the "Handle weapon" skills, and since you can handle swords, axes aren't as necessary."
I'm wondering what exactly that meant; that Tyza doesn't need the Handle Axes skill? If that's so, will Enryich need to burn up his Skill Points to get Handle Swords and Claws, as he'll be getting Hunter levels at some point?
Granted, he'll get Ranger levels first and I'll be amazed if the game actually gets that far (first five levels or Archer, then five of Ranger, then any Hunter levels...), but if I don't have to take skills I know I'm not going to use anyway...

2008-08-08 [Gastogh]: I added one last small thing to Enryich's personality, mostly because I had somehow missed it. Perfectionist that I am, I could keep this bio an ongoing project for at least a year more. However, since the start of the game is so close, this was the last edit that I'm making, however much it might itch later. :p

2008-08-13 [Gastogh]: "You are probably right that it is your Dex bonus to ranged attacks, so i'll look into that for you at some point."
Have you verified that either way yet? I'm fairly sure the judgement won't have shifted since the last time I asked about it, but I suppose it's still check-worthy. When I asked it before, I asked Veltzeh.

2008-08-13 [Lepellier]: Well, if you asked Vel and he said it's dex bonus, then it's Dex bonus. :)

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