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(Banner by [Emuse])

Here you can learn English...
You might think: "English?? Why would any member of elftown need to learn English, don't they already know?"
No, there are members who definitely need some lessons!


About the teachers:

The teacher [ally] is obsessed by the English language! ;)
Just ask if you want to know something about this course.



English Lesson 1 on punctuation marks by [ptk]
English Lesson 2 on translation of slang by [Sunrose]
English Lesson 3 on pronunciation by [ptk] (put on the wiki by [Sunrose])
English Lesson 4 on Australian words by [Sunrose]
English Lesson 5 on smilies by [Sunrose]
English Lesson 6 on dutcherized English by [ally]
English Lesson 7 on all kinds of weird words by [ally]

Lessons in consideration:



English Assignments!



- [Darvitch]
- [Lycaon pictus]
- [E.e]
- [Emuse]



Got any suggestions on what you would like to be taught? Shoot! You ask, we provide (if possible)

- [herrschneemann]How do you call the little words in front of nouns? (a cat, the elevator, etc.)
[Sunrose] - Articles :)


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- Elftown Academy

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2004-09-03 [Sunrose]: Welcome [Darvitch]!!

2004-09-03 [ptk]: yay! the first student!

2004-09-04 [jonayla88]: just stopped by to see what this page was like, and I love your section on slang. :)

2004-09-04 [Sunrose]: thank you! :D

2004-09-05 [Sunrose]: An assignment for translating slang is in the making!!

2004-09-05 [Darvitch]: Hello! Thanks for welcoming me.

2004-09-05 [Anonymous]: ANZAC= "Australia and New Zealand Army Corps" :) Expeditionary joint forces helping the British Commonwealth whenever they need "cannon meat" ;)

2004-09-06 [Lycaon pictus]: Can I join? Just for the fun sake.. ^^

2004-09-06 [Sunrose]: Sure you can! Just add your name! :D

2004-09-10 [Amtharnis]: Wow, a deciphering of Australian slang in Elftown. Good idea, now people might know what I am talking about. Hah, like your translation of ANZAC, Anonymous. Perhaps it could also be translated to masochist, because we still insist on having a British flag, in spite of the fact of the English using us as flogging post, cannon fodder, taking money from us during the depression and exploding a nuclear bomb in our desert.

2004-09-10 [Sunrose]: O.o

2004-09-10 [Sunrose]: Yesss.....people must learn australian!

2004-09-11 [Sunrose]: Pleazzzzee people...sign up as students... ^^

2004-09-11 [Darvitch]: Just be pacient. I know that this wiki will work well

2004-09-11 [Sunrose]: ^^ it's because some people say they will sighn up, but they don't..

2004-09-11 [ptk]: That's just because they are students. Students need extra time to get to studying (they are very good at postponing things).... We'll just have to wait patiently.

2004-09-12 [Sunrose]: LOL! You are very right!

2004-09-12 [Darvitch]: lol...

2004-09-12 [Sunrose]: ah a student who feels addressed by these comments ;)

2004-09-12 [Darvitch]: welcome aboard, [Lycaon pictus]

2004-10-27 [Emuse]: i made this banner.. just for people to link.. so you will have more student.. and btw.. wont it be easier to divide the learning pages? because all this just comes at the same time. and no one will bring up so much patients to read it.. ;)

2004-10-27 [Emuse]: <img:>

2004-10-27 [Sunrose]: Yeah, but the lessons aren't that big yet and it costs space on [Elftron] if yu keep making wiki's for waiting a little longer until we have more things up here. Thanks for the banner!

2004-11-05 [ballerina_fairy]: hey

2004-11-08 [Sunrose]: welcome!

2004-11-10 [Darvitch]: Man, I really liked this translation thing. Very good assignment. If you could pass more assignments like that one, it would be really satisfying.

2004-11-10 [Sunrose]: Lol, I will definately find more! :D

2004-11-10 [Darvitch]: thats what i'm talking about! ^^

2004-11-30 [Penguinlord]: hehe, the smilie tag blushing is misspelt... and in an english classroom as well.. tch.

2004-11-30 [Sunrose]: That's actually a typo :)

2004-11-30 [Penguinlord]: hehe i know, just funny to see it on an english language wiki

2004-11-30 [Sunrose]: Wellll....I'm not purrrfect of course! ;)

2004-11-30 [Penguinlord]: of course...

2004-11-30 [Sunrose]: are you making fun of me? :P

2004-11-30 [Penguinlord]: Me? Never...

2004-12-18 [2000HRS]: wow.. I never knew that an english teacher will teaches smiley faces lol.. jm.

2004-12-18 [2000HRS]: I believe it would be great if you'll teach them the English bassic... I mean wouldn't that help them learn english inside and outside of EF?

2004-12-18 [Sunrose]: Uhm..those lessons were requested because kids here use netspeak which some other members don't understand. And I am a busy girl: I can't do everything alone :)


2004-12-18 [2000HRS]: I can help you out with poetry shits, some literature stuffs.. but then again, I'm asian so I think they'll think it's

2004-12-19 [herrschneemann]: Usually when you teach someone a language, you need to use an other language that the person understands to teach them, so if you want to teach people english basics here, what language do you use? (because if they can read the lessons in english, then they probly know the basics already, no?)

2004-12-19 [2000HRS]: I know burmese, lil bit of thai (can't write no more), learning spanish, English of course, and gibberish... lol.

2004-12-25 [Sunrose]: Uhm these lessons are English to English. If you want another language go to Languages, where you will find more classrooms with translations from English to other languages and vice versa. This classroom is English and English alone, which makes the teaching of it a bit harder :)

2004-12-25 [2000HRS]: You know.. I don't know how people will teach a person ENGLISH who doesn't know english at all by ENGLISH lol.. that'd be so amusing.

2004-12-29 [asdasdasdasd]: sorry sunrose...winerrose...hahaha joke

2004-12-29 [Darvitch]: what was that?

2004-12-29 [herrschneemann]: whoever "hacked" this page is really an idiot

2004-12-29 [Sunrose]: fixed! [2000HRS]: it´s of course assumed they know basics...but seriously some people on here could use more lessons and if they want they can look around here, if they don´t want it that´s okay too :)

2004-12-29 [2000HRS]: True... Good job for starting this wiki :)

2004-12-29 [Sunrose]: Thank you! :D

2004-12-29 [2000HRS]: my pleasure.

2004-12-31 [Janouk]: HeyHello! *grins* I'm sorry, but I am going to use you as my walking dictionary for a moment ;): I was wondering what's the English word for a Dutch 'bidsprinkhaan'. It's a locust/grasshopper who looks like it's praying, which can also be seen in Disney/Pixars A Bugs Life...(<<Didn't knew any other example, sorry...) Thanks!

2004-12-31 [Janouk]: Oh, and doesn't <3 mean you heart something? (or something such alike??? :? <See?! I'm learning ;)

2004-12-31 [herrschneemann]: do you mean a praying mantis?

2004-12-31 [Janouk]: ehm..I might? *grin* hmm..wait, I'll search for a picture and I'll place the url here, if it's what you mean than I do mean a praying mantis ;) >>>

2005-01-01 [2000HRS]: It seems to me that it's just a grasshopper... or a demon (just kidding)... well.. hang on.. lemme see what I can dig up.

2005-01-01 [Janouk]: Yeah! Thank you!

2005-01-02 [2000HRS]: No problem.

2005-01-02 [Sunrose]: doesn't <3 mean you heart something? you heart something??

2005-01-02 [Janouk]: haha, ok that sounds funny. Let me think a while and I'll get back later ;)

2005-01-03 [2000HRS]: <3=love. So you "love" something. lol..

2005-01-05 [Sunrose]: I have no clue, does it mean that? heh!

2005-01-05 [herrschneemann]: it's a heart!

2005-01-05 [Janouk]: Yes, so it's love ^_^ I <3 Chocolate :P

2005-01-05 [Sunrose]: it's upside down then?

2005-01-05 [herrschneemann]: more like upside to the right ... ;)

2005-01-05 [Sunrose]: yes that's what I!

2005-01-06 [2000HRS]: Well.. it's a typo.

2005-07-31 [ally]: Idea: maybe we could ask permission to copy the grammar and spellin-wikis on writersco and put them inhere too?

2005-07-31 [Sunrose]: You could ask yes ^^

2007-07-04 [Adela Leafshanks]: ^o^ I included links to your lessons in my wikiclub The Typo Brigade as resources for grammar etc. You guys rock!

2007-07-04 [Sunrose]: Cool ^^

2007-12-21 [Janouk]: About heart:
To love.
Origin: Use of a stylized heart symbol in place of the word "love" in writing.
"omg! i heart that show!"
I knew I was right somehow!

2007-12-21 [Sunrose]: Hmm? :P

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