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Enemy Ship
by [nehirwen]


<img50*0:stuff/z/4731/Fancy%2520Lin-stock/_MG_0198.jpg> Fancy Lin-stock (Full Body Reference Pictures)

<img50*0:stuff/Bomber_Engine_XXV.jpg> Rusted Objects (Rusted Objects Reference Pictures)

<img50*0:stuff/Strange_Thing.jpg> Trennas Reference Photography: Post-Apocalyptic

<img50*0:stuff/Eerie_Sky.jpg> Trennas Reference Photography: Post-Apocalyptic

<img50*0:stuff/aj/42000/1245702590.jpg> Hello San Diego! (Landmark Reference Pictures)

<img50*0:stuff/z/186646/CS%2527%2520Landmarks/DSC00906.JPG> CS' Landmarks (Landmark Reference Pictures)

<img50*0:stuff/aj/169023/1254765469.jpg> chittenango falls (Waterfall Reference Pictures)

<img50*0:stuff/z/169023/chittenango%2520falls%25202/i1248736497_31.jpg> chittenango falls (Waterfall Reference Pictures)

<img50*0:stuff/z/46887/nehirwen%2520stock%2520-%2520water/vacation%20427.jpg> nehirwen stock - water (Lakes & Oceans Reference Pictures)


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2011-07-17 [Thunder Cid]: *applauds* I really wish you had a tutorial for this one.

2011-07-17 [Nioniel]: Very cool! :)

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