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Nagi blinked in confusion as he registered the knock on his bedroom door. He was staring at his clock, knowing that he was up earlier than everybody else, even with school being canceled. “Seven AM is too early for anybody else to be up considering the cancellation…” he whispered as he wrapped his towel around his waist. He blushed when he unlocked and opened the door finding Nami. “C-come in…” he said warmly as he stepped aside, allowing her to mosey into his room. He closed the door behind her, “Not complaining, but you’re never up this early.”

Nami sighed and nodded once. “I was pulling an all-nighter for a test that was supposed to be today and I found out that school was canceled so I was gonna go to sleep…”

“I sense a ‘but’ coming next,” Nagi cut in.

Nami nodded “Mhmm…” she frowned. “But the neighbors are adding onto their house…” she explained. “Who the hell does work at seven in the morning?”

“I’m not going to name the countless professions that work at that time just so you can keep your proven point,” Nagi said nervously.

“Good, boyfriend,” Nami said patting Nagi’s head.

“You can sleep here,” he assured her.

“Even better boyfriend,” Nami grinned as she flopped down on his bed, nestling herself in a comfortable sleeping position, tucking her arms behind her head.

“Not gonna have any caffeine?” he asked, referring to her ritual morning cup of coffee.

“I’m wired on coffee and caffeine pills,” Nami admitted. “I’m crashing…” she blushed as she glanced over at him. “And it’s taken me this long to realize that you’re naked.”

“You know that I usually shower first thing in the morning,” Nagi commented as he tossed his towel into a laundry basket as he approached his dresser.

“And that I dress in my room.”

“Not complaining,” Nami said, abashed as she rolled onto her side.

Nagi’s cheeks reddened, “Now, I know you’re not staring at me…” He glanced over at Nami who was indeed staring at him, “Why are you staring at me?” he wondered as he rummaged through his dresser drawer frantically.

“Because you have pretty eyes,” Nami said before easing her eyes shut.

“Huh?” he turned his full attention to Nami who was dozing off. He shook off his embarrassment and slipped into a pair of boxers, “Do you want me to…erm…join you?” he asked.

“How are you so unconfident even when we’ve had sex?” she asked, her words drawing out as she began to yawn.

“I don’t have a clue,” Nagi admitted as he slipped into his bed beside Nami. “Under the blankets or no?”

“Yeah,” Nami answered as she wiggled from on the blankets to let Nagi pull them from beneath her to cover them. “It’s cold…” she added as an afterthought.

“That’s what I’m for,” Nagi said with a smile as Nami curled up beside him, resting her head on his shoulder.

“Are you sure you want to…go to sleep…with me…?” Nami asked slowly.

“Oh, that’s right. I forgot to tell you why I’m up before seven-thirty.” Nagi sighed, “My siblings are home and they are eating all of the bandwidth.”

“How are they eating the internet? Isn’t it equally dispersed? And why are you up early because of the internet?” Nami reasoned.

“All of them have Roku boxes, and all of them eat up the internet leaving no room for anything else. So guess who was up all night trying to finish their English mid-term,” Nagi grumbled.

“Because they went to sleep?” Nami guessed.

“Yeah, and it’s finished, and so are those damn boxes,” he growled.

“Did you put a code on the internet?” Nami questioned.

“Didn’t think about that,” Nagi admitted sheepishly. “I used them all as punching bags.”

“Creative…” Nami commented.

“But I will put a code on the internet,” Nagi sighed, “When I feel like getting up after sleeping for two days.” He began tangling his fingers in Nami’s hair,
“Since it was probably a bad idea considering that they’ll know who did it…”

“Tell them Lulu did it because the name confuses her,” Nami suggested.
Nagi laughed, “What?”

“She hates those damn things,” Nami explained. “She said that Netflix is a blasphemy since you can’t stream ‘Sex and the City’.”

“Move over…” Anka grumbled as she opened Nagi’s bedroom door, shutting it behind her.

“Good morning?” Nagi and Nami chorused, a bit confused.

“Why the hell are they strip mining here?” Anka breathed as she kicked her slippers off. “I mean really!” she tossed her robe to the ground before she crawled up to the other side of Nagi, settling on her belly. “It’s seven in the damn morning!”

“Why does everybody come to my house to sleep?” Nagi asked.

“Because you live in a part of the neighborhood dominated by old people. I don’t think Chess can get to annoying levels of loud,” Anka said dryly as she fluffed her pillow.

“Touche,” Nagi shrugged patting Anka’s head with his free hand.

“Move your asses away from my wall slot…” Lulu growled as she closed Nagi’s bedroom door behind herself. “Since when do Jews stay up all night partying?”

“Uh, Lulu…” Nami started.

“I mean old people,” Lulu corrected herself. “My dad landed another major account. So a bunch of old Japanese business men and my parents kept me up with a damn migraine…” she sighed as she nestled against the wall, facing the others. “I mean it was a damn school night for Pete’s sake! Couldn’t they just go to a swinger club like they usually do?”

“Swinger club?” Anka inquired.

“You didn’t want to ask that…” Nami and Nagi assured her.

“The people who have sex with their own husband and wife and then halfway through switch to somebody else,” Lulu explained.

“Ew…” Anka made a face. “That has to be the most disturbing thing I’ve ever had explained to me…” she commented as she shuddered, not wanting to continue replaying a disturbing mental image. “And now I’m gonna have nightmares.”

“Dude, any more room?” Akira asked.

Nagi opened his eyes to find Akira at the foot of his bed. “What the hell are you doing here?” Nagi asked as he sat up.

“My frat buddies all got arrested for underage drinking,” Akira started, “And it’s creepy all alone at the house…”

Nagi glared at his cousin, pointing at his door with his free hand, “Out!”

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