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2004-12-19 13:17:55
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welcome to [indiechick]'s RPG!

News: An art contest has been set up for this wiki! hopefully we will get lots of entries but could maybe some of you tell your friends and stuff ^^ anyway: go to The Ultimate RPG art competition

[gothicmoo] has just started a way cool wiki involving his character, Canis, give him a visit at canis ^_^

The Story (part 1): emeraldgreen story
The Story (part 2): emeraldgreen story 2
The Story (part 3): emeraldgreen story 3
The Story (part 4): emeraldgreen story 4
The Story (part 5): emeraldgreen story 5
Character Page: emeraldgreen characters
Auditions: emeraldgreen auditions
The Art Competition: The Ultimate RPG art competition

right. the story so far.....

The wealthy port of Fealor is a thriving prosperous city full of gleaming palaces, bustling market places and wealthy merchants. There is much money to be made here but also much to loose. For the city is full of rogues and vagabonds and crafty tricksters who are all too ready to slit your throat for the purse in your belt. It can be a dangerous place at times, and you never know what you might come across at night on your own in the dingy back alleys of the dockyards....

Entry is by audition only. emeraldgreen auditions
to apply please fill out the following categories for your character at emeraldgreen auditions:
owners address:
race: human, elf, half elf, fearie whatever you like (if its sensible)
discription: personality, looks.
history some background info on your character.

Character page: emeraldgreen characters

Go to emeraldgreen story 5 to start!

Note: Only characters who i have added to emeraldgreen characters may RP in this game! If you want to join in you are very welcome to audition at emeraldgreen auditions


sorry but there had to be some!!!

1. not abusive behaviour towards other players.
2. no erotica! perverts!
3. no powerplaying (if you dont know that that means, ask)
4. no messing up my beautiful wiki!!!
5. have fun! :D

Username (or number or email):


2004-06-07 [indiechick]: kk :)

2004-06-07 [Lunnie]: HIII im here ^__^

2004-06-07 [Kyrinn]: go to emeraldgreen story and intro your character ^^

2004-06-07 [Lunnie]: ah well nto right away ;P I usualy wait a little because I think a buncha characters jumping in all at once is weird xD

2004-06-07 [Kyrinn]: Oh, okay! *grin*

2004-06-07 [Lunnie]: Wells icne its the start maybe O.o; Id have to dicuss it with you and GM ;P

2004-06-11 [indiechick]: GM?

2004-06-11 [Kyrinn]: Game Master.. That would be you, emerald! ^^ Since you are the creator of this wiki! *smiles*

2004-06-11 [indiechick]: yay!!! i am the creator! mwah hahaha! *blushes*....dunno what that was.....:S:S:S sorry!

2004-06-11 [Kelaru]: lol

2004-06-11 [Lunnie]: lol ^__^ you learned something hurah!! ;P

2004-06-12 [indiechick]: :( so offended...i may go and cry now...

2004-06-13 [indiechick]: !!!

2004-06-13 [indiechick]: Hey, is it just me or does this page really need some art on it? maybe someone could come up with a banner or something? *hint hint*

2004-06-13 [Lunnie]: O.o;;;; -steps back-

2004-06-13 [indiechick]: aww!!! y not?

2004-06-13 [Lunnie]: lolol XD

2004-07-15 [Kyrinn]: Did everyone get amnesia and forget about this wiki?

2004-07-16 [Da'ana]: nothing goign nothing for me to do

2004-07-17 [Lunnie]: ummm -sleeps- xD I dunno I guess I can try to pop in... -goes ot read whats going on-

2004-07-18 [Da'ana]: good idae i am sleep so there ye go

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