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The Middle Earth Diaries
Written by: Victoria Lynn Linvell

Note from the author

This is basically another set of books about middle earth but they are more diary entries from each race that I thought would be fun to write during the summer and winter breaks but this one is about the hobbits and what happens to a young girl named Elwyne Baggins, also known as Frodo’s daughter and Mistress Elwssa Starsley’s daughter. And some of us are just dying to find out what had happened to Frodo and even Bilbo on that ship that departured them early in the third age.

Departure of the ship

Dear Journal, Wedmath 22nd, 3021 TA
August 22nd, 3021 Third Age

Today is the 22 of Wedmath! And we got to depart from the middle earth!!! Plus it is my birthday as it were, my father Mr. Frodo Baggins and Mistress Elwssa Starsley of Nobottle set out on having a child and alas they had one but mistress Elwssa had died due to problems with the birth and she died. But now I am paying my debt to society on this boat with my father and my great uncle or gaffer (I still can’t figure it out) Bilbo Baggins the ring finder. Man I am just realizing that I will almost never build up to my gaffer and father’s name. Unless I actually do something if I can get off this bloody ship and get back to the man driven middle earth whence I was born! I cannot believe that I have to live on this ship for at least…. 2 years with these men and only two of my friends from the shire are here. (My best friend is Juniper Icetree, she is adopted from the famous Peregrine Took who couldn’t have any children biologically so he adopted her and ever since the humans have been attacking us which we have no idea why but Peregrine wanted her to be safe so he sent her with me and my father. Then there is my squire Feather BrandyBuck (aka Goblin filter) she was sent with her father and mother Meriadoc BrandyBuck and Samantha Greenleaf (aka Orc Slayer) but they had just recently died due to stupidity (they were drinking and they were making out but then they just fell off the ship and we don’t know if they had drowned or went to the shire again to live… it is only 6:00 in the afternoon and we have to go to the meeting of the departures now! I hate it…I will tell you the secrets of them later.

Elwyne Galadriel Baggins ♥

Dear Journal, Wedmath 29th, 3021 TA
August 29th, 3021 Third Age

I am still finding a name for you even though you are just a person of my imagination. You must know what you are like, I believe you shall be another friend of mine that couldn’t come on this ship journey with Feather, Jupiter, and I. But I believe that you are an elf princess that can’t really go anywhere because your people don’t know what shall happen to you with all the elf posers and hunters out there in rivendell and the mountains but you are the most fair and your name shall be……Eva Lein. Or in our language Eve’s Love is your name. You have a boyfriend but he was killed by a couple of humans who thought they would take over rivendell!!!!! But still he is buried outside the Elvin refuge. But how did he die last year you are so forgetful Eva! He was outside helping with the protection of the elvish refuge and he got shot with a flaming arrow!!! But still at least you have the love of him from the past! I believe that he was a great man, even though you’re elvish and so was he! But first let me tell you about my friends other than their names…Feather BrandyBuck is now an orphan but she is living with us as soon as we get off this god damned ship! But Feather is half hobbit and half Elven and to us that is sort of a disgrace. But she is my friend and she is half of what some of us are. Then there is Jupiter Icetree (Took) she is my best of best friends and she is only one of all of us because she is originally a Boffin but not a Took like Mr. Peregrine Took and Mrs. Diamond Archer-Took of Fair downs! She is said to have an original Fairy Mother and a hobbit Father but even I know that is preposterous! Yeah a fairy? Get real!!! All of us just think that her father and mother couldn’t feed her enough so they asked Mr. Peregrine and Mrs. Diamond to adopt her and let her have a full life, but all that goes well ends well! Anyway the meeting was about that we are headed for a new island but we have to obey the leaders of the ship! And I don’t believe that is equally right to us Halflings!!! We have to follow the ways of the Gypsy Elves! It is only the 29th of Wedmath and the air is starting to turn chilly and many of us cannot afford the medications that they have on our ship and many of us are becoming ill! My own father is sick and in bed with something that the elves and the humans call it Pneumonia? I personally don’t know who or what it really is but he is sicker than a dog! I don’t really know what I should do I have no money and no patience to let my father die! Maybe I should just go in and steal the medicine from the head gypsy master and his wife! Their names are Abesoloma (that is the masters of course!) and Catarina and let me tell you that they are no worries because if they are ill I will not feel sorry for them!!!! They are cruel to us! They feed us nothing and we have to sleep in the filthy cabins that the dead people are in! It smells like something has been down there for weeks or even months! I should be getting off to steal the medicine for my dear sick father! I am off good nigh Eva!

   Elwyne Galadriel Baggins♥

Dear Eva, Halimath 1st, 3021 TA
September 1st, 3021 Third age

How are you today? My father got the medication he needed and now he is in bed resting even though he wakes up to his coughing and it is starting to annoy me most terribly! Curse this ship! Curse the Gypsies and the Humans that have pushed us around! Curse everything!!!! I thought I saw land last night and of course I yelled out “Land ho! Land ho!!!” and there wasn’t land just my mind playing tricks on me once more! I miss the shire more than ever! What I miss about it is the sweet smelling air, the vast valleys the endless parties and laughter! It is the only place which I can only truly call home. I do not feel that this ship can keep me from committing suicide by going on the brig and yelling land ho and falling into the deep cold wet water that can either kill me due to I can not swim or to feel the coldness and freeze to death first…I have just decided to stay on the ship and look after my poor sick daddy…he is very kind and he has been sort of worn out like my gaffer Bilbo since the ring that they both wore basically killed half of their life span and they had to depend on it for more than unnatural long life I think it disgusts me the most other than that evil creature named Gollum that tried to kill my father!!! I cherish him deeply and I don’t want anything to happen to him while I am alive he was there for me and so I will be there for him when he is low! I have to go we have to meet with the damn gypsies again!

Your Best friend in the world,
          Elwyne Galadriel Baggins♥

Dear Eva, Halimath 12th, 3021 TA
September 12th 3021 Third Age

This is getting very over rated for one I am starting to get worried more than ever because I am worried we will never find the right place and I am so damned worried about Feather…she is starting to moan and whine in her sleep due to fever. I am just worried because if this ship goes down in fever and fatigue what will happen to us? That is just what I am always asking myself! What will happen to us? What will our new village come to be? And what will the new country look like? Will it look like our old Hobbiton or our hopes and dreams planned it to be; I sigh with grief I believe that if I take a cold shower that will stop the disease from getting on me…besides I am around people that cough and sneeze on me and I have no cough or cold yet! I am so, so proud of myself for taking better care of me lately; speaking of that my father is well but he still has a coughing spell every now and again but he is now better and now walking around and enjoying the sea breezes on the top of the ship. Twins were born here today on this cursed ship; one girl and one boy the girl’s name is Zasha and the boys name is Ramses their mother was the most beautiful hobbit in the shire the young and beautiful Elenore the Fair! And her husband is Rashid Greenhand. And that is all that has happened today. I cannot help but watch over my friend Feather as she sleeps to make sure we don’t have to throw her overboard too soon or not and I just want the best for her she has lost her parents and now she is all alone in the world and is now the only BrandyBuck on this ship and the only one who basically is caring enough to stand by her and most of anybody that has taken care of me and my other family that I so care about for at least 50 long and hopeless years...I will help them out when I can or when I can at any time!!!! But the Babies that were born on here are just the cutest little things and I hope that they don’t contract anything that can kill them; I must go it is starting to get late and I am starting to get a little fluish but oh well sleep will take care of that and if it doesn’t I cannot blame myself for not living like I should have, good nigh’ Eva.

      Elwyne Galadriel Baggins

P.S. I am boarder than hell on this cursed ship!!! And the babies are crying what shall I do to bide my time with their cries?

Dear Eva, Halimath 16th, 3021 TA
September 16th, 3021 Third Age

I cannot believe it we have found the island after a month but my gaffer and my father and Mr. Samwise Gamgee has to send out with his son-in-law Mr. Rashid Greenhand and Mr. Riadoc 'Masterfull' Took of Fair Downs. As far as I can see it looks sort of like the shire and the valley of Rivendell by what my father had told me. He said “Now you shouldn’t be so excited to get off this ship and venture off to this new home of ours…look at what that did to your poor old gaffer, Master Samwise Gamgee and me it turned us old and more different than ever so as if you can even resist you should stay in the ship for a good month while the male elves and the other male hobbits like us should go off and adventure to the lands but here are pictures of the valleys that Mistress Orangeblossom Bolger had drawn on our venturing last night.” *sigh* I cannot say how much I want to get off this ship…I have to baby-sit the two new born children tonight because the adults are all getting off tonight for the building of the towns and the homes. I cannot wait till we can get off this ship and start our new lives. Young Zasha and Ramses are starting to look like their mother and father more and more every day and it is Ramses as the mother he looks like Elenore the Fair; and young Zasha looks like her father Rashid…at least that is what I see in them…well the adults are about ready to head out to start on our new homes and I have to baby-sit now so I will have to let you go…I will write again as soon as I can get them to go to bed.

Love and write again,
         Elwyne Galadriel Baggins♥

Dear Eva,

Later that night… Approximately 2:00 in the morning

I have put them down for a quick nap so I can write in here for a while but as soon as they wake up I am back on duty. But I am worried because my father or none of the others have come back from the trip they must have set up the whole village! It doesn’t take much to build a large enough hobbit hole to hold at least thirty hobbits! They must have built at least two of them tonight and are sleeping in them I just wish they would have sent somebody to tell us younglings!

Story 1  “Elvina and ErlKonig”

This is a story that my friend Oropher Hevensdei had told the young ones last night before I took them to bed. It is called “Elvina and ErlKonig.”
There was a beautiful Human maiden named Elvina (or in our talk Friends of the elves) was frolicking in the meadow of Tivona and she found a new path along the flowers that she was looking at. So she followed it. She ended up lost, cold and alone in the forest of Mirkwood. So she was hit by a rock followed by a “HALT! Who goes there?” so she started crying. Then a wood elf archer came into the light that she was in. “Who are you young stranger?” the wood elf questioned as he pulled through his bow’s string looking at her with a determined look on his face. “I…I…I’m Elvina Swampflute…whe…where am I? And who are you
kind and gentle sir?” she replied “I am Riclaus Glowbard master of the wood elves! And my brother is ErlKonig Glowbard king of the Wood Elves! You are a human and you must be taken away to him immediately!!!” Riclaus took Elvina to ErlKonig’s palace he pulled down Elvina’s body to bow in front of him while he did the same… “Your majesty…” he started “I have found a young human woman frolicking in our forest moping and crying because she is lost…May I kill her and get her off our land?” “Go into the other room my young brother! I will let you know what will happen after our brief little chat!” ErlKonig Shouted to Riclaus as he stood up from his throne and walked towards the couple “Yes your highness.” Riclaus said as he walked into the left room then looking back pulling out his bow and strumming the string looking at Elvina evilly…Thinking “I will get you someday Elvina come hell or high water I will get you with my bow.” “Now what brings you to this part of Middle earth?” ErlKonig started to Elvina. “I was…I was…” Elvina started “I was playing in the meadow near my home and I found this long path of flowers that led into Mirkwood and I forgot that it was a very dangerous place to be if you weren’t magical so I ventured in and I got lost then I got hit in the head with a rock by Riclaus and he popped out as I was crying because I was lost. Then he told me I had to go to you and I never knew that a wood elf could be so muscular and handsome.” “I don’t do flattery! I only believe that only I can decide who stays and who goes and I am not that fond of humans but I will make an exception…” “Thank you oh thank you kind sir you shall not forget me and you shall not regret this!” Elvina interrupted. “I wasn’t finished young human. You may stay alive only if you marry me! And only if you will be my child barer too. But if you decline you will be my new mantle piece! The choice is yours Elvina Swampflute” “Fine I will but I cannot believe that you can sink as low as you did! I will become your queen but our children cannot be kings and queens as it were because they will be half human and half elf thus having the thread line of the pure elves dies out!” Elvina smirked and started to walk out of the room the king whispered and told the guard to grab his sword. “Elvina! You are not a pure person you have denied my proposal to save your life but you still cherish your spirit over your life?!?! I shall envy you as soon as you are set near my fire place! DIE ELVINA!” The king swung his sword and hit Elvina square in the neck and chopped off her head thus leaving this world for a new and wonderful meadow where she can frolic and live without pain and agony! And for the king? He was assassinated by his younger more jealous brother Riclaus.

Story 2                  Legend of Ganash

This is the legend that my father and my gammer Idril told me right before we left for the new world. It is called “Legend of Ganash”

Once there was a mystical land called Ganash; There in Ganash many residents lived in peace until one fateful day where the house of the Beou decided to try to over thrown the royal sorcerers of the house of Kinka so king manta’s sorcerer army was starting to fall to the swords of the Beou and as soon as rumor spread that the King Mantas Castle would soon fall he entrusted his newly born daughter to his loyal retainer to escape from Ganash and someday the princess might let the royal house rise again. But ever since that dreadful day the kinka princess has only been a legend and has never been heard of since but someday the kinka princess shall rise up again and save the kinka family once more.

Dear Eva, 19th of Halimath 3021 TA

I am so sorry that I have not written in you for two days now but I have been outside and we are now writing songs to pass the time and here are three of them that I have just wrote a few hours ago while I was board….

Barbra Allen
Written by Elwyne Galadriel Baggins

(Women and men chorus)
In scarlet town where I was born.
There was a fair maid dwelling’
Made every youth cry well a day
And her name was Barbra Allen…
In the merry month of May.
Young William there on his deathbed lay for love of Barbra Allen.
(Men only)
Oh I am ill I’m very ill
For me death is dwelling
No better can I ever be for my love of Barbra Allen
(Women only)
He turned his pale face into the wall
For in him death was dwelling
(Men only)
Adieu adieu my friends all around
Be kind to Barbra Allen.
(Women and men alternate)
(Women and men come together for last Adieu)
Adieu….. ({Piano or violin stops)

Hum of Hallelujah
(In the wild western language of the Senath Elves aka duendes)
Written by Elwyne Galadriel Baggins

Kuru kuru kotoriwa
Sora de asobu yo
Too-la-la-la narande
Utatte arukou
No no michi komichi wa tsuzuiteiru
Nanda kakyou wa ii haija nai?
Kokoro karuku (Hazumu yo fuwa fuwa)
Mune wo hatte (Doko madeikou ka)
Kumo no yukue (miokutte)
Utaou yo, hanauta no hareruya
Itsa no hi ka ano ko ni mo todoku yo
Kuru kuru kotori wa
Sora de uniku
Too-la-la-la ooki na
Koe de kotae you
Yasa shii kimochi ga afuredasu
Nanda ka kyou wa ii hi ja nai?
Arigatou wo subete ni iitai
Kimi ni aete honto ni yokatta
Waraiaeba wakaru yone
Kirogeyou hanauta no hareruya
Itsu no hi ka ano ko ni mo kodoku yo
Kokoro karuku (Hazumu yo fuwa fuwa)
Mune wo hatte (Doko madeikou ka)
Kumo no yukue (Miokutte)
Utaou yo, hanauta no hareruya
Itsu no hi ka ano ko ni mo aeru yo

Dream Fantasia
(In duendes)
By Elwyne Galadriel Baggins

Toki meku kokoru wa naisho na no
Demo honto wa tsutaetai
Hohoemi sasayaki aishiteru
Itsudemo aishiteru
Yasashika anata ni dakarete
Itte mitai fantajia
Kumo no ue futarikiri no
Aoi sora de dansu
Itsumo miteitai konna yume
Anata no ude no naka
Yura yura yureru tsuki no fune
Futari de randebuu
Yume no naka kumono ue
Futari no fantajia
Yura yura yureru hikaritachi
Futari de randebuu
Yume no fantajia

Back to the journal….

The adults came back because they have constructed the whole village and stuff and they even found food and corn and stuff to plant and eat plus they have found large deer and even told us all that we can soon get off this ship by tomorrow!!! I am finally going to get a good glimpse of the second rebuild of the shire! Well good night I cannot wait and see what the village looks like!

Lots of hugs and kisses,
Elwyne Galadriel Baggins

Dear Eva,                              Halimath 20th 3021 TA
September 20th 3021 Third Age

We are here and in our homes every one of us! It looks just like our old home but my momma isn’t here and my puppy Timber isn’t here. We have found a sacred document in our back yard today and now I am starting to look at it for what language it is! It looks like this: Мы будем первыми Halflings и Elves приходили side by side и жили! Мы первые, котор нужно прийти на этот остров и с изображением ым и сильным с всеми от тавр мы мы в мнении слышим концы деиствительно группа гуманитарны воля благословением по возможности убивает нас просто относительная установка и наносит поражение им пожалуйста приходит и упование avenges мы все: Пожалуйста знак здесь:
Bungo Baggins from the shire
Belladonna Took from the shire
Bitter Icetree from Rivendell
Babo Sandheaver of the Shire
Gwebrylla 'Proudneck' Handyman of Buckland
Clora 'Proudneck' Baggins
Addrurraent of the Atani
Maena Tinúviel
Foilir, King of Durin’s Folk

I think it is a document that 9 people that had signed and lived here before they died had signed to make sure that the new people wouldn’t have died the same way they did I must research it more further I think it is one of the modern stages of Hobbitsvah or Quenya! I must do some more research to do with the older elves they might remember this because some of them are thousands of years older than I. I must take my leave Eva have a lovely nigh’.

With love,
  Elwyne Galadriel Baggins

Dear Eva, Halimath 26th 3021 TA
September 26th 3021 Third Age

I have found a book that will help me translate this…by Jove! What do we have here??? I do believe that this is what it says and I was right it is a document of some sort! This is what it says that I can make out: 

We are the first Halflings and Elves that have come side by side and have lived! We are the first to come on this island and with image raved and strong with all from brands us we in opinion hear ends indeed the clan is humanitarian who blessing possible will kill us simple relative establishment and defeats them please come and hope to avenges us all: Please sign here:
Bungo Baggins from the shire
Belladonna Took from the shire
Bitter Icetree from Rivendell
Babo Sandheaver of the Shire
Gwebrylla 'Proudneck' Handyman of Buckland
Clora 'Proudneck' Baggins
Addrurraent of the Atani
Maena Tinúviel
Foilir, King of Durin’s Folk

Ok now I know that there was more than 9 people on board I guess that some of them must have died and some of them must have come back from this place and left the memories behind them hell even I now know that my great gaffer and gammer were weary travelers living on here because I know that my gaffer was born in a different country but brought back to the shire or in our case Bag-end! I cannot believe it I may be the reincarnation of my own great gammer! Belladonna Took-Baggins! I like the sound of that! But of coarse I am not pure Tookish blood I come from a more respected line of people alone with the Starsley’s and the Bagginsies! But why stay in the shire when you can live your full life without persecution and denial stages! But on the other hand I do miss my puppy and my other friends that are stuck in middle earth as we speak. *cries* I miss them terribly! I have to go it is very late here!

Good nigh Eva,
         Elwyne Galadriel Baggins♥

Dear Eva, Halimath 27th 3021TA
September 27th 3021 Third age

Feather and I have found a wood burnt plaque on the outskirts of the new village and this is what is written on this plaque I cannot make it out but my gaffer might since he is pretty ancient and he has translated many different languages maybe he will know what it really means this is what it looks like…

Halimath 24, 2890
αυτό είναι η ξύλινη μμένη ιστορία των πρόωρων settelers της πρώτης τακτοποίησης εδώ σε αυτό το αναθεματισμένο νησί που είμαστε αυτοί που έχουν μάθει να ζουν εν την ειρήνη με τις νεράιδες αλλά μια ασθένεια εξαπλώνεται μέσω της πρόσφατα αποικίας και μερικές φεύγουν μόλις μπορούν και μια νέα γέιά άτροπος πήρε Baggins έχει τη γέννηση givin σε ένα υγιές αγόρι μωρών που ονομάστηκε Bilbo Baggins δύο ημέρες πριν αλλά έχουν φύγει μόλις μπόρεσαν πίσω shire σημαίνω αλλά είμαι ακριβώς ένας νέος μελετητής που ονομάζεται Menegilda Goold BrandyBuck είμαι όχι μόνο μελετητής αλλά πρόκειται να είμαι μητέρα για να είμαι σε ένα νέο αγόρι μωρών ή ένα κορίτσι ο ίδιος έτσι υπάρχουν μόνο 36 περισσότεροι άνθρωποι από τα 190 hobbits και 20 νεράιδες που είμαι φοβησμένου και ο σύζυγός μου Rorimac BrandyBuck προσπαθεί να βρεί έναν τρόπο να τεμαχίσει κάτω από μερικά δέντρα και να χτίσει ένα άλλο σύνολο έτσι μπορούμε να πάρουμε από εδώ με τους καλούς φίλους και την οικογένειά μας το Tooks. Πρέπει να εγκαταλείψω επειδή πρέπει να μου σώσω τη δύναμη που βοηθά με το μαγείρεμα του ασθενικά (είναι πότε μπορούμε εμείς να διαθέσουμε τα τρόφιμα για τον ασθενικά και κάποιο ύδωρ για τον τραυματισμένο ή άλλο τρόπο γύρω ή και οι δύο…καθένας τρόπος αισθάνομαι πραγματικά κακός για τους)
Menegilda Goold BrandyBuck

I believe that it has something to do with the other families that were here before us and I can read the words BrandyBuck, Baggins, Tooks, and….oh my god! It is my gaffers own name and my great gammer and gaffers names too holy crap I think it is about our past families! I must show this to gaffer Bilbo!

     Elwyne Galadriel Baggins

P.S. I decided to draw a morning dove after my name instead of just a heart I am going to draw different things every entry.

Dear Eva,                             Halimath 28th 3021 TA
September 28th 3021 Third Age

We are still trying to translate this darn thing but all we got was that it looks like a gospel or something or even a current event sign that a young woman or man had written a few hundred years ago right about two years after my gaffers birth he thinks anyway. I believe that we will find out what it says anyway I will write again once we can translate it once more.

This traveler,
     Elwyne Galadriel Baggins

P.S. there is no drawing because I didn’t feel like putting another bird there…as if.

Dear Eva, Halimath 29th, 3021 TA
September 29th, 3021 Third Age

I cannot believe it we finally got this darn transcript thingy-ma-bobber translated and I cannot believe it!!!!! Do you know what it says??? Well do you?? Ok this is what it says:

Halimath 24th, 2890 Second Age
September 24th, 2890 Second Age

This is the story of the first settlers here from middle earth. We are the only ones to have survived this horrible place there are constant battles here and only nine of us have lived this far. Two nights ago Mistress Belladonna Took Baggins gave birth to a happy young baby boy named Bilbo Baggins who was named after his father Bungo Baggins. They are going to leave as soon as they can so the child will be safer in the shire than on this dratted place; my name is Menegilda Goold BrandyBuck and I am married to the famous Rorimac BrandyBuck of Buckland and I am also just a young scholar. But the rest of us that are left have been looking for different ways to chop down a few trees approximately 13 of the old ash trees and just make a raft so my husband, me and my family and friends from here are now allowed to go back with ease; my family members include the Tooks and the BrandyBuck’s as long as the Baggins as well…and there is also a king of the dwarves left but there in total is only 9 of us out of 190 Hobbits and 20 Elves and as well 16 Dwarves (for mining purposes) as for me my wounds from the human attackers are worsening and worsening by the minute but if I can get out of here I may survive to see my unborn son.

Menegilda Goold BrandyBuck  age 52 (age 19)

Wow that is really weird that my gaffer wants to keep this whole thing for himself because it is sort of a relic to our families! I do not know I believe that I will end up marring some elf or something or someone here in the village. But that is just what I have a feeling towards my own father because I have heard him talking about holding a forced marriage or an arranged marriage for his daughter…and I am his only daughter! I must clear my head tonight I must go.

Not thinking clearly,
            Elwyne Galadriel Baggins

Dear Eva, Halimath 30th, 3021 TA
September 30th, 3021 Third Age

I am now a chef for the entire village including the new rivendell elves! And for tonight’s special we are making just a potato and rabbit stew I think I am not sure I will have to clear that up with head chef master Frarry Smallburrow. He was once the shire-thain but now he is the head chef in our young and very small village; I believe that it is a shame us hobbits have been living in the shire for hundreds of years and by now we are just fed up with all the attacking and the raids that have been destroying our home. I have the translation to the ship songs but I will write them later. I have no clue to what will happen next. I hope it is something good.

Lots of love,
      Elwyne G. B.

Dear Eva, Winterfilth 3rd 3021 TA
October 3rd 3021 Third Age

I am so ashamed because our people want to set a new rule or custom if you will to that the new shire’s mayor must have his daughter or son married to the richest boy or girl by the age of 31 in our years but in normal years that is (14 years old) and I just turned fourteen a few weeks ago! Now I must get married to young rich snot!!! I cannot believe this how can my father be so cool with this? Sure he thinks he is all big and bad that he is now the new mayor of our fair village! But I am really fed up with his own thinking about how I should live my life I am just going to get some logs from my friends and move back to the shire no matter how much attacking and killing there is I am not going to get married to a rich snob! Ugh! I am just too angry to write I will write later once I cool off it is 5:49 p.m. right now. The latest I will stay up to write tonight will be around 1 in the morn.

 Write ya’ later,

Elwyne Galadriel Baggins

Later that day around 8:20 P.M.

Dear Eva, Winterfilth 3rd 3021 TA
October 3rd 3021 Third Age

I met the boy and he is hot, hot, hot, hot, hot! He has dark red hair and he is a little more buff than all the other boys in the new shire! I will be glad to marry him. But the question is will he like me as well? I have never met him even though we were on a ship for at least a month even though it felt like two years; but from what I have heard about this man…his name is Redo Harfoot, Prince of the Halflings. I know that is his name because they live in the best hill that anybody could find and his parents have enough money to buy everybody new clothes and build everybody a new home! I cannot believe I have never really paid any attention to him. Well on the 1st of Foreyule we will be wed! I cannot believe it I do not know if the wedding is going to be indoors due to terrible weather or it will be outdoors because it is a paradise here in the new shire but in the old shire that we left…it would snow and sleet and cause havoc and horror for us. I just hope it is more of a paradise here than there I am starting to grow on this place I am starting to like it a bit more than ever! I will not write until something amazing happens so I will put you in my desk for right now and I will show you a photo of the wedding if nothing else happens. But more than likely there will be something to talk about first off… well good nigh, Eva.

Sincerely Yours,

  Elwyne G. B. (soon to be a Harfoot)

Dear Eva, Winterfilth 25th, 3021TA
      October 25th, 3021 Third Age
Tonight there was a dangerous fire that wiped out a couple of homes and a couple of lives but not that many but the young and beautiful hobbit lass Elenore Gamgee-Greenhand has gotten burned from her arms down to her legs she is not in top shape to take care of her little ones Zasha and Ramses! Plus in addition to that Rashid has burnt up and has died a few moments ago we will hold a memorial service for him but we are taking care of Zasha and Ramses for Elenore until she gets better but I am basically a caretaker now because I do not want anything bad to happen to them they are the last strain of Gamgee left after Master Samwise Gamgee has perished unless his other children like Frodo Gamgee and Bilbo Gamgee and all them others like robin and who knows who else they had thirteen children for gods sake!!! Thirteen!!! Even I could not keep up with that! But here are the following names that have been killed

Rashid Greenhand (*tear* I will miss him always)
Eámanë of Dorthonion (She was an elvish helper the only kind hearted one I believe she was my friend and I will never forget her!)
Till Bramble of Willowbottom (a quiet farmer)
Orangeblossom Trample of Woody End (she was just another friend of my fathers and she was an amazing artist I swear by it!)
Tigerlily (she was so young she had no last name but she was only 5 years old!)
Autumn Foxburr (she was the mother of Tigerlily she tried saving her but she couldn’t and burnt up first)
Milo Foxburr (father of Tigerlily and husband of Autumn Foxburr was very abusive!)
Till Sackville-Baggins (he was one of my dearest cousins even though he was a hot head! I all ready miss him so much!)
Mungo Knotwise (I have no clue to who he is)

And that is it for who has died but there was only 1 person injured besides Elenore…and that was her father Master Samwise Gamgee!!! I have to help take care of him now ever like he was for Mr. Frodo Baggins! My own father encourages it! I sure hope that nothing ever happens to the Gamgee family by now! They are my closest friends that I consider family! They were there for all of us when we needed them and now we need to repay the debt to them by helping them out in their rut! I must go the babies are crying.

Painfully yours,

Elwyne Galadriel Baggins 

Dear Eva, Blotmath 16th, 3021 T.A
November 16th, 3021 Third Age

My closest and dearest friend just died today due to complications in breathing and I feel guilty for it… my friend Juniper… started out just fine but she had started helping the injured when suddenly her lungs just died out some how! Now today is her funeral I feel so responsible because we were smoking old Toby last night and I just cannot believe that she is gone I now know that smoking can kill and it took my friends life to show me that I cannot believe that she is gone but I have her photos to show how much she meant to me! I cannot stress this enough on the younger starters to stop and never start! My tears are the ones that regret ever doing this to her! I cannot write anymore due to sorrows and pain and agony.

Tearfully yours,

E.G.B 

P.S. I cannot believe that she is gone :’(

Dear Eva, Blotmath 26th 3021 TA
November 26th, 3021 Third Age

My father died tonight somebody poisoned his food and drink it seems that everybody is dying out on me I feel so alone in this world if some of my friends die I will be all alone in this world at least I have my friend Feather and my gaffer still here with me. I miss my daddy he was my only guy friend before I even met Redo! I miss him dearly but on the bright side now I am the new mayor of the new shire which we now have a name airenóre or in English “holy land” I don’t know why we would name it that but I know it isn’t that holy! But Feather is alive and well and old gaffer is still telling stories to the little ones about his travels to distant lands I laugh because I know that they are true because of his red book that he had shown me after Master Samwise Gamgee had given it to us after his writings were put in there. I only have one more mission before I get ready for the big day! Find and kill the person who killed my father and avenge him with all my might!!!
Yours Truly,

Elwyne “Death-star” Galadriel Baggins

Dear Eva, Foreyule, 1st 3021 TA
December 1st, 3021 Third Age
Well today’s the day! We finally got married and I was crowned princess of the Halflings! Plus the wedding was beautiful and we also held a memorial service for my father! And even my friend Jupiter because supposedly Jupiter was a distant related cousin of Redo’s mother! Who knew it! Her cousin now I might be related to her! But I miss them both so terribly! But it was a beautiful service because my dress was a princesses gown and now we are living together in a hobbit hole that his father had built for us both when my father proposed to them that I would be wedded to their son! It has at least 16 full rooms! And at least 9 of them are bedrooms! Plus we have servants I cannot believe that this is happening but I know that this wealth will not change me I will not change my own personality because I am now rich beyond my wildest dreams. I want at least 8 children but of coarse Redo wants at least 20 and I am not doing that but only time will tell…we are getting together tonight for a little something something you get what I mean??? *wink, wink nudge, nudge* Must go and meet with him. Later!


Elwyne Galadriel Baggins-Harfoot *NEWLYWEDS!!!* 

Dear Eva, Foreyule 15th, 3021 TA December 15th, 3021 Third age

I got the test results back and I am pregnant with my first child or children I do not know but my dear new husband Redo is already finding names for him or her we already have a list for the new born child…

Boy: Girl:

Redo II (don’t like it but he decided it) Darka
Merego (named after his granddad) Eowithrania
Frego (just another common name around here Maena
Roidoc *no comment* Thesien
Fredoc (mix of his father and my father’s first names) Incánus
Sigo (sounds a lot like psycho) Leallyra

I don’t know which one were going to pick if it is a boy I think we are going to pick Frego because it is a memoir to his/her grandfather Frodo mayor of airenóre and Merodoc king of the Halflings. I am now just waiting for his mother to pass away (not like I would wish that upon her god bless her soul) but I just want to be a queen instead of a princess now! Even though that seemed greedy it didn’t mean to be that way you will see later it will seem less greedy later in life! You’ll see but I am having a hard time with getting used to living with royalty it seems so….so…so awkward! I just can’t adjust and I keep dreaming that I will say something wrong and my new husband will just kill me and the newborn child with out a reason because his father killed at least 2 Hobbits on “accident” and I am scared he is going to be the same way when he gets older! And when he finds out that my father wasn’t all that respectable he will surely hurt me or my family and I just cannot let him know that we are like that! I must keep every secret away from him! I must to save our new family that is now forming!

Personally yours,

Elwyne 

Dear Eva, Foreyule 29th, 3021 T.A
December 29th, 3021 Third age

I am sorry that I haven’t written in a good while but I have been busy with my new family working along with everything but I have now noticed that if I screw up once again I am in hot water (once more.) But I was thinking that I might be able to get him to stay cool when I tell Redo about my family being not that respectable and very well thought of. Maybe he won’t go abusive! Maybe he won’t want to kick me out of the royal family! But me and my new sisters-in-law went and made some new clothing for the new child on the way! I cannot believe it! This is finally happening! I am just soooooo happy! I do not know what to do I am just scared to death about me dying at the hands of the royals before my first born is even born! I have nothing else to say I need to clear my mind, I will write when I can ok that might be a month from now or something ok I will write when I can.

Lost and confused,

Elwyne Harfoot

Dear Eva, Afteryule, 5th 3022 TA
January 5th 3022 Third Age

I almost went into labor! I almost got killed because I was being a dope (as follows my everyday routine) I was wandering in the halls and I finally found out who had killed my father! It was the servant of the mayor! Mistress Hannah Farmer my fathers most trusted ally! I now can kill her once I am back to my old self! She does not deserve to live after what she has done! And she must pay for hurting a loved hobbit man! Evan as I look at her I tremble with fear as she smirks and laughs like nothing ever happened as she plots against the royal family! I heard her last night in our study! She was chatting with my sister-in-law Charlotte and my brother-in-law James. They are plotting to kill my children when they are asleep when I cannot get to them in time! Then after they kill my children they will go for my mother-in-law (if she is still alive) then they will come for me and Redo! I am still trembling in fear! Because I am thinking of telling Redo and getting a new life outside this place and live with those high-gypsy elves! I do not know what to do! I finally came to the conclusion that people don’t like the Baggins family! So they are trying to get rid of us all and even our kinsmen! So I will tell him tonight and we will probably leave the kingdom!

I must tell him now! Good nigh Eva…


Dear Eva, Afteryule 8th 3022 TA
January 8th 3022 Third Age

Well I told Redo that Charlotte, James, and Hannah were plotting our death and he told me not to worry so he just gave them the riches! Yeah that’s right my dumb husband gave away our wealth and kept only what we can really live on! I am now a hard working person once more! I cannot believe him he says that he did it for a reason and to protect us from it and besides it is better for us to be peasants than rich snobs we are now travelers like my gaffer and dad once were! I cannot believe it a couple years and look at us we are still the famous Bagginsies Middle earth Travelers but now we can say that we are the airenóre travelers not the middle earth thieves! Well at least he kept the home for me and the children even though we aren’t going to use it much! We have our casual dresses that the sisters and I had made for the family I have a normal dress while Redo has a sword and a normal traveler suit similar to my father’s old one which he had worn when he went on that old ring journey of his! Well I must go Redo wants me for something!

Lots of love and care,

Elwyne Harfoot

Dear Eva, Astron 18th, 3022 TA
April 18th, 3022 Third Age

My god I thought this night would never end last night I just gave birth to 3 little girls and one boy! And now I believe that I am done but of coarse my husband wants more children but I am looking at him like get away from me you made me hurt! *giggles* It is a true miracle they are my own children I am proud of them even though they don’t even know that this world is full of hate and mistrust I just wish I could send them to the shire…oh wait no I don’t because of all the human encounters! Oh the babies are crying I must go ok I might not be able to write to you very often! I am so sorry for the inconvenience. Here is a family Photo of our new family even though the children are so sickly looking because they are 5 months premature there is nothing I can really do for them I just wish that there was something that would keep them safe and sound. Ah here I have found something for the triplets. For Maena… she is the youngest and she tends to cry a lot more…here I give her this pendant that will keep her aware that she is always loved and it will protect her from the evil spirit in some humans and elves. It will also give her immortality if she takes it off at anytime in her life she will immediately die within a week! Now for the first born… Leallyra… I will give her this necklace it will let her talk to animals and be able to win the hearts of men just like the spirit of the elves. And for Eowithrania…I will give her a cloak from my father’s old adventures with master Samwise. And I also have those translations for the songs that were sung on the ship on the way here…they are now all lullabies for my children and hopefully they will pass it on to their children and our stories and songs and even our legend will not die out!

Song Translations (from earlier in the story)
Hum of Hallelujah
(Translated into modern day English)
Written by Elwyne Galadriel Baggins-Harfoot

Round and round the little birds are
Playing in the sky
Tra-la-la lets line up
And sing as we walk along
Country lanes and paths go on and on
Somehow, isn’t today a nice day?
With a light heart (Bouncing, Floaty)
With confidence (how far shall we go?)
The path of the clouds (watch them as they go!)
Lets sing out, the hum of hallelujah
Someday it will reach the girl for you
Round and round the little birds are
Winking in the sky
Tra-la-la with a loud voice…
…lets answer them
Gentle feelings are overflowing
Somehow, isn’t it a nice day?
I want to say thank you to everything
I’m so glad I met you
When we smile we understand
Let’s make it carry, the hum of hallelujah
Someday it will reach the girl for you!
With a light heart (Bouncing, Floaty)
With confidence (How far shall we go?)
The path of the clouds (watch them as they go)
Let’s sing out the hum of Hallelujah
Someday you’ll meet the girl for you

Dream Fantasia
(Translated to modern day English)
By Elwyne Galadriel Baggins-Harfoot

My pounding heart is a secret
But I really want to tell you
A smile, a whisper, I love you
I always love you
Being gently held by you
Its fantasia I’d like to go to
Above the clouds, just us two
Dancing in the blue sky
I always want to dream...
…This kind of dream in your arms
Shimmering, Swaying moon boat
The two of us rendezvous
In a dream, above the clouds
A fantasia for just us two
Shimmering swaying lights
The two of us rendezvous
A dream fantasia

Back to the journal…

Ok I got board while my husband was outside taking care of the garden and while I was taking care of my children I came up with another song/ lullaby for my children and I have the two language things for this… and I can put them both on

A Halfling Lullaby
(In Duendes)
By Elwyne Baggins-Harfoot

Nani ka ii koto nai kana?
Soyogu no no hana
Kaze wa nani mo tsugezu
Tada sugite yuku
Nazo nazo kotae wa
Sora no mukou ni
Yume de mita koto aru
Kono michi wo itte miyou yo
Kitto kitto kodou ga
Kitto kitto to taka naru yo
Kyou no hana wo sou asu ni todokeyou
Chiisa na ashioto kasanete
Ai no rizumu wo narasou
Futari deaeta yorokobiga
Sora ni hibiki hirogaru
A Halfling Lullaby
(translated to modern English)
By Elwyne Galadriel Baggins-Harfoot

Isn’t there anything fun to do?
I ask the swaying wild flowers
The wind doesn’t tell me anything
It just passes me by
It’s a riddle, and the answer is
Beyond the sky
I saw this in a dream
Let’s try going down this road
Surely, surely, my heart
Surely, surely, will start beating faster
Let’s take today’s flower
And yes, send it to tomorrow
Little footsteps, one after another
Sound out the rhythm of love.
The joy of our having met
Resounds through the sky

Back to the journal

I have no real name for the last song I just made up different lyrics to the beat I am starting to think about what I should name the song. Oh well the children are crying once again and now I am going to bed once more so I have to bid you a fond farewell.

Good Nigh,

Elwyne G.B.H

Dear Eva,       Forelithe 1st, 3036 Third Age
June 1st, 3036 Third Age

I am soooooo sorry that I forgot to write to you for 14 long years but I was taking care of the girls and I forgot where I put your key to your home lock! I am soooooo sorry! I cannot believe I did that but the girls are now 14 years old and this is of coarse their last places to come before we marry them off but I am thinking that we will go to middle earth once again and bring some more hobbits over here because about 50 of us are dead by now and I am just worried that this society will end up like the old one that never survived…. Oh well for one last photo I am going to get the family up near the garden for a family photo and let us sign your last page together which is right now

Family Signature…

Elwyne Galadriel Baggins-Harfoot
Redo James Harfoot
Eowithrania Harfoot *No comment*
Leallyra Harfoot (I am a scholar)
Maena Harfoot (gardener)

This is my last diary entry and to let you know what my girls now look like is this. Maena looks like a smaller wood elf because she is actually very skinny and sickly and she tends to the garden with my husband and she has blonde hair (from which side I have no idea!) and she is about 4’ 8” the tallest one in our family… then there is the middle child Eowithrania… she has dark red hair like her father and is more of an adventurer heck she found another ring (which I think is harmless but she is going to get rid of it by throwing it into the sea) near the new rivendell but she is also a bit short in our family she is about 3’ 9” but is very trusty with a sword and even with a walking stick! Then there is the first born my child Leallyra who is more of a scholar she is going to be married off to the young man named bauke brinkers that is most respectable and is the middle man as well…I must bid you a fare well for as we leave this land I shall bury you in this land that we call home as we venture off back to the old world of middle earth…and to you my own kindred will find you once in a life time because I shall never come back! (and besides my 2 of my daughters are coming with me!) and that leaves just the young gardener to leave her fate to the new world and to let our family tree rest upon both shores!

Last time I shall write…Love you always

Elwyne and family

Second note from the author
“what did Elwyne do when she left?”

Well I believe that she moved back to her first home where she was born and that old place called Bag-end and stayed there for the rest of her and Redo’s days. And as for the three Harfoot Girls…Well… I think that Maena got married and had 2 children one boy and one girl. Her husbands name was the child of Sam Gamgee Mr. Robin Gamgee at age 18. Leallyra stayed at the shire when she got married and divorced (5 times) but had at least 19 children and half of them are now in different worlds! And poor young Eowithrania went on an adventure with 5 elves to go to the lake town that was on the other side of the continent…and suddenly vanished with out a trace all that was left was the brooch that her father Redo had given her and a portrait that was done by her youngest child named after her great grandfather; Bilbo. and as for the son...he had reigned in the shire for the rest of his years as a young respectable hobbit man.

This story is dedicated to my friend [Elwyne] who is a great writer and a great artist who will remain in my heart forever more

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