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Elves at leisure
Images Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast

High Elf (common Elf)
Wood Elf (Sylvanian)
Wyld Elf (Grugach)
Drow (dark elf) and Drider an Under-caste of drow society
Night Elf
Grey Elf
Moon elf
Avariel Elves

Elves - Now, this is where it gets fun.
On the continent of Eastonia, elves are nearly legendary, most of them leaving the land of their ancestry for more beautiful and hospitable places in the multiverse.
There are apparently about as many different kinds of elves as there are singular ELVES, so the limits must be pretty high on this category.... There are a woodland variety, called wild elves, or Grugach (by some), and a more common, and sophisticated division, known mostly as high elves, or just elves. Moon elves, though claims differ, are different from night elves, neither of which have been satisfactorily defined/researched, but remain in power throughout the cosmos, and some have reputed to be spiritually and physically linked to the moon itself, although to which of three moons, most are unsure. Another type of elf is the elusive Ghost Elves.
Most of the elves on Eastonia, left behind after the Elven Transmigration of the Fourth Age of Man, live on a small peninsula of land just beyond the boundaries of Styilya, stretching far out into the Blue Ocean. These elves work closely with the human population of Stilya to keep their existence unknown of, helping the Stilyan nation with magical defense and knowledge. Most elves that once populated this land left after the humans of the world became too selfish and power-hungry, seeking to wrest control from the elven lords. The elves of eastern Eastonia sought to cooperatively govern the lands with the humans, but it did not happen effectively, with the humans pointing fingers, and seeking revenge for conspiratorial events. The chaotic nation of the present Ionia came about after the High Elves left this world, seeking another more hospitable place among the stars to call home, and left the Drow (subterranean CE elves, check out About Drow) to call the land their own. Strong and vicious human lords sought to gain acceptance and alliance with the Drow, and many soldiers and officers are hybrid half-drows, commanding the great armies of the expansionist Ionian Rule. Rumors have been told of the High Elves' return to capture and enslave humans, some even claiming that the returned souls of the men and women (reincarnated) of the last age are the most prized of the captured. These are rumor, and may have no real occurence in the land. There is also the rumored Unari. A half-elf, half-unicorn breed that have the horn of the unicorn and all of the beauty of their elven parents. The Unari are so very rarely seen that they're rumored to be extinct.
The Avariel elvin race is the most reclusive and hard to find when they don't want to be. Most apon seeing them think of the avariels as angels. Though most avariels spout 10 to 12 foot wing spans, avariels are elvin, said to be the children of the air goddess. All have warble white skin (which does not burn in the sun), white or black hair and most any eye color. The avariel's tend to be from 5 foot to 6 1/2 feet in height and weig accordingly because of their wings and bone structure, which allows them to fly. In the history there have been a few avariel who have had unusual hair color, like auburn, not many are found and is are very rare. Because of their hair color, their wings are often the same color. The avariel race does practice the dying of their wing tips or whole wings, to different colors.

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   - Dysphasia : A world of Elves with advanced magical and engineered technology


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WFR Application Page and Guild Page
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