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Note from [Moonknight]

I just started this wiki and I suck at making wikis, but I'll be working on it, and any good ideas or help will be very welcome.

Elftowners Who have met so far.

Below is a list in alphabetical order of the members who met other members.

Meeting Photos

At Elftowners Meet Photos there are photos of some meetings.


- [ally]            Has met [Sunrose] [Isilando] [zepher] [iippo]

- [All_Most PUNK]    Has met [Moonknight] [SilverFire] [Sunrose] [nehirwen]

- [Anonymous]        Has met [Sunrose] [Serwa]

- [applepie]       Has met [Sunrose]

- [Cassave]       Has met [Sunrose]

- [Company Awesome]       Has met [Kelaria] [spike!]

- [Diiwica]      Has met [KITTYWOLFPYRO] [poo f0ngus] [Stryker] [Fenier] [Shooting Star Shadow] [Vyse] [Lepellier] [cat_talker] [camntheshadows] [Iron Twat] [hades32] [_She-Wolf_] [all american antichrist] [dead~spirit] [Whore. Got it?] [Draconius] [Fade_in2_Dark] [Raven Song] [RinOdd] [RomanceRevenge]

- [Dil*]      Has met [Drake_11]

- [Drake_11]        Has met [Dil*]

- [Elandain]        Has met [Kelaria]

- [Forever Equine]        Has met [Iseld] [Thain]

- [Fixien]          Has met [Gilraen Miriel] [Melocrie]

- [f.u.c]          Has met [Kelaria]

- [Gilraen Miriel]      Has met [Melocrie]

- [Hedda]          Has met [Sunrose] [suss] [Serwa] [Nita

- [iippo]           Has met [SilverFire] [ara] [deus-ex-machina] [Kayne] [Isilando] [ally] [Viking]

- [Iseld]       Has met [Forever Equine] [Thain]

- [Isilando]        Has met [Sunrose] [ally] [zepher] [Levoton] [Veltzeh] [Maketsu] [Yiwerra] [Faery] [Khwaish] [blackcoatman] [Nita] [True, plain and simple] [iippo]

- [Project Elysium]        Has met [Kelaria]

- [Kelaria]          Has met [Project Elysium] [Wised Up] [The Archangel Dreolin] [Elandain] [f.u.c] [Company Awesome] [Rock Thine World]

- [Maketsu]        Has met [Shreya] [Isilando]

- [Levoton]        Has met [Isilando]

- [LadyMoon]      Has met [Sunrose]

- [Melocrie]     Has met [Fixien] [Gilraen Miriel][May-lea

- [May-lea]        Has met [Melocrie] [Sunrose] [LegendofJelda] [Urmando The Elfling

- [Moonknight]       Has met [suss] twice, [All_Most PUNK]

- [Nita]        Has met [Hedda] [True, plain and simple]

- [Rock Thine World]      Has met [Kelaria]

- [Stray Kitty]      Has met [underline2]

- [sairas_tytto]      Has met [Isilando]

- [Savien]         Has met [Acerbus] [Yuriona] [Bratt] [Lerune] and [irulan]

- [Serwa]      Has met [Anonymous] [Hedda] [Sunrose]

- [Shreya]      Has met [Maketsu]

- [Skydancer]       Has met [Admiranda] [CrowDancer] [mlolya]

- [suss]              Has met [Moonknight] [Hedda]

- [Sunrose]        Has met [ally] [All_Most PUNK] [Anonymous] [applepie] [Cassave] [Darian Hawke] [shir t.] [earthkynd] [Hedda] [hji] [Isilando] [Ittai] [Iuna] [Levoton] [Kuruni] [LadyMoon] [Linderel] [Linn Scarlett] [..majo..] [May-lea] [nehirwen] [Saray] [Sauron] [Serwa] [socrates] [Teufelsweib] [Tjooky] [Trennas] [True, plain and simple] [Yiwerra] [zepher

 - [Teufelsweib]         Has met [Diede.] [Chrilith of Akhai] [Levoton] [..majo..] [LadyMoon] [Linderel] [Ishje] [Joyka] [Empee] [Saray] [Sauron] [someelf] [Sunrose] [Tableau Vivant] [Tjooky] [Trennas] [Tingis] [† Plankje †] [Nauthiz.]

- [Thain]         Has met [Forever Equine] [Iseld]

- [The Archangel Dreolin]        Has met [Kelaria]

- [underline2]       Has met [Stray Kitty]

- [Veltzeh]        Has met [Isilando]

- [Wised Up]       Has met [Kelaria]

- [zepher]           Has met [Linn Scarlett] [Sunrose] [Isilando] [ally] [Yiwerra] [Kitakaze] [Nyaah*] [Klopstock] [~Lady Morgana~]


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2006-02-27 [Moonknight]: I'm thinking we can have wikis for each meeting (with photos or whatever) linked here. but I dunno how to organize it and what look to give to it all.

2006-02-27 [Kelaria]: Well, not everyone will have photos for their meetings necessarily... I have some, but not a whole lot. I could put up what I have I suppose... :)

2006-02-27 [Kelaria]: It doesnt have to be completely organized right away. It will take time, but I can help to the best of my ability ^_^

2006-02-27 [Moonknight]: yay! thank you :)

2006-02-27 [Kelaria]: It's no problem ^_^ I like being helpful! :D

2006-02-27 [Dil*]: wow! this is amazing...there are many friends on here I would like to meet.

2006-02-27 [Stray Kitty]: I've met with a few people on Elftown. Could I add them?

2006-02-27 [Moonknight]: make a wiki with the photos and all that, and then list it here

2006-02-27 [Stray Kitty]: There's not really any photos. I met [underline2] in art class and we discovered that we both were ET members and EW artists.

2006-02-27 [Moonknight]: hee, well then ill just put your names here. ^_^

2006-02-27 [Moonknight]: was that this year or last year?

2006-02-27 [Stray Kitty]: Well, we met last year but she's still in my art class.

2006-02-27 [Sunrose]: Grah! I was editing! Now I lost all because Santiago started editing! >_____<

2006-02-27 [Moonknight]: oops,..

2006-02-27 [sairas_tytto]: Hm.. I was thinking maybe we should only put people who met through elftown. I mean, if I tell all my classmates about ET, then it will be me bringing them here, not ET bringing us close

2006-02-27 [Moonknight]: I don't know, I guess we have to think about those details :P but I think it still counts like that, just the idea of Real life interaction you know ?

2006-02-27 [sairas_tytto]: Yes, I see your point :)

2006-02-27 [sairas_tytto]: Haha, it's funny! :P You've met [suss] who's met [Hedda] who's met [Sunrose] who's met [Isilando] who's met me! If the meeting attribute was transitive it would be like we had met xP

2006-02-27 [Moonknight]: Hahahah, you hav a funny brain, but you're right :) there's a name for that thing, where eveyrone theoretically can be connected to everyone else in the world like that, but forgot the name :P

2006-02-27 [Sunrose]: I've only put up people I met through Elftown and so did [Zepher*]. [Zepher*] has met or knows a couple of more Dutchies...

2006-02-27 [Moonknight]: If theyre on Elftown then thats what matters,.just to show how many elftowners know each other in real life :)

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