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Note from [Moonknight]

I just started this wiki and I suck at making wikis, but I'll be working on it, and any good ideas or help will be very welcome.

Elftowners Who have met so far.

Below is a list in alphabetical order of the members who met other members.

Meeting Photos

At Elftowners Meet Photos there are photos of some meetings.


- [ally]            Has met [Sunrose] [Isilando] [zepher] [iippo]

- [All_Most PUNK]    Has met [Moonknight] [SilverFire] [Sunrose] [nehirwen]

- [Anonymous]        Has met [Sunrose] [Serwa]

- [applepie]       Has met [Sunrose]

- [Cassave]       Has met [Sunrose]

- [Company Awesome]       Has met [Kelaria] [spike!]

- [Diiwica]      Has met [KITTYWOLFPYRO] [poo f0ngus] [Stryker] [Fenier] [Shooting Star Shadow] [Vyse] [Lepellier] [cat_talker] [camntheshadows] [Iron Twat] [hades32] [_She-Wolf_] [all american antichrist] [dead~spirit] [Whore. Got it?] [Draconius] [Fade_in2_Dark] [Raven Song] [RinOdd] [RomanceRevenge]

- [Dil*]      Has met [Drake_11]

- [Drake_11]        Has met [Dil*]

- [Elandain]        Has met [Kelaria]

- [Forever Equine]        Has met [Iseld] [Thain]

- [Fixien]          Has met [Gilraen Miriel] [Melocrie]

- [f.u.c]          Has met [Kelaria]

- [Gilraen Miriel]      Has met [Melocrie]

- [Hedda]          Has met [Sunrose] [suss] [Serwa] [Nita

- [iippo]           Has met [SilverFire] [ara] [deus-ex-machina] [Kayne] [Isilando] [ally] [Viking]

- [Iseld]       Has met [Forever Equine] [Thain]

- [Isilando]        Has met [Sunrose] [ally] [zepher] [Levoton] [Veltzeh] [Maketsu] [Yiwerra] [Faery] [Khwaish] [blackcoatman] [Nita] [True, plain and simple] [iippo]

- [Project Elysium]        Has met [Kelaria]

- [Kelaria]          Has met [Project Elysium] [Wised Up] [The Archangel Dreolin] [Elandain] [f.u.c] [Company Awesome] [Rock Thine World]

- [Maketsu]        Has met [Shreya] [Isilando]

- [Levoton]        Has met [Isilando]

- [LadyMoon]      Has met [Sunrose]

- [Melocrie]     Has met [Fixien] [Gilraen Miriel][May-lea

- [May-lea]        Has met [Melocrie] [Sunrose] [LegendofJelda] [Urmando The Elfling

- [Moonknight]       Has met [suss] twice, [All_Most PUNK]

- [Nita]        Has met [Hedda] [True, plain and simple]

- [Rock Thine World]      Has met [Kelaria]

- [Stray Kitty]      Has met [underline2]

- [sairas_tytto]      Has met [Isilando]

- [Savien]         Has met [Acerbus] [Yuriona] [Bratt] [Lerune] and [irulan]

- [Serwa]      Has met [Anonymous] [Hedda] [Sunrose]

- [Shreya]      Has met [Maketsu]

- [Skydancer]       Has met [Admiranda] [CrowDancer] [mlolya]

- [suss]              Has met [Moonknight] [Hedda]

- [Sunrose]        Has met [ally] [All_Most PUNK] [Anonymous] [applepie] [Cassave] [Darian Hawke] [shir t.] [earthkynd] [Hedda] [hji] [Isilando] [Ittai] [Iuna] [Levoton] [Kuruni] [LadyMoon] [Linderel] [Linn Scarlett] [..majo..] [May-lea] [nehirwen] [Saray] [Sauron] [Serwa] [socrates] [Teufelsweib] [Tjooky] [Trennas] [True, plain and simple] [Yiwerra] [zepher

 - [Teufelsweib]         Has met [Diede.] [Chrilith of Akhai] [Levoton] [..majo..] [LadyMoon] [Linderel] [Ishje] [Joyka] [Empee] [Saray] [Sauron] [someelf] [Sunrose] [Tableau Vivant] [Tjooky] [Trennas] [Tingis] [† Plankje †] [Nauthiz.]

- [Thain]         Has met [Forever Equine] [Iseld]

- [The Archangel Dreolin]        Has met [Kelaria]

- [underline2]       Has met [Stray Kitty]

- [Veltzeh]        Has met [Isilando]

- [Wised Up]       Has met [Kelaria]

- [zepher]           Has met [Linn Scarlett] [Sunrose] [Isilando] [ally] [Yiwerra] [Kitakaze] [Nyaah*] [Klopstock] [~Lady Morgana~]


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2006-03-01 [Fizban]: Anonymous is still secretly here O.o...*looks around wearily* Lols, I dont know that, I am just telling you what you told me,...and when I say you told me, look at the 2nd name from the top of hte list, its anonymous's,...what is the next name on his list of those he's met? [Hedda] so I figured, if he met hedda, obviously that means that hedda had to have met him if you guys say that anonymous has met Hedda, then it should reciprocate that and say that on hedda's list. So, if they never met, then instead of adding anonymous to hedda's list, take hedda off of anonymous's list...

2006-03-01 [Sunrose]: That was supposed to be my own name xD

2006-03-02 [Fizban]: Lols!!! Well, glad I could help&confuse the situation at the same time ^^___^^

2006-03-20 [Isilando]: omg santiago, awesome wiki :P Btw, does [sairas_tytto] count for me as meeting her? I brought her here :P If she does, there is a bunch of other greeks you should add, but I don't count people I brought here. You should add [blackcoatman] though because I met him because of ET. And [Yiwerra] and [Klopstock] too. [Klopstock] <3 Also, [Faery] and [Adorelai] (who hasn't been here for 3000 years). Hm, that's all I can remember. And I thought you had screenshots of us :P So, where are they? ;)

2006-03-20 [Isilando]: And let's put a count number next to each member, just for show off :P

2006-03-20 [Sunrose]: You can add them yourself :P

2006-03-20 [Isilando]: No :p

2006-03-20 [Sunrose]: Yes, you lazy bum! :P

2006-03-20 [ally]: *sees own name on list without knowing existance of wiki* :O

2006-03-20 [Sunrose]: That's because it was put in reverse too :p

2006-03-20 [ally]: As I remember correctly I was the one driving all the way to you :P

2006-03-20 [Sunrose]: I don't get what you are trying to say >_>

2006-03-20 [ally]: Then I didn't get what you were trying to say :P

2006-03-20 [Sunrose]: If I met you, then you met me if I add my name with yours, your name can be added with mine :P

2006-03-20 [All_Most PUNK]: Gah, now I really need to get together with Santiago and Patri, so I can figure here.

2006-03-20 [ally]: Why not meet meeeee? :'(

2006-03-20 [All_Most PUNK]: The distance factor, my dear ally.

2006-03-20 [ally]: Pssh geography is for wusses.

2006-03-20 [All_Most PUNK]: Yep, we agreed in that. For wusses and people wiht no money :P

2006-03-20 [Moonknight]: if it werent for the little matter of flying being so expensive, It would be cool to organize a big reunion or something, but me and Patricio are on the other corner of the world.

2006-03-20 [All_Most PUNK]: We are probably the most geographically challenged in this wiki, Santiago.

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