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Note from [Moonknight]

I just started this wiki and I suck at making wikis, but I'll be working on it, and any good ideas or help will be very welcome.

Elftowners Who have met so far.

Below is a list in alphabetical order of the members who met other members.

Meeting Photos

At Elftowners Meet Photos there are photos of some meetings.


- [ally]            Has met [Sunrose] [Isilando] [zepher] [iippo]

- [All_Most PUNK]    Has met [Moonknight] [SilverFire] [Sunrose] [nehirwen]

- [Anonymous]        Has met [Sunrose] [Serwa]

- [applepie]       Has met [Sunrose]

- [Cassave]       Has met [Sunrose]

- [Company Awesome]       Has met [Kelaria] [spike!]

- [Diiwica]      Has met [KITTYWOLFPYRO] [poo f0ngus] [Stryker] [Fenier] [Shooting Star Shadow] [Vyse] [Lepellier] [cat_talker] [camntheshadows] [Iron Twat] [hades32] [_She-Wolf_] [all american antichrist] [dead~spirit] [Whore. Got it?] [Draconius] [Fade_in2_Dark] [Raven Song] [RinOdd] [RomanceRevenge]

- [Dil*]      Has met [Drake_11]

- [Drake_11]        Has met [Dil*]

- [Elandain]        Has met [Kelaria]

- [Forever Equine]        Has met [Iseld] [Thain]

- [Fixien]          Has met [Gilraen Miriel] [Melocrie]

- [f.u.c]          Has met [Kelaria]

- [Gilraen Miriel]      Has met [Melocrie]

- [Hedda]          Has met [Sunrose] [suss] [Serwa] [Nita

- [iippo]           Has met [SilverFire] [ara] [deus-ex-machina] [Kayne] [Isilando] [ally] [Viking]

- [Iseld]       Has met [Forever Equine] [Thain]

- [Isilando]        Has met [Sunrose] [ally] [zepher] [Levoton] [Veltzeh] [Maketsu] [Yiwerra] [Faery] [Khwaish] [blackcoatman] [Nita] [True, plain and simple] [iippo]

- [Project Elysium]        Has met [Kelaria]

- [Kelaria]          Has met [Project Elysium] [Wised Up] [The Archangel Dreolin] [Elandain] [f.u.c] [Company Awesome] [Rock Thine World]

- [Maketsu]        Has met [Shreya] [Isilando]

- [Levoton]        Has met [Isilando]

- [LadyMoon]      Has met [Sunrose]

- [Melocrie]     Has met [Fixien] [Gilraen Miriel][May-lea

- [May-lea]        Has met [Melocrie] [Sunrose] [LegendofJelda] [Urmando The Elfling

- [Moonknight]       Has met [suss] twice, [All_Most PUNK]

- [Nita]        Has met [Hedda] [True, plain and simple]

- [Rock Thine World]      Has met [Kelaria]

- [Stray Kitty]      Has met [underline2]

- [sairas_tytto]      Has met [Isilando]

- [Savien]         Has met [Acerbus] [Yuriona] [Bratt] [Lerune] and [irulan]

- [Serwa]      Has met [Anonymous] [Hedda] [Sunrose]

- [Shreya]      Has met [Maketsu]

- [Skydancer]       Has met [Admiranda] [CrowDancer] [mlolya]

- [suss]              Has met [Moonknight] [Hedda]

- [Sunrose]        Has met [ally] [All_Most PUNK] [Anonymous] [applepie] [Cassave] [Darian Hawke] [shir t.] [earthkynd] [Hedda] [hji] [Isilando] [Ittai] [Iuna] [Levoton] [Kuruni] [LadyMoon] [Linderel] [Linn Scarlett] [..majo..] [May-lea] [nehirwen] [Saray] [Sauron] [Serwa] [socrates] [Teufelsweib] [Tjooky] [Trennas] [True, plain and simple] [Yiwerra] [zepher

 - [Teufelsweib]         Has met [Diede.] [Chrilith of Akhai] [Levoton] [..majo..] [LadyMoon] [Linderel] [Ishje] [Joyka] [Empee] [Saray] [Sauron] [someelf] [Sunrose] [Tableau Vivant] [Tjooky] [Trennas] [Tingis] [† Plankje †] [Nauthiz.]

- [Thain]         Has met [Forever Equine] [Iseld]

- [The Archangel Dreolin]        Has met [Kelaria]

- [underline2]       Has met [Stray Kitty]

- [Veltzeh]        Has met [Isilando]

- [Wised Up]       Has met [Kelaria]

- [zepher]           Has met [Linn Scarlett] [Sunrose] [Isilando] [ally] [Yiwerra] [Kitakaze] [Nyaah*] [Klopstock] [~Lady Morgana~]


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2006-05-14 [Stray Kitty]: Yeah. I like much better than myspace. The majority of people here are inttelligent.

2006-05-14 [Moonknight]: you are comparing it to myspace? hahaha, myspace is pure moronic evil. it's the worst community of the internet. ;)

2006-05-14 [Stray Kitty]: Definately. It scares me there. This is much, much better. Plus Dad can't find out of tune wannabe country singers here.

2006-05-15 [pixish]: *starts singing keylessly about how her boyfriend left her for a cow*

2006-05-15 [Stray Kitty]: Yeah, well I can't actually hear you and ,y dad can't buy your CD.

2006-05-15 [pixish]: I can arrange it ;p

2006-05-15 [Dil*]: Myspace just sucks. 

2006-05-15 [Moonknight]: Agreed

2006-05-16 [Dil*]: It wouldn't be so bad if there weren't so many vile emo kids.

2006-05-16 [pixish]: emo kids are people too...

2006-05-16 [Dil*]: yes, but they annoy me because they're all clones..I swear.

2006-05-16 [Moonknight]: the masses are like that, they dont think for themselves, they just adopt a prefabricated identity

2006-05-16 [Dil*]: When they all have the same photo angle shots, it bugs me. Or should I say...the 'style' which...gah, is so unoriginal because it's so..everywhere. Once in a while, I may stumble on something...different, but it's rare. Oh so rare.

2006-05-18 [Stray Kitty]: I have an issue with emo sterotype. First of all it makes them out to be rather annoying and emotional, and a good deal of the emo pictures have the guys being gay. Which is fine. But the ones at my school aren't like that. They're vicious little varmits, like squirells, that may look all sad and pathetic, but are really vicous, closed-minded and homophobic. It's horrible. Plus the ones at my school aren't even all that good looking.

2006-06-23 [Iron Twat]: thats called poser emo theres a difference

2006-06-23 [Iron Twat]: the real emo people are all sad and suicidal and all that emotional shit that emos do

2006-06-24 [Stray Kitty]: So now there are emos, wihch everybody hates because they're (faking?) being emotional and suicidal, then there are fake emos who fake being emo? That sounds odd.

2006-06-24 [Moonknight]: why are you guys talking about "emo-ness" on this wiki?

2006-06-24 [Ocean Soul]: God I'm glad we don't have this emo poser and so on trash here >.>

2006-06-24 [Kelaria]: I think this wiki may have escaped it, but emos have definitely invaded Elftown... sad and pathetic as ever... ugh... pisses me off so much.

2006-06-24 [Ocean Soul]: Everyone talks about labels and "don't label me", but there you go.. I don't know exactly *where* that all comes from, but it is really annoying

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