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2005-02-16 23:45:25
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Welcome to Elftowners Against Drunk Driving. If you are against drunk driving, please add you name to the list EADD Members, and put our benner in your house (banner is above). Thankyou. I will be adding stuff more soon, like some banners.
[Ghost Lilly]

EADD Members
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311) Have you or someone you know, been in a car accedent becuse of a drunk driver? (Administrator: [Ghost Lilly])

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2005-07-21 [Ghost Lilly]: you can also link to wiki's by puting the wiki name in brakets []'s like you would someones name and adding @wiki in it. Like [elftowners against drunk drriving @ wiki]

2005-07-21 [Ghost Lilly]: just dont put spaces on eather side of the @ sign

2005-07-21 [Unnamed Swordsman]: Oh... Okay... ^^

2005-07-21 [Ghost Lilly]: that way you can link to your wikis like it is in my house. ^-^

2005-07-21 [Unnamed Swordsman]: Alright...

2005-07-21 [Ghost Lilly]: its up to you though, becuse its your house. ^-^

2005-07-21 [Unnamed Swordsman]: Yeah... I'll do it... Just not right now...

2005-07-21 [Ghost Lilly]: thats ok, now you know how thoogh. ^-^

2005-07-21 [Unnamed Swordsman]: Yeah, I know... ^^

2005-08-10 [The Last Dragoon]: hey I don't drink and I can't drive so I guess I'm safe

2005-08-11 [Unnamed Swordsman]: Meh, you could be, and I hope you will be alright... ^_^

2005-08-18 [People are surprisingly Unpredictable]: idk how to put the banner on my page

2005-08-19 [Ghost Lilly]: Yep. Just add your name to the members list, and it would be nice if you could put up a banner, becuse then we could get a little more people posabbly. ^-^;

2005-08-19 [People are surprisingly Unpredictable]: oh well i dont know how to put the banner up

2005-08-19 [Ghost Lilly]: Just hit the button that says Edit this page on the EADD Members wiki page and a little box will come up for you to change the page and just add your name to the end of the list. You can do that by putting brackets, []'s around your name. ^-^

2005-12-24 [nokaredes]: Hi.

2005-12-25 [Ghost Lilly]: Hello

2006-08-20 [It Comes Like Fire]: whoa as soon as i saw this wiki i was listening to a saw called drinking and driving

2006-08-20 [Ghost Lilly]: :3 really?

2006-08-20 [It Comes Like Fire]: it freaked me out...but it was a straigt-edge band so it was good

2006-08-21 [Ghost Lilly]: lol

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