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These are the Elftown Holidays:

1 January - New Year
Snow, fireworks and candy

2 February - Groundhog's Day
Lots of pictures of shadows and, obviously, groundhogs?

14 February - Valentines day!!!
Time for roses and red hearts again?

1 April - April Fools day! Just do a couple of weird things... Like make an odd poll... (What colour is a banana ?) I don't know if this is possible but to make a fake front page then when they click anything on that page it goes back to the real one saying April Fools!

April (varying) - Easter

20-21 June - Summer Solstice
held on the longest day of year (this Sabbath is most of the time on the longest day of the year) a festival to celebrate the returning of the moon since the days will be shorter from then

30 OCT, computer nerd Christmas. 30 OCT = 24 DEC as you all know. And it's [Hedda]'s mother's birthday.

31 October - 1 november - Halloween, Samhain
31 october is halloween, Samhain can also be celibrated on 1 november, Wiccan New Year

November (varying) - Thanksgiving

25 December - Christmas and yada-yada-holidays in that time
^Just a thought about Christmas:
We had a Secret Santa thing organised every year in school, where you are assigned one random person and have to give them little notes (without them finding who you are), then finally a present on Christmas day (when they finally find out who you are). Do you think it's possible to do the same for Elftown? You could have people who want to participate sign up on a list. The presents could be pictures, poems, stories... And the messages could be sent via email from an annoymous address. This way you get to know more people, and make Elftown seem like a nicer community.^

31 December - New Years Eve


Suggestions from Elftown members with dates:

3 January - Tolkien's birthday (aged 112 in 2004)
Lord of the Rings theme?

16 January - TheBarryIsCoolDay
Ask Barry?

22 January (for 2004) - Umm.. Chinese new year? Maybe a picture of the animal (I think it's a sheep/ram thing this time?) somewhere? I also think people who post on this page should mention how it might be celebrated.
^I think it was Ram last Chinese NY. It'll be Money this time. Lots of paper lanterns, and monkeys?^
It's Ram this year, my stepmum's Chinese, so she told me the zodiac. Sorry if I sound lke I'm boasting or something...

29 March - Finish your Veggies Day -from [kittykittykitty]
Make sure to eat up! Even the brocolli and brussels sprouts :P

3 March - Date of Aragorn III Elessar's birth in the Third Age 2931. - [Maurer's conclusions]

17 March - St Patricks day
Irish things: shamrock, leprechaun?

20-22 March - Ostara
Paganistic sabbat, celibrated on one of the 3 days(different per country and tradition). Spring celebration of the Goddess and Earth. Lots of green?

27th of March - The Downfall of Barad-Dûr in the Third Age 3019. - [Maurer's conclusions]

3 April - Tightey Whitey Day -from [kittykittykitty]
A day encouraging tight, white underpants

7th of April - The (Tolkien's) Elves' New Year. - [Maurer's conclusions]

30 April - Valborg
In the evening.

30 April - 1 may - Beltane
Paganistic sabbat, held on one of the 2 days wich is different with tradition.
Love, fertility and flowers as well as jumping over bonfires.

4 may-vampires and dark elfs day
we need that day!!

1 May - May Day
Dancing around may poles, people singer on top of tall buildings...

2nd of May - Coronation of Aragorn III Elessar in the Third Age 3019. - [Maurer's conclusions]

12 June - Black Moon Day
A day for werewolves! 1 May - May Day
Dancing around may poles, people singer on top of tall buildings...

26 June - Artists' Day
A day to celebrate being an artist

27 June (about) - Midsummer
Where the whole town can get together a have a picnic, play games, hangout and talk [Sun_Elf]
Umm, I hate to burst your bubble, but I'm PRETTY sure midsummer (or Beltane) is on the 21st of june. Really sure.

15 July - Cow Appreciation Day -from [kittykittykitty]
Yes, it is a real holiday... be prepared to dress in cow attire, horns and a bell (or something cow-print will do!) Udderly fun!

25 July - Day Out of Time (DOT)
Worldwide Day of Peace, Forgiveness and Celebration of Art and Culture. Also a sacred day in relation to the star Sirius... A day outside of time in the 13-Moon Mayan Calendar...

27 July - Talk Like a Mad Scientist Day -from [kittykittykitty]
Exactly what it says on the tin: talk like you are a mad scientist, and make sure to use tonnes of big words that only you know what they mean. Dressing up optional...

31 July - Fill in the Blanks day -from [kittykittykitty]
Go _________ and have a ___________ day

26 August - Toilet Paper Day -from [kittykittykitty]
The one day of the year when you have an excuse to run around the house like an andrex puppy spreading the toilet-paper love...

2 September - Tolkien's death in 1973 (maybe his date of death too as funeral obsequies)

19 September - Talk Like A Pirate Day

21-22 September - Mabon,
Paganistic sabbat celibrated on one of the 2 days different by tradition, Autumn Equinox
Harvest, crops?

23rd of September - the birthday of Bilbo (Third Age 2890) and Frodo (Third Age 2968) Baggins. - [Maurer's conclusions]

October 31--- PaulyDay! :P [Paul Doyle]

Armistice day on November 11th is when World War 1 ended (also my birthday:D)

12 November (for 2004) - Diwali
Indian New Year? (correct me if I'm wrong)

22 November-- [Hedda]'s Birthday by [dragonflye]

6 December - Sinterklaas
Um... Lots of food, apparently

6 December - The holy day for the ones who comes from the north.

21 December - Winter Solstice, Yule

22nd of December - The first day of the year (Yestarë) according to the Shire Calendar and the Stewards' Reckoning (Tolkien). - [Maurer's conclusions]


Suggestions from Elftown members without dates:

how about a day for the visitors and the crew in all elftown and elwood

How about a day for the writers of ElfTown.

How about everyone's birthdays? Each day there can be a list on the main page of Elftown members whose birthday is that day.

Pick a founding date for Elftown and celebrate it every year. :)

Weird Woods Day.... <-- ^whoever posted this made me check if there was indeed such a day... :-p^

Make up a completely new holiday and tradition. Why not? We're a new community. That way you can have a new poll asking people what the holiday should be called.

Lol, Barry is such a nerd, though Sinterklaas is an awesome idea!

I know one! Blow a raspberry day -[Augury]

how about ridvan, a yam i ha, and naw ruiz?
these happen in the spring, i'll have to check up on the actual days
well ayamiha is the last days of february and the first day of march
and then nawruiz is i thing the 21st

these are baha'i
but naw ruiz is i think also the secular new years day in iran

there are also of course buddhist, hindu, and united nations days that would be fun to have

there's a u.n. day as such
as well as world this that and the other days
and i think even a unicef day

i don't know what the buddhist and hindu days are but i think they'd be good to have

i know there's a day in india where people throw paint (wash off able presumably) at each other as a kind of way of blessing each other or something
    Holi. The thing with Indian celebrations is that they don't follow the same calendar (lunar/solar), so the dates keep switching. But Diwali (international festival of light) and holi (colour-stuff) are good ideas since they're not religious per se, just cultural, and images would be really easy to do.

There is a blue moon in July...maybe we should stick up a notice?...
[Fireblade K'Chona]

I like Tolkien's birthday ideas, since he inspires so many people.

What about a 'I Love Canada' day? (sorry that's random)
How about a day to celebrate everyone who's a member of Elftown and Elfpack and maybe even Cat Hug [44. Caliber Love Letter]

How about a young people day?[ketsu]

How about a Wolf day were we celebrate the wolves.

How about a day for each of the ET races?

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2003-06-17 [Nicole]: Vampire night great sounds like a ~party~! lol what would we do?

2004-03-02 [♥Flames♥]: If anyone watches spongebob squarepants, they'll understand what I mean by opposite day, so if you said "I hate you" you'd really mean "I luv you" etc. and I think one massive day (or maybe even week) celebrate elftown, and I just thought of something like Fantasy fortnight....?

2004-04-15 [teptep]: we do sonora.

2004-06-29 [Neya]: I saw the blue moon thing....and decided I wanted to have fun :P so I made this (I know it's bad, but it beats studying): <img:>

2006-06-11 [iippo]: Take use of the new calendar! Get your celebration on Mainstreet!

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