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A Fantasy Wiki of Elftown!

(Under construction)
Affiliated with: Elftown_Welcoming-Committee!
Indexed under: Elftown!

Welcome to the Elftown Handbook!

Greetings and welcome to the "handbook" wiki, a handy link to bookmark and use for both
newcomers and veteran Elftown members alike, as a quick reference guide to the important
places on Elftown, but also, areas covering a wide variety of interests as well.


Elftown's Mainstream

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Strongly advised suggestion: The Elftown_Rules should be read and understood before proceeding
onward with the "help" and "how-to" links indexed on this page.


Quick summaries of Elftown's Mainstream Places:

Contribution: Contribution to the community may be done so in various ways, such as:
..... Monetary donations help defray the cost of operating the server, Elftron, and keeping Elftown online.
..... Participation in the many contests and activities on Elftown that cover a wide range of interests.
..... Creating and maintaining wiki-pages, particularly those interesting and useful to other Elftowners.
..... Promoting Elftown across the Internet; inviting others to join.
..... Contribution to Elftown's many resources.
General Information:


Museum of History:


This section covers general information, such as the technology involved with Elftown.

The help and how-to topics compliment each other enough to be combined into one
section, for a how-to can often provide a member with the solution they are seeking
some help with.

The history section reveals information about Elftown's History.

This section provides "who's who" and "what they do" information on Elftown.

Elftown is a community and so, there must be rules that must be adhered to, both for
the sake of community members and for obeying laws, such as "copyright" laws.






Special Features:

Anything of interest to many, art related, will be made available in this section, such as
contests and help with art for two examples.

Anything of interest to many, photography related, will be made available in this section,
such as contests for, as one example.

Anything of interest to many, roleplaying related, will be made available in this section,
such as roleplays and contests for, as two examples.

Anything of interest to many, related to writing, such as poetry, prose, reviews, etc., will
be made available in this section, such as contests and activities for, as two examples.

This section focuses around Elftown's "special features" spotlighted on Mainstreet.

This section will cover areas of Elftown that aren't covered under any other section.


*Note-#1: Contests and activities involving more than one creative field, will be mentioned under "all" that are applicable.
*Note-#2: How-tos pertaining to a creative field, will be found under the creativity it relates to.


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* = This page.
A community that "works together", "stays together", and so, "works for all"!</center>
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