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Elftown's Lesbian and Bi Registry

Lesbian's Unite!

Hello, fellow lesbians!! This is Elftown's Lesbian Registry! Feel free to sign up! Now, go Support Gay Marriage!

1. [Purroyo]
2. [Cenire]
3. [Lillith Winchester]
4. [magickgashes]
5. [~*Killer Green Squirrel*~]
6. [a faerie tale]
7. [Call Me Irresponsible]
8. [PeachRendezvous]
9. [Neko Mei Ling]
10. [Stagitha Ravina Pointe Du Lac]
11. [Crazy Yas]


Bi-sexual people rock. <3

1. [~And the wind calls her Demona~]
2. [Yoruno]
3. [my lover is someone I don't know]
4. [~La Bella Vita~]
5. [kendo]
6. [Kamora]
7. [!*Hippy*! ♥Marie♥]
8. [Quirky]
9. [Kitten Hurts]
10. [Mind Demon]
11. [*~`Lady of Avalon`~*]
12. [Sakuya]


Do you support lesbians? Of course you do!

1. [la vie lemon]
2. [Narcissistic Turkey]


Some narrow-minded people tried to delete this page, and I have placed a password on this wiki. If you'd like to join, please write in the comments and say where you want to be added and someone will get around to it XP

Username (or number or email):


2005-12-18 [Mind Demon]: may i join under the bisexual list please?

2005-12-18 [nokaredes]: ...'course ;P ...and I guess [Stagitha Ravina Pointe Du Lac]...might well be a lesbian...<_<

2005-12-18 [Mind Demon]: thank you [nokaredes]

2005-12-18 [nokaredes]: NP

2006-01-11 [lucetgirl]: Dude! Check out this sight! Get paid for surfing the net!

2006-03-16 [Panda-monium]: Heylo

2006-03-17 [nokaredes]: ...hi!

2007-01-08 [*~`Lady of Avalon`~*]: Can I join the bi list please

2007-03-15 [Narcissistic Turkey]: May I have the password, so that I may add myself to the supporters...?

2007-03-15 [nokaredes]:

2007-03-17 [Crazy Yas]: i want to join

2007-03-17 [nokaredes]: Under which section...?

2007-04-07 [Sakuya]: can you plz add me under the bisexual list?

2007-04-08 [Sakuya]: thanks :)

2007-04-08 [nokaredes]: (:

2007-08-25 [Crazy Yas]: the lesbian list

2010-02-02 [Darth Jacein]: lol registration? sounds a little..communist?.. sorry.. any who i totally love this idea.. some one whould make a bi registration

2010-02-02 [nokaredes]: Haha, idk, it's a bit old now. I think it was meant for chat or some such... someone should. And by that, I mean you should (: It's your idea, after all.

2010-02-02 [Darth Jacein]: bah im no good at this kinda stuff..

2010-02-02 [nokaredes]: Well, how do you expect to learn if you don't try?

2010-02-03 [Darth Jacein]: oh ive tried.. im just not that good..and im lazy..

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