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An Elftown Fantasy Wiki!

This wiki-page is under construction and is part of a much more extensive project by [Artsieladie]. ;)

Many newcomers to Elftown are confused and do not quite understand what
Elftown is about or how to 'use' it. This is an attempt to explain what Elftown is.


What Elftown IS!

Elftown is a community. A community is a place for people to 'meet' in different ways.

As an Elftown member, you are provided with your own page, called a 'house', which is also known as a
'presentation'. In your house you can display a couple of pictures and tell other people about yourself.

You can visit other members' houses to learn more about them. Whenever you see a member's name in
green within square brackets (which means it's a link), you can click on the name to go to their house.
Member name links appear like this: [Hedda].

There are many ways to talk with other members. You may discuss various topics in the forums. You can
interact in many ways using the wiki. If you want to communicate with a specific member, you can write
in their guestbook or send them a personal message.

Here on Elftown you can meet people, discuss art and writing, and become involved with roleplaying, to
mention a few basic 'can-dos'. You may display your art and stories through the use of the wiki system,
which offers each user 'unique freedoms' to display their creativity more to their own liking. If however,
you are looking for a more traditional and pre-set, standardized method, it is better to get a gallery or
shelf on Elfwood, Deviantart, or on some other art site.


What Elftown is NOT!

Many people confuse Elftown with Elfwood. Elftown is NOT Elfwood. Elfwood ( is a
science-fiction and fantasy art site, where you can post SF and fantasy art and stories. Elftown, on the
other hand, is a community for Elfwooders, Elfwood hangarounds, and everyone else who happens to
find Elftown and likes it.

Elftown is NOT a dating agency. You may of course flirt with people on Elftown, but remember that not
everyone here is interested in flirting.

Some people expect Elftown to be similar to a chat room, which it is NOT. In a chat room you chat with
people who are online at the same time as you are and get replied to at once. With Elftown, you post
messages and get replies later, whenever people happen to read the messages. Sometimes you get
replies at once, but don't expect that to happen.


What are the rules on Elftown?

The rules here on Elftown are simple with one main rule, which is: "Don't be an asshole." Please refer
to the Elftown - Rules wiki-page for more information in regards to the rest of the rules.

There are also rules for pictures and writings uploaded to and displayed in your house. Please read the
Uploading Art Rules before uploading anything to your house.


Need more help?

Visit the help wiki section, compliments of [peura], for more help with links to even more help, on the
various tools, functions, and aspects regarding Elftown.

Drop by the <forum:Elftown, newbie questions>, the forum where new users can ask questions about
Elftown and how it works.

Also, visit the Elftown_Handbook wiki-page, a handy, quick reference guide to Elftown.


Additional information:

A more technical mission statement....
Elftown Features


Some ads for Elftown:

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♦ The wiki-index
♦ The help index


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Elftown IS About PEOPLE...

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