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Tutorials and Lessons.



Digital Art Tutorials

Tutorials for the digital arts and the use of programmes like Photoshop or OpenCanvas.

<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>A Method of Coloring
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Adjusting Brightness
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Akhi's Colouring
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Atayemi's Photoshop Text
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Atayemi's Photoshop Text2
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Brushes-to make one in PS
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Cassave's Photoshop Page
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Cassave's Photoshop Pages #1
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Cassave's Photoshop Pages #2
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Cell Shading
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Cel Shading in Photoshop
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Chain Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Coloring Lineart 1
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Coloring Lineart 2
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Create a Brush on Photoshop
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>CT: Portrait Manipulation
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Danas Eye Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Danas Hair Tutorial Part1
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Danas Hair Tutorial Part2
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Danas Ink/Colour Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Danas Lip Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Danas Scan/Prepare Sketches Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Dana's PS CS Layer Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Dar's New Color Tut
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Digital Sketching
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Dipping Into Digital
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Drawing Scales
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Dur's Photoshop Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Easy Fire
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Easy Lightning
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Easy Rain
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Easy Watermarking
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Eliminate White Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Elysiann's Inking with Gimp - Style 1
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Elysiann's Inking with Gimp - Style 2
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Eye Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Feathered Wings
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Fur in Photoshop
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Generating Transparent GIFS
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Gimp Coloring
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Hair Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Hypnotising Eyes
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How do I Make Transparent Images?
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to Color Lines
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to Colour in Photoshop
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to Create a Starry Night
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to Draw a Mouth
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to Ink in Photoshop
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to Maintan Colours in B&W Images - Gimp
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to Make a Crystal Ball in PS
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Inkting and Scanning
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Iris Removal in Photoshop
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Jewel Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Make an Image in Sepia Tone
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Making Rain
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Mirror Text in Photoshop!
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Neat Tricks in MS Paint
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Pentool Lineart
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Perspective Text
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Photoshop Layers for Newbies
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Photoshop Lightning Magic
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Putting Images Together
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Rainstains Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Rynn's how-to-color in Photoshop
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Rynn's how-to-draw Hair
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Short fur in Photoshop
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Simple Eye Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Simple Lips Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Simple Vector Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>The Grid Method
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>To Get Started - Gimp
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Traditional sketch to CG painting
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Transparent Gifs - with Gimp
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Tree Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Triola's Lineart Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Watermarking your Work
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Why Textures?
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Wing Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Zabs Eye Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Zardra's Portrait Painting Tutorial


Traditional Art Tutorials

Tutorials for the traditional arts, compositions, sculpting and other tips and tricks.

<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Acrylic on Leather or Canvas
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Composition and Negative Space
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Danas Anatomy/Face Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to Draw a Portrait
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Facial Structures
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>From Doodle to Drawing
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Nathies Pencil Shading Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>One Part Silicone Molds
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Rynn's how-to-draw Faces
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Some Sculpting Basics
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>To Draw a Fantasy Creature
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Tutorial 1
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Working With Prisma Colors


Miscellaneous Tutorials

Tutorials that we just couldn't place somewhere but are useful or too fun to ignore.

<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Advanced HTML - Character Entities
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Animated .gif tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Asinine Cat Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Basic HTML – Border Backgrounds
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Contest HOW-TO
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Cover Your Assets
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Create An Old Picture
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Egyptian War Tutorial <img:stuff/aj/57/ystar.png>
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Emoticon Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Gimp - to install
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Hairpin Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Herringbone Wire Weave Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to make a beaded crocodile
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to Quick-Edit Wikis in Notepad
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to Write a Script
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Irulan's Paper Making Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Learning HTML
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Lightsaber Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Marketing Art Online
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Mood Image Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Origami birdbase, crane and dinosaur tutorial <img:stuff/aj/57/ystar.png>
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Outline Cleaner
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Photographing Art
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>SEO HOWTO - How to make search engines love your page.
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>The Non Repro Blue Trick
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Tutorial on How to Write Tutorials

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2006-03-22 [Jitter]: Please see Jitter's Tutorials:)

2006-03-22 [LadyMoon]: I will have a look at them. Untill then, I'd appriciate it if you do not edit this page.

2006-03-22 [Jitter]: Sorry didn't know. I feel like an idiot now

2006-03-22 [Zab]: Elftown Tutorials Submission Page - could be bacause this link isn't here.. Maybe it should be? :)

2006-03-22 [LadyMoon]: That's because the criteria have to be read first :P But I'll add the link to prevend anymore confusion

2006-03-22 [Jitter]: I read the criteria. SOrry :s Will not skip anything again!

2006-03-22 [LadyMoon]: That's fine :)

2006-03-22 [Zab]: I guessed that thought, Lady, but it's a bit confusing sinse all other official pages have submission links in big, bold letters at the main page..XD I like it better now :P

2006-03-22 [LadyMoon]: I don't like big and fat :P And we're dealing with smart people here, who can read small fonts too.

2006-03-22 [Zab]: *grins* It's perfect now :P (I must admit tho, that even I got a bit confused when it wasn't there at all.. untill I checked the criteria..:P) *hugs*:P

2006-03-22 [LadyMoon]: *hug* That was the thought behind it >_> I mean, if people read them, then they would know how to add their stuff :)

2006-03-22 [Zab]: *grins* I know exactly.. and it's a good thought too if we didn't have the little voice ''that's only for trouble makers, of course I've done it right'' XD

2006-03-22 [LadyMoon]: Yeah but we're good :P

2006-03-22 [Zab]: XD We are! *grins* Which makes me think of the ''don't chat on official pages-rule''..>_> hmm... aren't we breaking it now? XD

2006-03-22 [LadyMoon]: Let's about make-up, celebrities, hot guys? Talk about how hot we are or when the last time was that we got laid?....Nah :P But we can chat somewhere else >_>

2006-03-22 [Zab]: Okay..where? XD We should have a wiki (not some IRC demanding chat) to put official chat on..or a crew chat wiki..*doesn't like forums as chatting places*

2006-03-22 [LadyMoon]: *forums are evil >_><_<* crew chat!

2006-03-22 [Zab]: XD Yay!

2006-04-12 [Jitter]: I added a link to a downloadable action for Photoshop. It's easy lightning made easier ;)

2006-04-14 [Zab]: Shouldn't Rynn's how-to-draw Hair be at computer art, seeing it's for photoshop? :) Good tutorial by the way, after reading it and finding that brush, making fur is now so much easier..XD

2006-04-14 [LadyMoon]: Fixed :P

2006-04-14 [Zab]: ^__^ yay! :P

2006-04-14 [LadyMoon]: I'm an old girl so forgive me my mistakes ;)

2006-04-14 [Zab]: Aww...*huggles* It was nice when they were together tho, rynns tuts..:P *ponders if I should make a tutorial for fur*

2006-04-14 [LadyMoon]: There's always demand for more tutorials :O You should know that

2006-04-14 [Zab]: XD *is completely hyper for latest pic* I love the tail in it..her fur..I think I'll make a tutorial for that..XD *hugs and dances around* Odd..I'm never happy with my images otherwise..XD

2006-04-14 [LadyMoon]: Cherish that feeling ^_^

2006-04-14 [Zab]: XD Yes!

2006-04-15 [Jitter]: Can I suggest something?:) Maybe to be more helpful for us is it possible to add the word new next to the new tutorials? :) If that's not a big trouble :)

2006-04-15 [Zab]: I'll let LadyMoon answer that, but to see which is new, you can always press the ''view diff'' button to the right. :)

2006-04-15 [Jitter]: Indeed but I have limited time as I'm in netcafe and pay by second so it would be really helpfull! :)

2006-04-15 [Zab]: OK, I won't say more now so your suggestion won't have disappeared when Ladymoon comes online again :)

2006-04-15 [Jitter]: ok :) Thanks

2006-04-15 [LadyMoon]: I don't see why actually. I watch the pages of the tutors I love most (and all the others) so I know when they post something new and this list isn't so huge that we can't find anything within 1 minute. Unless if I suddenly get thousends of messages with people begging me for that feature, I don't think it's quite needed :)

2006-04-16 [iippo]: If there's many people asking "what changed, what's new!?", the mc-approach could be taken. Put a little comment here saying "wing tutorial added" or suchness. ?

2006-04-24 [LadyMoon]: To all you lazy-read bums: Basic HTML – Border Backgrounds by [Stephen] :3

2006-04-25 [eyes of frost]: OKidokey...there was a tutorial here that showed you how to select with the channels...I CANT FIND IT!!!

2006-04-26 [Charybdis]: Is there anything in Elftown CG Tutorials about that?

2006-04-26 [eyes of frost]: Not that I saw...*Goes to look again*

2006-05-01 [Ihsahn]: Do you guys have totorials on the nifty program of Gimp?

2006-05-01 [Ocean Soul]: Just read the tutorials' titles ;) I'd suggest something like Elysiann's Inking with Gimp - Style 1, Elysiann's Inking with Gimp - Style 2 and Gimp Coloring ;)

2006-05-01 [Ihsahn]: good god I missed that altogether, *does retard pose*

2006-05-02 [Ocean Soul]: Ah.. well.. I thought so x)

2006-05-02 [Zab]: *grins* yay! Someone showed interest in my gimp tutorial! :D (I'm not sure.. but you think that a tutorial about basics in gimp is enough to have here? I have one, you've seen it, but I don't find it here..:P) I'll put it on the submissions page like everyone else had been told to do..>_>

2006-05-02 [iippo]: That's because you've been all fancy-schamncy and made a personal tutorials page! :P Pool up like the rest of us. XP#

2006-05-02 [Zab]: Xd yes... I guess it is..:P

2006-05-02 [LadyMoon]: To Get Started - GIMP is a new addition so far :)

2006-05-06 [To Dream of Faerie]: I have a lot of trouble cleaing up my sketches after i scan them. I usually end up erasing everything but the lines which is very annoying. I use Paint Shop Pro 9. Does anyone know a tutorial 4 that or have any advice?

2006-05-23 [eyes of frost]: OKay...Rachel needs some help. I thought I saw a tutorial for making transparent gifs, where they show up on any surface/background...WEll: The picture shows up but the background is transparent: So can I get some help please? Lol.

2006-05-23 [Veltzeh]: Erm, isn't the point of making transparent gif pictures that the image shows up and that the background is transparent?

2006-05-23 [Charybdis]: In any case, there are two transparent .gif tutorials linked on the Elftown Graphics main page :)

2006-06-09 [Nita]: Export your tutorial pages, people! Don't you want to lure people into Elftown with the help of Google? ;)

2006-06-09 [Hedda]: *puew* I've exported almost every page here now. It should make it possible for non-Elftowner to find it, but also for Elftowner to find these pages with a search engine.

2006-06-12 [eyes of frost]: Okidokey...A suggestion: A severe open canvas tutorial...phht. And what a "tablet" means...because I am not a skilled mouse user I would like to know what a "tablet" is...and how to go about getting one. *have a sore redheaded blonde moment*

2006-06-12 [LadyMoon]: Suggestion noted :) And a tablet is best compaired to a flat screen. With a special pen you draw on the screen and the drawing is converted into Photoshop or Open Canvas or whatever you're using. Perhaps will clarify it a little bit better. They make the best tablets >_>

2006-06-12 [Veltzeh]: Except that the tablet isn't a screen, i. e. you can't see what you're drawing. But it is a pressure sensitive pad that you touch with a mouse-pen, or a normal mouse. :)

2006-06-12 [Jitter]: There are some really lovely and expensive tablets that are screens though *sigh*

2006-06-12 [Ocean Soul]: Yes... *wants* :(

2006-06-12 [Veltzeh]: Yeah, me too... and damn, I'm going to get one once I start earning money!

2006-06-12 [Charybdis]: Same! Though it would feel like a betrayal to my current one x)

2006-06-12 [Jitter]: I would but cheapest is like 2000 euros :/

2006-06-12 [eyes of frost]: Buahahaha!!! Thank you all...*heart* I understand to get the money to aquire one of these...tablet thinggies....

2006-06-12 [Veltzeh]: Well, tablets aren't that expensive, I think you can get one that's less than 30 euros/dollars. Won't be the best there is but you'll get a feel of what it's like.

2006-06-12 [Charybdis]: If you go on eBay, you might find a good deal on one :) ..Or just ask for one for Christmas or your birthday, it's what I did :P

2006-06-12 [eyes of frost]: Well I spied this one...and it looked pretty nice...*wants to terribly* but it's 199/205 euros/dollars....and right now not having a job is putting a tamper on my money supply...SOOO!!!! Rachel might start making commissions for people just to get the money...buahaha. I don't know yet. *art isn't that good yet*

2006-06-12 [eyes of frost]: I am already asking for one for my mom has an ebay...I never thought of that. Thanks for the idea!

2006-06-12 [Charybdis]: Good luck :) They really do make digital work a heck of a lot easier, though they can take a while to get used to since you have to draw while looking at the screen instead of your hand.

2006-06-12 [eyes of frost]: Oh I can already do that pretty well. Not to mention I have the patience for learning something new. :) But...I don't think I can get one until 3 months from now...which just bites...unless I get a job before that. *sigh*

2006-06-12 [Jitter]: I got my tablet for my bday as well ^_^

2006-06-13 [eyes of frost]: But my b-day is 5 months away from now;...  :( And I really kinda need one. Lol.

2006-06-19 [Zardra]: I added my Danas lip tutorial ^_^

2006-06-19 [LadyMoon]: *Likes* :) Okay, I'd rather add them myself but if you do, then add a comment in the commentbox *pokes dana*

2006-06-19 [Zardra]: oh allright ^^; heeeee

2006-06-19 [LadyMoon]: *still likes it anyway* ;)

2006-06-19 [LadyMoon]: It's just to keep it all clear and to make sure stuff doesn't gets all cluttered up :)

2006-06-19 [Zardra]: thats good ;D... I need to make more =P

2006-06-19 [LadyMoon]: Yes you do :P toitoitoitoi go to work

2006-06-24 [To Dream of Faerie]: does anyone use paintshop pro? coz it's kinda hard to figure out things for photoshop tutorials....espesh since i don't know a thing =P

2006-06-24 [Veltzeh]: I use PSP. I'm familiar with versions 5, 7 and 9, though I've forgotten most of 5 already X) I've also made a tutorial, but it's in Elfwood's FARP section.

2006-06-30 [LadyMoon]: New: How to Colour in Photoshop by [Asrun]! ^_^

2006-07-06 [LadyMoon]: New: Working With Prisma Colors by [Rook] :)

2006-07-06 [Jitter]: oooh nice... Now I only lack the prismacolour pencils ;_; They don't sell them here..

2006-07-07 [LadyMoon]: New: Zabs Eye Tutorial by [Zab] :P

2006-07-07 [LadyMoon]: Funny: Hairpin Tutorial :P

2006-07-07 [Jitter]: Hehehe I should have added another step: "point middle finger at non drying paint and continue" :p

2006-07-07 [LadyMoon]: It's not too late yet :P

2006-07-07 [Jitter]: Hehe yeah mayve I'll add it as a postscript ;)

2006-08-01 [LadyMoon]: New: Atayemi's Photoshop Text :P

2006-08-07 [Ihsahn]: wow thats alot...

2006-08-07 [iippo]: And we want moooooore! :D

2006-08-22 [Zab]: Simple Eye Tutorial
Simple Lips Tutorial <-- shouldn't they be under digital art tutorials? :)

(tho the part about where to have the light works well in traditional art, I don't think I have layers, dodge and burn among my pencils..x)

2006-08-22 [LadyMoon]: How could I live without you? :)

2006-08-22 [Zab]: It would be hard x)


2006-08-22 [LadyMoon]: New: Eliminate White Tutorial :)

2006-08-28 [eyes of frost]: Alrighty, Rachel has yet another question:

When scanning into photoshop an already inked work, how do you get the black lines smooth, like you inked it in PS? No matter what I do my edges always come out rough and the color looks horrible! I try to smooth things out by adjusting the birghtness and contrast and nothing. I overlay and adjust layers and nothing...It still looks absolutly horrid...

What can I do to make my lines look nice, clean and smoothly black?

2006-08-28 [Elegy - gone]: Redo them =P

2006-08-28 [Zab]: uhm.. scan them at higher dpi? x)
I have no ideas, it usually works fine for me.

2006-08-28 [eyes of frost]: Gah! T_T

I have redone and...redone some more and it still comes out really horrible...

2006-08-28 [stuffAEAmade]: I work alot larger than the final thing; resizing will smooth it out some.

2006-08-28 [eyes of frost]: T_T It doesn't help me at all....

2006-08-28 [Zardra]: adjusting the brightness and contrast will only make the lineart more pixely. The best way is to scan it in very high resolution (I use 300 and clean the whole layer with the eraser, first using this: ), then it should be smoother.
If it still doesn't look good, then it might be scanner adjustments that make the pic pixely or messy.

2006-08-28 [eyes of frost]: Well I tried using 600 for scanning and when I readjusted the size on a new page it came out pretty okay. Thanks everyone for the help. *Goes to continue murdering her scanner with an axe in hand*

2006-08-30 [Zab]: Only fixed the links to Cassave's Photoshop Pages #1 and Cassave's Photoshop Pages #2. (they had a typo and were empty :)

2006-08-30 [LadyMoon]: :O
New: Rainstains tutorial ^_^

2006-08-30 [Zab]: Wheee! My tutorial is up!

2006-09-28 [eyes of frost]: Okidokey...Rachel needs help again. Does anyone know of a good drgaon drawing tutorial? IN traditional art please, if at all possible. *sighs* Its one of the few fantasy creatures I have to work on and I can't draw them for beans.

2006-09-28 [Elegy - gone]: You could try this one:

I found it useful, at least ^_^

2006-09-28 [eyes of frost]: I know the girl on that site. :) I was looking at the book she published with her tutorials in it. They kind of confused me. :(

2006-09-28 [Elegy - gone]: Ah, well, then I'm afraid I can't help you =( I know of no others...

2006-09-28 [eyes of frost]: Thanks anyways Elegy!

2006-09-28 [Elegy - gone]: No problem =P

2006-09-29 [Zab]: You could look at the FARP section in I think there is a dragon tutorial..:)

2006-09-29 [Ocean Soul]: fragon :O

2006-09-29 [Zab]: x) thanks

2006-09-29 [Elegy - gone]: It's short for French dragon, i.e. dragons in French maid costumes xP

2006-09-29 [Ocean Soul]: *lubs fragons*

2006-09-29 [Mom]: Me too...XD

2006-10-06 [LadyMoon]: New: Brushes-to make one in PS!

2006-10-08 [eyes of frost]: Yet some more questions. :)

Alrighty. How do I get lines to look like this: <img50*0:stuff/eofquestion1.jpg> in photoshop?

And how do I get colors to look like a gradiant like this: <img50*0:stuff/eofquestion2.jpg> without using the gradiant? (I am more spacifically talking about the hair and face going from dark to light without looking choppy...blocky or like it was smudged or...well...IT LOOKS FLOWY!

2006-10-08 [Zab]: How to Color Lines ;)

And the other one.. well, have the basecolour you want to shade on a separate layer, then lock transparent pixels (there is a button for that on the layers window) After that just chose the colour you want the shadow to have and color with the airbrush, low opacity (about 30% or something, try and see for yourself :) At least that's how I would have done it. Using a graphics tablet there would help a lot, but it should work with a mouse too.
(and the same goes when you apply colour on the lines, to make them change it in a flowing manner, use the airbrush with low opacity and perhaps low flow :)

If you don't know how to change opacity or lock pixels or so, try looking at some photoshop tutorials here. I'm sure there is someone that explains what you're after. :)

2006-10-08 [LadyMoon]: Please take questions like this from now on to the Tutorial Question & Answer :)

2006-10-08 [LadyMoon]: I was first :P

2006-10-08 [Elegy - gone]: I meant your link is wrong >.> =P

2006-10-08 [LadyMoon]: Yeah, sleeping only three hours a night will eventually bite you in the ass :S Thanks :P

2006-10-08 [Elegy - gone]: Well, that's why there are pernickety know-it-alls like me around, to make sure insomniacs don't get away with their mistakes :O =P

2006-10-08 [LadyMoon]: Hey :O I'm still the boss kind and thou shall be rewarded :P

2006-10-08 [Elegy - gone]: =P

2006-10-08 [Zab]: Sorry..I had to answer that one...XD

2006-10-08 [iippo]: I transferred the question to the Questionpage to make it look like people are actually using it.

2006-10-08 [Elegy - gone]: Sneaky =P

2006-10-08 [Zab]: XD good idea

2006-10-09 [eyes of frost]: Thanks Zab. :)

2006-10-21 [LadyMoon]: New: Putting Images Together!

2006-10-21 [Lady of Lore]: Thank all of you who have put up tutorials! They have been very helpful! ^ ^

2006-11-06 [LadyMoon]: New: Cover Your Assets, extra help on selling your artwork online.

2006-11-17 [LadyMoon]: Interesting..

2006-11-30 [Lady of Lore]: Cool! Thanks for taking the time to make these!

2006-12-18 [LadyMoon]: New: Dipping Into Digital!

2006-12-27 [LadyMoon]: New: Short fur in Photoshop!

2006-12-28 [LadyMoon]: New: Emoticon Tutorial

2006-12-30 [eyes of frost]: Is there abything on how to do simple backgrounds?

2007-01-04 [Hedda]: There is no hand tutorial? I made hand photo reference and you're welcome to use these for a lecture. <img:stuff/sm-gif.gif>

2007-01-04 [iippo]: Hmm, I'm making a foot-tutorial... Mayhaps I could do a hand tutorial too, make it a pair of a sort.

2007-01-09 [To Dream of Faerie]: I have Paintshop Pro 9 at the moment, but i want to get Photoshop. When i looked on ebay there's different types and stuff. Which one is the one to get for digital art? And which one's the newest and stuff?

2007-01-09 [SilverFire]: Photoshop CS2 is the newest, unless I'm seriously out of the loop. *hopes not* O.O;;

2007-01-09 [Hedda]: I bypassed the application process with SEO HOWTO...

I hope no one will shoot me for that. It was added in misc above.

2007-01-14 [Hedda]: I created hand tutorials now, but it's almost empty, so it's not much use to link it from here unless it can be filled with more.

2007-02-14 [LadyMoon]: New: Gimp - to install!

2007-02-26 [Zardra]: can you add Zardra's portrait painting tutorial, please ^_^

2007-02-26 [Zab]: I think you should add it on the Elftown Tutorials Submission Page ;)

2007-02-26 [LadyMoon]: Done!

2007-03-15 [LadyMoon]: New! Perspective Text.

2007-05-01 [Calico Tiger]: A tutorial on how to digitally paint metal would be awesome if someone wanted to work one or more up :D I can never get something that's supposed to be metal look quite right >_<

2007-05-02 [Hedda]: Even I, who generally aren't interested in drawing, would like to see that. I've seen many such explanations in magazines, but they either don't make it look like metal or fail to explain the trick.

2007-05-12 [Calico Tiger]: And neither of those tutorials deal with how to use it in an actual image. It just shows you how to color balls (and not all of them look metal to me). Jewelry, armor, more understandable, less scientific (I realize some has to be there so you can understand the why part of how some of it should be), etc...

And it'd be nice for Elftown to have its own tutorials as opposed to linking to Elfwood's. The more tutorials of a thing, the better it makes for understanding.

All of these tutorials show step-by-steps by Elftowners which means they're using programs I'm using, they're showing exactly what they did (many tend to explain why), and so on :)

2007-06-23 [LadyMoon]: New: How to Write a Script

2007-06-23 [Mordigen]: thanks so much ^_^

2007-08-12 [Vampire Akis]: Guys, please. Check out my tutorial. It's been more than a month I posted it. What you guys doing on Elftown? Come on, take a look at it.

2007-08-12 [LadyMoon]: I haven't had the chance to take a good look at it, so unless if you want me to pay almost zero attention to it and immediately add it to the tutorials page, have patience. When I do have time, it will be the first thing for me to finish.

2007-08-21 [LadyMoon]: New! Create An Old Picture

2007-10-07 [LadyMoon]: Tutorials with a <img:stuff/star1.gif> are the new ones :)

2007-10-07 [Jitter]: Nifty and way faster a way ^_^

2007-10-07 [ForeverNothing]: what was just changed?

2007-10-08 [Jitter]: Read the comments and you'll find out.

2009-01-08 [Hedda]: This should be added, I think: background removal tutorial by [LynnAnneBrown]

2009-01-09 [Jitter]: Elftown Tutorials Submission Page:p
[Lady Moon] is updating this page and badges. I don't want to step on her toes or something <.<

2009-01-09 [Veltzeh]: But [Lady Moon] has been gone for years now. :o

2009-01-09 [Jitter]: She was seen 21 hrs ago o_o and she still is active council according to her badges at least.

2009-01-09 [Triola]: That's because Jitter really means [LadyMoon], not [Lady Moon], right Jitt? ;)

2009-01-09 [Jitter]: Yes :P

2009-01-09 [Hedda]: There is a submission-page? I think my comment here should be enough...

2009-01-09 [Hedda]: It was a rhetorical question.

I don't see why I should go to another page when there is a perfectly fine comment box here.

2009-01-09 [Triola]: Because comments disappear further back, and it's a lot more work for those maintaining this page to always have to look back for possible submissions when they can have all of them neatly added to one wiki-page?

2009-02-26 [Chimes]: Triola has a point.

2009-02-26 [Jitter]: Yep and it's neat and tidy there *loves submission page*

2009-07-07 [SilverFire]: I removed a tutorial of mine that I found here because I never finished it, and it was crap anyway. (I was only down for one tutorial on Tutors anyway, so that doesn't need changing).

2009-11-09 [Hedda]: The Grid Method should be added? I leave that to anyone who knows a crap about art ;P

2009-11-10 [Jitter]: I'll get to it as soon as swine flu decides to let go of my system *flops*

2009-11-10 [SilverFire]: I just noticed that some tutorials are now broken as the images don't work anymore (inactive photobucket accounts suck -_-) Maybe we should have a rule that the images in a tutorial need to be uploaded to Elftown, to avoid this happening?

2009-11-13 [Hedda]: Definitely! I always upload images from other sites to Elftown if I see them on important wiki-pages.

2010-08-19 [Ghost the Hybrid]: i'd like to ask if the wiki i created to teach a friend how to make an origami crane and dinosaur would fit here? it's my first tutorial and it might not be perfect and i did take all the photos myself. i'll leave a link to the wiki in case you want to check it out

Origami birdbase, crane and dinosaur tutorial

2010-08-19 [Chimes]: 'please add your tutorials to the Elftown Tutorials Submission Page.' :]

2010-08-19 [Ghost the Hybrid]: ok thanx for the help

2010-11-19 [Akayume]: What are the stars for? O.o

2010-11-19 [SilverFire]: Indicates newest tutorials.

2010-11-19 [Akayume]: Ahhhh, I see, I see. That makes sense.

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