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Elftown Memes

If DA has them, then we can have them too!

The blank meme: <URL:stuff/elftownmeme.jpg>
M's blank meme (before looking at this, pick 6 elftownians and label them 1-6, NOW): <URL:stuff/Mmeme.jpg>

The instructions:
1. Click the link
2. Riht click on the meme and save it to your computer
3. open it in your preferred program and fill it in.
4. Upload the completed meme and post it here!
5. If you tagged someone in your meme, use the 'invite' feature to invite them to this page!

Feel free to post these on your DA account too, if you have one - but a link back to Elftown, or this wiki would be much obliged. Oh, and if you want to make your own meme for other people to fill in, that's good too! Post it here. :O

Completed Memes:

3. [Cia_mar]
4. [Iske]
5. [Calico Tiger]
Warning! Filthy!
6. [Triola]
7. [nehirwen]
8. [Jitter]
10. [Levoton]
12. [Jeccabee]
13. [Dint]
17. [kay-chan]
18. [Aeolynn]
nudity! newbish meme! love!
19. [deeterhi]
20. [Mom]
21. [Yncke]
23. [Isilando]
24. [mitchsheli]
27. [Yoruno]
28. [Yuriona]
29. [de Morte]
30. [iippo]
31. [Chimes]

Completed M! Memes

2. [Triola]
3. [kay-chan]

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2008-10-01 [Viking]: Yeah, [Triola]'s plots will implode any day now. Any day now...

2008-10-01 [Triola]: Keep dreaming, dear *pats head*

2008-10-01 [All_Most PUNK]: I'm finally in a meme *starry eyes*

2008-10-01 [Triola]: I need two extra people besides my Skurpists, and since I spend a lot of time being looked down on by Viking and annoying you, it felt natural to include the two of you :P

2008-10-01 [All_Most PUNK]: You could have just said "Yes, you are!" instead of destroying any hope that I had been included because I deserved it.

2008-10-01 [Triola]: Awws, but you should have learned by now that I express affection in backhanded ways when it comes to the two of you :P

2008-10-01 [All_Most PUNK]: Yes, I know, but still :P

2008-10-01 [Triola]: You were chosen before most of my relation list, that should tell you everything you need to know.

2008-10-03 [Triola]: Come on, people! Do the M! meme!

2008-10-03 [Chrilith of Akhai]: Gods, I need more friends XD Two-thirds of the folks that'll be in my M!-meme barely know me, if they even know me at all!

2008-10-03 [Teufelsweib]: *points and laughs*

2008-10-03 [Jeccabee]: most of the people I talk to on ET are female...but I guess it could still work with some of the questions. :P

2008-10-08 [NOOOPE]: FUCK! NOT ACME!!!

2008-10-08 [Triola]: Earlier use of Acme products considered, I think [kay-chan] has more to fear than you, [NOOOPE] :P

2008-10-08 [Aeolynn]: lol Kay... you make me look sexy... funny thing is that couch scene WOULD happen between mine and someones char... in a roleplay... no joke.

2008-10-08 [kay-chan]: Dude, that Coyote bitch had nothing on me. It's ACME!Ikea. ...dammit I'm doomed.

I make you look realistic, Aeo i watch you when you sleep

2008-10-08 [Aeolynn]: <img:44166_1164144921.gif> I found it already. Have you found mine? Yours just has a recorded video playing every night =P

2008-10-08 [Doormat]: This page reeks of awesome. 

Too bad my art would cause people to perform acts of auto-enucleation. :(

2008-10-09 [Aeolynn]: Hey kay... whats shoop?

2008-10-09 [Jewl]: lol Kay that's one of the most creative I've seen.

2008-10-09 [kay-chan]: Yeah, I have a short recording of your voice on my phone. I listen to it when I'm sad and alone... Or, y'know, just alooooone. ;D Aaaand shoop is short for photoshop. :D

Yeah, Doormat... I'll auto-enucleate ALL over your meme, winkwinknudgenudge.

And I probably put way too much effort into that meme.

2008-10-09 [Aeolynn]: lol it looks awesome Kay :]

and... I don't use photoshop hehe that is my neighbor i put that cam over her computer. I use macromedia fireworks ^^

2008-10-09 [kay-chan]: Well, sort of just general slang for photo manipulation. XD For instance "Hm, that looks shooped. I've seen a lot of shoops in my time. Look at the pixels." I mean, it mostly refers to shopping something (it might only be my friends that say 'shoop' cuz we're like that) but yeah, I think it's still applicable. :P

2008-10-09 [Doormat]: I thought shoop referred to...



2008-10-09 [Aeolynn]: OMG daisy I didn't realize i was in the meme! omg I feel so bad! >.> Major HUGS!!!

2008-10-09 [kay-chan]: SHOOP DA WHOOOP! That's probably why my friends say 'shoop' instead of 'shop.' So that's half-inside-joke. >.>


2008-10-09 [Jeccabee]: ptew ptew....gatcha!

2008-10-10 [Daisy_Sandybanks]: Lol. It's okay ... I don't do/say much around here anyhow .. I usually tend to get overlooked :P

2008-10-10 [Aeolynn]: :[

2008-10-13 [Calico Tiger]: *tacklehuggles Daisy*

2008-10-13 [Jeccabee]: *tackleslobbers Cali*

2008-10-14 [Calico Tiger]: *rapes Jecca's legs*
*realizes some people could get offended at that word*
*doesn't care*
*rapes Jecca's legs again*

2008-10-14 [Daisy_Sandybanks]: XD

2008-10-14 [Yuriona]: *video tapes Cali raping Jecca's legs*

2008-10-14 [nehirwen]: *wants to see the video*

2008-10-14 [Jeccabee]: *swats Cali away with a newspaper* bad kitty! 
*goes to clean off leg* I dont even want to know what that purple stuff is!

2008-10-14 [Jeccabee]: btw...a friends dog raped my leg once...fortunately got him away quickly enough. He went to go rape a stuffed bear after that.

2008-10-16 [Jewl]: oh man.... My friend's dog raped my leg when i was asleep at her house once... ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

2008-10-16 [Yuriona]: A chihuahua tried to rape my leg once and it was all I could do to keep from punting it across the room. Luckily for it, its master got a hold of it and put it in another room. D<

2008-10-16 [Doormat]: You're sure it was a dog right? 



2008-10-16 [Yuriona]: I'm sure. <img:stuff/pervy%20wink%20smiley.png>

2008-10-16 [Aeolynn]: Two chihuahuas attacked my male cockatiel a few weeks ago (he's fine only 2 bites drew blood and he lost most of his tail feathers) but he's lucky I can scale a fence! >.>

2008-10-16 [Yuriona]: Dern things. ><

2008-10-16 [Viking]: I'm still not convinced that chihuahuas are actually dogs. They're much closer to some sort of barking rodent.

2008-10-16 [Kyrinn]: rats. No, really, I mean they are rats. :D

2008-10-16 [Viking]: I'm not sure they're that high of a life form...

2008-10-16 [kay-chan]: 'Bout sums it up:

2008-10-16 [Doormat]: Noah died of velociraptors.

2008-10-16 [Jeccabee]: Hey I like chihuahuas...well not the bald creepy ones...I like the long haired ones. they're cuter and have better tempers.

2008-10-16 [kay-chan]: Yeah, the mixes are kinda cute. I'm generally against small dogs, though. The smaller they are, the meaner they are... As far as I can tell. Although that might be the owner's fault.

2008-10-17 [Doormat]: Am I the only one who wants to curbstomp Paris Hilton's chihuahua? :<
PS: And her for the matter. 

2008-10-17 [Viking]: I hate chihuahuas, but I'd rather send them to Mejico. But Paris is fair game...

2008-10-17 [NOOOPE]: I've never met a chihuahua who wasn't a quivering, growling, snippy little sonovabitch. They should be nuked. Them and poodles. I have never had a good poodle encounter.

2008-10-17 [Lothuriel]: quivering, growling, snippy little sonovabitch. sure you aren't talking about my boss?

2008-10-17 [NOOOPE]: I dunno, is your boss a chihuahua?

2008-10-17 [Lothuriel]: He acts like one....

2008-10-17 [Aradon Templar]: "If the boot fits" I believe is the phrase.

2008-10-17 [Lothuriel]: LOL

2008-10-18 [Jeccabee]: long haired chihuahuas and long haired dochshounds are more docile than the bald ones. They arent as mean either.

2008-10-18 [Viking]: Eh, I prefer a good Pedigreed Mongrel anyway.

2008-10-18 [Jeccabee]: my boyfriend wants a beagle...but I'm not a fan of them cause they howl and are kinda nasty.

2008-10-18 [Viking]: Bah, they're inbred freaks. Tell him to get a Mutt.

2008-10-18 [Yuriona]: Beagles suck... not only are they noisy and hyper but they love to run away. >< Mutts are definitely the way to go.

2008-10-18 [Kyrinn]: Everyone says that labs are great dogs. I had to give mine away because mine was dumber than a sack of wet rocks and never got the whole house breaking thing. I understand he still craps right where he sleeps and is surprised when he gets into trouble. >.>

2008-10-18 [Yuriona]: Ugh... Labs are puppies for the first two years and you have to really train them intensely. ><

2008-10-18 [Jeccabee]: I like goldens...they're sweet and really smart. But I'm more of a small dog person. I used to have a Cocker Spaniel...she was my baby. I miss her :( We had to put her down last year cause she was sick. :(

I kinda want a mix this time around mostly cause they have less health problems. Pure breeds are most likely inbreed so they have a LOT of health problems.

2008-10-18 [Kyrinn]: Id have to get something small if I got one now. Pixie would probably adopt it. O.o

2008-10-18 [kay-chan]: Australian shepards. Crazy happy puppies that are also ridiculously smart if mine is anything to go by. (She's a bit of a mutt too, though, so that might help.) They just require a lot of energy in the beginning... they will be puppies until the day they die.

2008-10-18 [Jeccabee]: oooh those are pretty dogs too! But yeah they need lots of space and attention or they will become distructive. I knew a guy with one and he lived in this tiny house with hardly any yard and the dog went nuts!

2008-10-19 [kay-chan]: Ugh. We have a large yard, but yeah... I have a blue merle colored aussie, no brown at all, we get a lot of compliments on her. Both in her manner (my mom trains dogs really well) and that she's pretty.

2008-10-20 [Jeccabee]: ooh those are pretty! Does she have two different colored eyes? 

2008-10-20 [Jewl]: lol Kyrinn! Pixie already adopted your son, she might mother a small dog.


2008-10-21 [kay-chan]: She actually doesn't, just brown eyes.

...all this talk of puppies is making me sad-faced, cuz we can't have pets in my apartment. ;____;

2008-10-21 [Kyrinn]: LOL @ [Jewl] yeah, probably would.. SHe practically tried to climb into the bathtub with him the other day to try and drag him out, lol!!

2008-10-21 [Jewl]: omg! My cat pippin does that. And he knows how to open the bathroom door, so i have to lock it to get any privacy when i want a bath.

He'll jump in and just start swimming around....

2008-10-21 [Kyrinn]: O.o wow... Pixie will stand by the tub and cry while we are in there showering. its hilarious. and she uses her big cat butt to push open the door, she HATES closed doors. Though when I get out the vacuum cleaner she runs for the back of the house and actually slams the door shut!!

2008-10-21 [kay-chan]: I'm hoping my cat never learns how to work a doorknob... he always sits outside of whatever door we're behind and meows. He could easily just stretch up to open a door... He's a BEAST. >.<

2008-10-21 [Kyrinn]: Pixie is the biggest cat Ive ever owned. She doesnt run around the house, she lopes about like a panther. O.o

2008-10-21 [Jewl]: Pippin, the little kitten in my et house
is just a little bat-cat. His adult teeth just came in and for a while he had two sets of canines, and now the adult pair sticks out from his mouth and he looks like a vampire bat.

2008-10-21 [Yuriona]: My cat Clyde is missing a canine. It got broken when he was hit by a car a couple of years ago and it eventually fell out on its own. Doesn't stop him from hunting and killing stuff though.

2008-10-22 [kay-chan]: Heh, I know my cat has all his teeth because he does the love-gnawing of the hand. Gotta love that. >.<

2008-10-22 [Jeccabee]: I'm allergic to I'm more of a dog person. though I like cats...just cant be around them for very long.

2008-10-22 [kay-chan]: I'm gonna be the crazy cat lady, I've decided.

2008-10-22 [Viking]: You already have an action figure:

2008-10-22 [Jeccabee]: AWESOME! LOL

2008-10-22 [Jewl]: I want one now... -.- On Elftown I see so many things that make my checkbook empty...

2008-10-22 [kay-chan]: Seen it. I'm gonna be the HOT crazy cat lady.

2008-10-23 [Jewl]: I'm gonna be the crazy "good witch" who has long white hair and a huge overrun garden with 14 cats.

2008-10-23 [Jeccabee]: oooh nice!

2008-10-23 [Jewl]: Well it's my dream. Kids will dare eachother to touch my front door... XD

2008-10-23 [Jeccabee]: lol awesome! are you going to start a rumor that you have some crystal ball or glass eye that can see into the future?

that was the story in Big Fish.

2008-10-23 [Jewl]: hehehe, no, but I'd start the rumor that I do potions, and have a huge cauldron

2008-10-24 [kay-chan]: There'll be a rumor that for my job, I go cut up dead people. And the rumor will be true. And I'll snap latex gloves at the brats who walk on my grass. USED latex gloves.

2008-10-24 [Jeccabee]: eeeeww!!

2008-10-24 [Viking]: That's a lot less disgusting than if you were to become a proctologist...

2008-10-24 [Jeccabee]: double eww

2008-10-24 [Mom]: That's a pretty sh*tty job. XP

2008-10-24 [kay-chan]: LOLOLOLITERALLY

2008-10-24 [Jeccabee]: oooh bad pun. :P LOL

2008-10-24 [smakeupfx]: it will come out OK in the end XD

2008-10-25 [Jewl]: mrrr... bad image... >.<

2008-10-26 [Viking]: You started it, with your rumor stuff and all =P

2008-10-26 [smakeupfx]: Yep, no butts about it ;-P

2008-10-27 [Jeccabee]: omg...will it ever end? (damn another pun)

2008-10-27 [smakeupfx]: We'll get the to bottom of it sooner or later

2008-10-27 [Jewl]: oh so it's my fault? Then I guess the sh*t just hit the fan, cause no one will stop.

2008-10-27 [smakeupfx]: it's all in the way you were reared  *smirk*

2008-10-29 [Jewl]: *falls over laughing*

2008-10-30 [Jeccabee]: *sigh*

2008-11-03 [smakeupfx]: I crack my self up (hey not that crack either...jeez you people ;-P

2008-11-03 [Jeccabee]: LOL when I was <5 yrs, if I had a wedgy..or my underwear was ridin up, I'd say that my underwear is crackin me up. It made my mom laugh ever time.

2008-11-16 [sequeena_rae]: omg is me! With boobs and a wine bottle...hey! *beats Trin*

2008-11-16 [Triola]: Took you long enough :P *dodges*

2008-11-19 [smakeupfx]: crackin me up, up your crackin..... either or XD

"with boobs and a wine bottle"  bwahahaha

2008-12-04 [maryanne]: Wow.. clearly I have spent too much time on the Internets... I read about 20 of those before realizing that the I's were replaced with 1's.

2008-12-04 [Jeccabee]: 20 of what? comments? I hadnt notice either.

2008-12-04 [Jewl]: no, the memes

2008-12-04 [Jeccabee]: oh yeah! LOL I didnt notice that either.

2009-01-26 [de Morte]: I'm working on one!

2009-01-26 [kay-chan]: Dude yes!

2009-01-27 [de Morte]: Waiting for people to OK me using their pictures... or find pictures that work... *cough*[smakeupfx]*cough*

2009-01-29 [de Morte]: Gah... anyways... done!

2009-01-29 [Aeolynn]: :D

2009-01-29 [de Morte]: like it?

2009-01-29 [Aeolynn]: yeah!

2009-01-29 [de Morte]: ^^!

2009-01-29 [nehirwen]: Me toooo <3

2009-01-29 [playslashwrite]: aaaahw so cute ^^ *hugs!*

2009-01-29 [kay-chan]: Somebody needs to make a new meme for me to do... <3

2009-01-30 [de Morte]: *hugs back*

2009-01-30 [Jewl]: awesome meme!

2009-01-31 [de Morte]: I think I got a little crazy working on peoples faces because it was a nice little challenge and I get obsessively perfectionistic... I think people should send me fun pics to do...

This is going to cause me trouble

2009-01-31 [Neferoth, the lethargic stigmata]: I look like me!

2009-02-01 [de Morte]: I hope so!

2009-02-01 [Jewl]: ooh i wouldn't mind sending you a few...

2009-02-02 [de Morte]: I made a wiki...shh!

2009-02-04 [smakeupfx]: Hehehe, that's awesome De Morte :D  thank you! 

2009-02-04 [de Morte]: I couldn't find a very big pic of you... at all!

2009-02-05 [smakeupfx]: i'm really quite tiny... like Tom thumb, only... Tim *snort*

2009-02-15 [iippo]: Suc-cess :3

2009-02-15 [SilverFire]: 'Bout damn time. :P

2009-02-15 [Viking]: No kidding. She's such a slacker.

2009-02-15 [de Morte]: Yay! New meme! ^^

2009-05-30 [Teufelsweib]: got my tablet for 2 days now and just had to make a meme, finally :P so that explains the crap quality of the drawings, but it was fun to do anyway^^

2009-05-30 [Chimes]: I have a question for you: How do you pronounce your username? :P

2009-05-30 [Teufelsweib]: hmm... it's german, I don't know if that'll help ye much? I'm not that great in phonetics :P

2009-05-30 [Teufelsweib]: I guess something like toy-fells-waib would come close, but I ain't sure :P

2009-05-30 [Chimes]: ... I know fragmented german XD So it helps a little. :P

2009-05-31 [Aradon Templar]: Almost :P The 'weib' is actually pronounced 'vibe', because the W has a V sound, and the rule for ie and ei is that you follow the sound of the second vowel. In this case, 'ei' is pronounced 'eye' :)

2009-06-01 [Teufelsweib]: ai and eye aren't pronounced the same?
and I forgot that in english you indeed pronounce the w quite different than here ^^;

2009-06-01 [Linderel]: Well... think how you pronounce the word 'pain' and you'll notice the difference :P

2009-06-01 [Teufelsweib]: told you I sucked in phonetics :P

2009-06-01 [Linderel]: *pets* :P

2009-07-11 [The green Bastard]: hey guys send me a message then send me a request, fist one who does get to be my boyfriend

2009-07-11 [Chimes]: Uh... no thanks...

2009-07-11 [NOOOPE]: Hahahahahahahahaha

2009-07-11 [iippo]: I've always wanted to be someone's boyfriend. I'd be an awesome boyfriend.

2009-07-11 [SilverFire]: Wait, you're not my boyfriend? :(

2009-07-12 [Viking]: Damn! I could have had a girlfriend, but [iippo] beat me to it!

*shakes fist at [iippo]*

2009-07-12 [The green Bastard]: wait what happend last night?

2009-07-12 [NOOOPE]: That's a great question.

2009-07-12 [Viking]: I have no idea what happened last night. I just hope I don't have my name listed in the police reports of the local newspaper >.<

2009-07-12 [NOOOPE]: I'm pretty sure the FBI's monitoring my house now.

2009-07-12 [The green Bastard]: well when i got home i hat a bunch of hate mail, and my room was full of lawn lights

2009-07-12 [Viking]: What do you have in your house that the Foam Blowers of Indiana would be interested in?

2009-07-12 [NOOOPE]: You can never know with those sneaky bastards.

2009-07-12 [The green Bastard]: yeah the world is weird, but i respect that, i love you guys

2009-07-12 [Viking]: Well, really they're pretty much just interested in beer and the ingredients of beer...

2009-07-12 [Chimes]: *was so going to possibly be mean then*

2009-07-12 [The green Bastard]: be well ...

2009-07-12 [Viking]: What stopped you? =/

2009-07-12 [The green Bastard]: *sits down and looks at chimes*

2009-07-12 [kay-chan]: Yeah, we're up for some funny-fun.

2009-07-12 [The green Bastard]: yeah but hate is no fun, why dont we just get along, and talk in peace, and have a good day, for goodness sake...lets eat some cake

2009-07-12 [Viking]: *also looks at [Chimes]*

*and makes funny faces at her*

2009-07-12 [Viking]: What kind of cake?

2009-07-12 [The green Bastard]: cokane, no cocoa

2009-07-12 [Viking]: What about angel food, with butter cream frosting?

2009-07-12 [NOOOPE]: Hah! Knew it. High as a kite. That explains things.

2009-07-12 [Viking]: A kite flies too high,
Melts in the heat of the sun.
Poor, poor Icarus.

2009-07-12 [The green Bastard]: What?! what do you man?

2009-07-12 [Chimes]: It being 3am stopped me :P I'm dead to the world.

2009-07-12 [The green Bastard]: HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH!

2009-07-12 [Viking]: Dead to the whole world,
No meanness from the Chimesey,
And no fun for us.

2009-07-12 [kay-chan]: I check the comments,
Expecting harsh ridicule.
Such disappointment.

2009-07-12 [The green Bastard]: why, were you expecting me to be a dick? You guys are my bro's my buds my palss my fellas, i love you guys

2009-07-12 [Viking]: Comments I shall shun
Unless they meet the pattern:
Five, seven, and five.

2009-07-12 [The green Bastard]: that wasa hai co

2009-07-12 [kay-chan]: Haiku, Japanese.
Spell the word right, or much scorn
Will rain upon you.

2009-07-12 [NOOOPE]: Prepare to be enlightened. Ahem,

The ducks flew away
Ducks ducks ducks ducks ducks ducks ducks
They flew far away

2009-07-12 [kay-chan]: ...I lol'd so, so hard.
Omnomnom duckies.

2009-07-15 [Jewl]: Wow that was funny
you are all really quite good
at haiku writing.

2010-10-16 [Jitter]: *pokes to revive*

2010-10-16 [SilverFire]: Moar people need to do the M! Meme. :O

Maybe we should do a Christmas meme, too. :3

2010-10-16 [Kyrinn]: Christmas theme would be fun!

2010-10-16 [kay-chan]: ...Christmas at Ground Zero theme? >3>

2011-06-07 [Sagacious Turkey]: !

2011-06-07 [Mortified Penguin]: That's what she said.

2016-11-18 [Mortified Penguin]: Mine is still the best.

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