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On this page you can submit ideas for future official Elftown competitions. Ideally, competitions should encourage Elftowners to create new works of art, so try to use as much detail as you can when submitting.
This page takes suggestions for official competitions, which are hosted by the Council. If you are interested in hosting (or advertising) your own personal contest then check out art contests, writing contests, photo contests and MC.

Should your submission be used, you will be given one credit towards a Builders badge per submission.
(Not applicable to submissions used before July 30, 2014. Sorry!)


Add submissions to the [#submissions] section, using the format below!

<b>Category:</b> (art, photo, writing, role play, miscellaneous so we know where to sort it under)
<b>Title/theme:</b> (main idea in a few words)
<b>Description:</b> (in specific sentences)
<b>Elftown Name:</b> (that’s you)

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- Art Competitions

Title/theme: Female Centaur Warrior
Description: Depict the strength and power of the sagittarian guardian
Elftown Name: [Mental Terrorist]

Title/theme: Alien wildlife
Description: A rendering of an alien planet's native creatures or even an alien landscape depicting it's unique fauna and flora.
Elftown Name: [jacen81]

Title/Theme:Draw the town hall
Description:Design and draw the mayors place of work.
Name:[Thunder Cid]

Title/theme: Races of Elftown
Description: Illustrate the main races of elftown from ducks to orcs.
Elftown Name: [Chrilith of Akhai]

Title/theme: Nude Art
Elftown Name: [bye bye all]

Title/theme: Weapons according to race
Description: Create a weapon that would best suit your Elftown race
Elftown Name: [xXx_ice_dawg_xXx]

Category: Art/Poetry
Title/theme: Five Elements
Description: Depictions of fire, water, earth, air, spirit (or metal)
Elftown Name: [RiddleRose]

Title/theme: Design a Band
Description: Design a band and the members or just a logo for the band.
Elftown Name: [Atayemi]

Title/theme: School Boredom Collage
Description: Show how bored you get in school by a collage of doodles and sketches.
Elftown Name: [ArchRose]

Title/theme: Computer Art from Scratch
Description: Art totally created by computer programs (like photoshop, GIMP, etc) from scratch
Elftown Name: [Mr.Scoop]

Category: Art/Writing
Title/theme: Comedy
Description: Art that depicts a comedic scene.
Elftown Name: [QuietAngel]

Title/theme: My Efltown House
Description: An ET competition about "How does your House look like?" Is it little house, What is it made from, shape, castle, Big, small?
Elftown Name: [Urmando The Elfling]

Category: Art/Writing
Title/theme: Create your own race
Elftown Name: [QuietAngel]

Title/theme: Map of Elftown
Description: Draw a detailed map of Eltown, or Elftown and surrounding areas.
Elftown Name: [Elegy - gone]

Title/theme: Portray Another Elftowner
Description: Design the person of elftown you admire the most and portrait her/him the way you see them.
Elftown Name: [Shjahjdahdvwa]

Title/theme: Elftown Flag
Description: Design the elftown flag.
Elftown Name: [Shjahjdahdvwa]

Title/theme: Official Elftown Badge in Action
Description: The point would be to draw the character in that badge actually doing what the badge was earned for. If you're a Tutor, then draw the giraffe (is it a giraffe?) teaching a class. If you're a Master of building, draw that little beaver building something.
Elftown Name: [Dark Side of the Moon]

Title/theme: Happy dragon competition
Description: We all draw happy dragons!
Elftown Name: [jbrown]

Title/theme: A spring in Elftown contest.
Description: It's spring on the southern hemisphere now, and we in the north need to share some spring spirit too... Chain-mail bikini elves sunbathing between some piles of snow, orcs eating their first bunny children, mages getting fed up with the pesky snow and blowing it away with fireballs... Not to mention the autumn part of the town looking confused on the spring part of it...
Elftown Name: [Hedda]

Title/Theme: Elftown Tarot
Description: Design cards of the major arcana, given a description of each card.
Elftown Name: [Falx]

Title/theme: Illustrate your Elftown Friend
Description: Depict a fellow Elftowner as their fantasy race personality.
Elftown Name: [Lite]

Category: Art/Writing/Photography
Title/theme: Meet Your Character on Elftown!
Description: Multi-media. The "real" you meets your most relevant personal character, either in the real world or on Elftown. Will it be (self) love at first sight? Will it be sheer bloody horror? Or something inspired by the Star Trek "Mirror, Mirror" episode? (You know, the one where evil Spock has a beard, etc). Or something else, altogether? (Basic idea in a nutshell---old Halloween pic as a hypothetical example:;y=0 )
Elftown Name: [Paul Doyle]

Title/theme: I Can Draw Too!
Description: This competition is designed for those people that love to draw/paint/etc, but are honestly not good at it. Kind of like an amateur hour competition.
Elftown Name: [Lord Josmar]

Category: Art and writing
Title/theme: Design an alien / fantasy creature
Description: The point would be to create an original creature and write details about its anatomy, homeworld, diet, environment, culture and so on. The art part would be to illustrate the creature in a diagram. Skeletal system, internal organs and outward appearance would be good at least. This should probably be two contests, one for aliens (where stuff should be at least somewhat scientifically plausible) and one for fantasy creatures (where magic and impossible stuff can run rampant).
Elftown Name: [Veltzeh]

Category: Art
Title/theme: flag design
Description: Design the Elftown Flag
Elftown Name: [pegasus1000]

- Writing Competitions

Title/theme: Your own telling
Description: get a real story and write it in you own way, like for example, Titanic sank, 1,000 people died, but they made the movie a love story not just about it sinking, another example (I wouldn't do this) the twin towers when they were blown up, you could write your own action story that blends in with that.
Elftown Name: [Pennywise Inevitable Damnation]

Category: Prose/poetry
Title/theme: Adaptation of Fairytales
Description: They must change the story in some fashion, but still be recognizable as one of the classic fairy tales
Elftown Name: [Rook]

Title/theme: Sript Writing
Description: We have plenty of art and plenty of poetry contests and we have short story competitions, roleplaying competitions and photography competitions but never any script writing contests. script writing is equally as challenging and creative as a short story and should be treated the same way.
Elftown Name: [Shika Lane]

Title/theme: Create your own Planet
Elftown Name: [Athilea]

Title/theme: Take me to Elftown
Description: entrants need to describe Elftown as they see it, telling us about the places, the people, the smells, the sounds, everything that goes with a good description. I want to read something that makes me feel like I'm standing right in the middle of a bustling fantasy town, something that makes me taste the smell of the air on the tip of my tongue while sitting in front of my computer, something that makes me see the Elftown inhabitants in front of my inner eye as clearly as if they stood before me. I want, for the small amount of time it takes to read a description, to be in Elftown.
Elftown Name: [Elegy - gone]

Title/theme: Desperation
Description: What you'd do if you were in a situation of war against the darkest organization who are arrogant, ignorant and just want power? Also, it would have to be in the perspective of a person who is most likely to be killed.
Elftown Name: [Subject37]

Title/theme: Silly Short stories
Elftown Name: [Wallstring]

Title/theme: Feel it
Description: Poetry can make other's really feel what they put into word's as if they them selves are feeling what the poet felt as they wrote it as they read it.
Elftown Name: [dragonos]

Title/theme: Nightmares
Description: In short--nightmares. Be they funny, horrifying, epiphanies, or just completely strange. Anything you find entertaining that seems real, but only to wake up to realize it was nothing but your own imagination at work. So you can either laugh, or cry-- I guess it depends on what this 'nightmare' was.
Elftown Name: [Ramirez]

Title/theme: Embellishment
Description: The person must write about a real life experience of their own, and then must take that same experience and twist it into something grander. (Example: Trip to the Ice Cream parlour turns into an epic quest for the +5 Ice Cream Cone of Deliciousness.)
Elftown Name: [Lord Josmar]

Title/theme: Design an alien / fantasy creature
Description: The point would be to create an original creature and write details about its anatomy, homeworld, diet, environment, culture and so on. The art part would be to illustrate the creature in a diagram. Skeletal system, internal organs and outward appearance would be good at least. This should probably be two contests, one for aliens (where stuff should be at least somewhat scientifically plausible) and one for fantasy creatures (where magic and impossible stuff can run rampant).
Elftown Name: [Veltzeh]

- Photography Competitions

Title/theme: Animals and their Homes
Description: Pictures of animals in their natural habitat.
Elftown Name: [Mr.Scoop]

Category: Photo Manipulation
Title/theme: Fantasy Photos
Description: . People would have to take ordinary boring old photographs and change them to fit in the realm of fantasy. ie. A dog with wings, person with scales.
Elftown Name: [H3_six]

Title/theme: Video Game Character
Description: Video game character look-alike. For example someone dressed like mario or Cid from FF7. 
Elftown Name: [Ultiem]

Title/theme: Fairytale photograph competition
Description: Dress up like Cinderella, Red Ridding Hood, Snow White, Prince Charming, Fairies, Goblins, the Villains and Evil Queens, etc?
Elftown Name: [Rook]

Title/theme: Pets
Description: Pictures of pets: dog, cats, hamsters, etc. Could be one big Contest of specific pet animals.
Elftown Name: [*Phoenix*]

Title/theme: Animals
Description: Animals other than pets (found in zoo, wild, ect.): tigers, racoons, blue jays, etc.
Elftown Name: [*Phoenix*]

Title/theme: Christmas tree/ornaments
Description: Christmas trees and/or ornaments, garland on the tree, lights on the tree, etc.
Elftown Name: [*Phoenix*]

Title/theme: Figurines
Description: UNcopyrighted figurines: hand-made sculptures, etc.
Elftown Name: [*Phoenix*]

Title/theme: Cosplay Love
Description: Pictures must have a couple dressed like a couple from an anime, movie, or a TV series, showing there love for one another, like holding hands, kissing, hugging that sort of thing, but no pornography and we must be able to tell who they are supposed to be.
Elftown Name: [~Crimson Angel~]

Title/theme: Haunted House
Description: People decorate their house for Halloween, taking a picture or a collage of pictures, one of them having a picture of a blanket to prove it is their original work. Judging of entries to be done based on the categories of most creative, creepiest, best gore, the cutest, and trick-or-treat friendliest. haunted house 2010 is my unofficial contest.
Elftown Name: [wicked fae mage]

Title/theme: Store Bought Costumes
Description: Have Elftowners flaunt the costumes they put together by purchasing the bits and pieces
Elftown Name: [wicked fae mage]

Title/theme: Show Winter Who's the Boss!
Description: Best winter outfit to keep warm in. Winner gets a free choice of either a scarf, set of handwarmers, hat or scoodie made by me.
Elftown Name: [Aeolynn]

Title/theme: Unnaturally Natural
Description: This is a competition focusing on taking photos of some of the weird things that happen in nature (Could be EPRM).
Elftown Name: [Lord Josmar]

- Role Playing Competitions

Catergory: RP
Title/theme: RP Character Swap
Description: Everyone submits an RP character, then we assign that character to someone else to play, to see if the description given is good enough to play the character right.
Elftown Name: [SilverFire]

Title/theme: RP robots vs humans
Description: in this you can choose either to be a robot or a human, humans try to terminate the robots, robots try to kill the humans
Elftown Name:[kians mummy]

Title/Theme: The Genre Swap
Description: Players take a pre existing character of their own creation and then make several copies of that character, but adapted to several different genres. Can your knight make it in a war against aliens, find out here?
Elftown Name: [Lord Josmar]

- Miscellaneous Competitions

Title/theme: Elftown Calendar
Description: To have them Elftowners make entries for the months of the year.
Elftown Name: [dayah]

Title/theme: Comic Strip
Description: A short (1-6 frame) comic strip contest (completely original, sci-fi or fantasy themed).
Elftown Name: [Lady Chaos]

Title/Theme:New Years Competition
Description:A series of Competitions focusing on New Years Day.
Name:[Thunder Cid]

Title/theme: Drawings Made On A Computer
Description: This competition is for people who are good at drawing on a computer. You can use whatever you want, from Microsoft Paint to AutoCAD. You can draw whatever you want, the only rule: You must draw it using a program on your computer. Tablets are allowed.
Elftown Name: [Lynyrd Zeppelin]

Title/theme: Interesting Wiki Competition
Description: Elftowners can submit up to two wikis they've created along with descriptions of the wikis to be voted on by other Elftowners in a multi-vote poll. The most interesting wikis (the ones that get the most votes) will be displayed on Mainstreet for a period of time. The competition will help members get a badge and also help them get their wiki out there for people to see. While this may sound similar to the featured wiki, it is not. It is in fact a better alternative to the featured wiki.
Elftown Name: [Mortified Penguin]

Add new submissions here:

Title/Theme: Elftown Battles
Description: I think the Council should hold another of these contests. :)
Elftown Name: [Stephen]

Title/Theme: Elftown Flyer
Description: A competition to create an official Elftown Flyer that can be printed and placed in public (i.e. college campuses, coffee shops, seedy strip clubs, etc.). This competition will help advertise Elftown and get new members as well as give current members something to do.
Elftown Name: [Mortified Penguin]

Title/Theme: Debate Competition!
Description: A competition where you debate! Random topics will be debated on. The most successful debaters (as determined by a panel of highly trained and well paid judges) move on the the next round. Eventually, a debate champion is crowned.
Elftown Name: [Mortified Penguin]

Title/Theme: Make Your Own Adventure/Maze Contest!
Description: This would be a competition where members would enter a series of wikis related to a topic. The topic could be anything from trying to find your way to the Christmas Art Contest on Elftown or trying to find your way to the Hanukkah Art Contest on Elftown! Similar to Maze of Guile, each person would start off with a single wiki containing an action that corresponds to the topic. For example, with a topic like, "You are lost in the woods and don't know how to get out. You..." the wiki submission could be something like: Pull out your sword and strike down your dwarf companion for no particular reason. Then, on this wiki, the owner would tell the story of what happened by choosing this option (clicking this wiki) and list new possibilities about what could happen next in the form of other wikis. So, on Pull out your sword and strike down your dwarf companion for no particular reason, the owner would put something like, "You have killed Derrik, your dwarf friend. His ghost slowly rises from his corpse. You..." and that could be followed by more options to choose, like: Slay the ghost with your Ghost Sword™, Loot the corpse for valuables, Hold an erotic funeral. Eventually, one of your various wiki paths would lead to the end of your story/maze that deals with how you (the player) finally found your way out of the woods (or whatever the original topic may have been). After all this, all of the entries will be added together and placed on Mainstreet under the topic, where anybody who wants to can enjoy everyone's combined efforts by venturing into the community Roleplaying game/Make your own adventure/Maze and trying to find their way out of the woods (or whatever).
Elftown Name: [Mortified Penguin]


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2011-05-03 [Rice]: Sammie you can edit the page yourself and add it your suggestion. *points to add new submissions*

2011-05-03 [kians mummy]: Catergory: RP
Title/theme: RP robots vs humans
Description: in this you can choose either to be a robot or a human, humans try to terminate the robots, robots try to kill the humans
Elftown Name:[kians mummy]

2011-05-03 [kians mummy]: i cant add it as the page is to big for my pc

2011-05-03 [Rice]: Alright I'll add it for you.

2011-05-03 [kians mummy]: thanks

2011-05-18 [Mortified Penguin]: Bump!

2011-05-18 [Nioniel]:   :O *sorted*

2011-05-18 [kians mummy]: wow

2011-06-21 [pegasus1000]: Has there been a flag contest? Flags of elftown.

2011-06-22 [kians mummy]: I don't think there has been one, that is a good suggestion though.

2011-06-22 [Alexi Ice]: You can see all past competitions here; Elftown past competitions ~

2011-06-23 [Nioniel]: *added*

2011-06-23 [Veltzeh]: Yay. :)

2011-06-28 [Mortified Penguin]: I second [Elegy - gone]'s idea about a map of Elftown competition, dang it!

2011-06-29 [Cillamoon]: I was just thinking that the other day, so I shall third the motion for a map!

2011-07-04 [Mortified Penguin]: I fourth that suggestion!

2011-10-05 [Stephen]: Debates are fun! :D

2011-10-25 [Stephen]: I like that one, Mort.

Why not do something like that on Elfpack? :P

2011-10-25 [Mortified Penguin]: Because YOUR FACE.

2011-10-26 [Stephen]: </3

2012-01-07 [Mortified Penguin]: YEAH. YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT. CRY.

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