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Elftown Writing workshops is a community where writers can come and have people help them develop their stories, poems, or anything else. We'll hold a workshop on a piece were each member will leave two paragraphs, one with things they liked and one of things the writer could work on. None of the advice has to be taken. 

-Updates: The first workshop has finally begun! TFK Plotting by Veltzeh- Workshop 1


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2011-06-01 [Thrice]: :O -lurk-

2011-06-01 [Paul Doyle]: Curious . . . *watches*

2011-06-01 [Eyden13]: Feel free to join and out any pieces you might want people to look at in the works to be workshopped page.

2011-06-01 [Ghost the Hybrid]: oh this might be a good thing for me to join, i've started writing a story but i've not come that far that i want to share it just yet

2011-06-01 [Eyden13]: hopefully this can help you!

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