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This is a page where you may submit any pretty graphics you have made for use on Elftown's Official Pages (that is, any wiki-page that has the green banner at the top of it, like this one does). We like Elftown to look pretty, so we want to encourage you to make us pretty graphics we can use on our pages. For an example of nifty webart, see the Patrollers page.

Moderators: [Stephen] & [SilverFire]



1. The work must be your own, obviously - no stealing the art of others.

2. The webart shouldn't be too big or too small - we want them to decorate the pages, not dominate them. So please make your images no bigger than 300x300 pixels. (you might get away with making them slightly wider, but definitely no taller!)

3. The quality of the images should be good - no photos taken on your camera, or drawings on lined paper.

4. The background of your image needs to be transparent, so make your file a .png.

5. You may make webart for official pages that already have them - we can always change what webart we use if we like yours better.

6. Badges will only be awarded if we actually use your image, sorry.

7. Not all official pages will need webart - Contest pages for instance, or other pages that are very long already. If you're unsure about whether the page you want to make webart for is suitable or not, just ask, or check the list of Pages that need Webart.

8. Submit your entries on this page.



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2010-03-11 [Teufelsweib]: there was a problem with them if you use IE, then they aren't transparent but have a purple background.
but I'm not sure if that's still so with the newer editions of IE

2010-03-11 [SilverFire]: it's only a problem with IE6, but some ET users are still using IE6. However, png8 works fine on IE, so you could use those too.

2010-03-13 [Hedda]: IE6 is officially dead now.

Less than 5% of all visitors to Elftown are using IE6, but it's about 4% percentage of the Elftown members. Elftown itself has dropped support for IE6 and so has all Google sites and many other sites too.

As the images still works on IE6, I think you can use them. If the IE6-users want pretty images (and a fully working Elftown) they can upgrade.

2010-03-13 [NOOOPE]: Woooooo! I love pngs... I love them so much...

2010-03-13 [Teufelsweib]: it's only too bad that you can't ask the library/school/where ever you are to upgrade their browsers. but if indeed so little ET users are still using IE6, I guess it barely matters :)

2012-10-19 [SilverFire]: Someone comment on this page to remind me about it.

2012-10-19 [nehirwen]: There.

2012-10-19 [iippo]: Thank you. I remember this.

2012-10-24 [SilverFire]: I don't suppose you want to check if this is linked from all the places it should be linked, Iippo? <_< (sub-pages of wiki-index - contributions pages in particular)

2012-10-24 [iippo]: Can do.

2014-08-04 [Stephen]: This page need more love and attention. x)

2014-08-10 [Teufelsweib]: *takes the page out for dinner*

2014-08-10 [Stephen]: I think I'm going to put this page in the calendar.. x)

2014-08-10 [nehirwen]: Both the moderators need replacement before you can do that.

2014-08-11 [Stephen]: Hm, that's true.
I'll be one of the moderators. :P

2014-08-11 [SilverFire]: I need replacement? :( Srsly, I think I can still handle the absolutely massive workload that comes with this one. <_<

2014-08-11 [Teufelsweib]: but Silvie, think about your blood pressure!

2014-08-11 [nehirwen]: I thought you retired from that stuff. :o

2014-08-11 [SilverFire]: Yeah... call it a lack of faith in the idea that this page is ever going to be particularly busy. :P

2014-08-11 [Stephen]: Yay, we have two mods! >:D

2014-08-11 [Stephen]: I'm going to drag Silvie back on Elftown. *cackle*

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