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An Art Contest for the Open Roleplay page in the Elftown Community

This contest is sponsored by the WFR Guild Members and the Wiki Fantasy Roleplay, and is open to all Elftowners, regardless of guild status!!!

Contest Finalists:

[Best of Show] : [Mom]'s entry, 48% of 31 votes (<poll:71922>)

[Most Elftown-ish] : [Mom]'s entry, 44% of 25 votes (<poll:71927>)

[Best Use of Color] : [Mom]'s entry, 36% of 25 votes (<poll:71928>)

[Best Background] : [Apus]' entry, 4/7 Judges' votes

[Best of Engineering / Architecture / Sculpture] : [Mom]'s entry, 4/7 Judges' votes

[Design of Elven Refinement and Concept] : [Apus]' entry, 4/7 Judges' votes


ET Fountain Contest Entries

ET Fountain Design Contest Rules


Contest Finalists will be messaged soon concerning the second phase of the design project, and all contributing artists will be featured on an Art and Media Page currently under revision by [xido], who is juggling too many things at once. ;)


Username (or number or email):


2006-02-06 [xido]: Dividers compliments of Elftown Graphics, by [Stephen]

2006-02-07 [xido]: I have to ask that no one else comment on this page until the contest is open. You may watch the page before then, but all questions or comments should be forwarded to me personally so that the contest details can be finished. The contest date will not be set until it is finialized and opened officially. Images created before this announcement will be able to be entered, but I will not give any advance notice of the deadline, to make it fair. Thank you.

2006-02-07 [xido]: Judge nominations: [Firous], [Sairafaen], [Lunnie]

2006-02-07 [xido]: If ANYONE knows of anyone who would be willing to create a TROPHY/BADGE for the winners of this contest, I would like those ideas msgd to me ASAP. I am in no position to create the badges, yet without them, I am making empty promises to the winners of the six categories. The reward for the final picture does not require one, since the winners of the six categories will have been involved in its creation, and its final posting is reward enough, in that sense. Thank you in advance to anyone who can help in providing this kind of help.  x.o)

2006-02-25 [Lunnie]: Woot~ Open~!

2006-02-25 [xido]: And you can comment here... ;) Good luck to all contestants. To those who are participating, don't be afraid to judge either! I have a valid judging application available currently. Still looking for badge-trophies for contest winners! Anyone with help in this manner will be eligible for some free rewards... PLEASE!!!!  ;) Thanks, guys and gals. -will

2006-02-25 [Sairafaen]: Don't be skerd! This contest will be incredible.... love you Will! Also, I will help as a judge, the app is already on it's way to you, and when I get some free time I will help with the badges as well. Peace!

2006-03-07 [Mom]: This looks serious...*wonders if she's up to the undertaking?*

2006-03-11 [xido]: But you're so awesome at art... of course you handle this... plus, there are six categories you could potentially win. ;) Join if you would like, but don't feel pressured.... I just know that you would make a great entry...

2006-03-11 [Mom]: I started one...*crosses fingers* I just want it to look like a fountain. XD

2006-03-11 [xido]: ;) :P

2006-03-11 [xido]: It looks GREAT!!!! I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR FOUNTAIN ALREADY!!!!  (I can see this may be a hard contest to judge, if all of them look this good... :S)

2006-03-16 [Zab]: Hi :) Questions: you still need winner-badges? How many? And how do you want them to look?

2006-03-16 [Lunnie]: Yes we do, as many as you can make and try stuff. ^__^ Check out the ET Fountain Art and Media Page for some that have already been made. ^__^

2006-03-16 [Zab]: I'll check it and see if I get any inspiration..:P

2006-03-17 [xido]: Yeah, any final decisions will probably be made about June 1st at the latest, but go ahead and make some ideas, and see if any of them bounce off Lunnie, me or someone else... I am okay with seeing a lot of submissions for those. Of course, you're all encouraged to enter!!!!  ;) ;) ;)

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