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The Elftown Water Fountain

An official Open RPG sponsored by the Wiki Fiction Roleplay for all Elftowners!

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Best of Show
By [Mom] for the
Elftown Water Fountain Design Contest


You enter into an area of breath taking beauty as this water fountain seems to draw you in. The water that spouts out seems to catch the light just right so that you can see at least one rainbow at all times during the day. Just after noon the entire area seems to take on the hues of the many rainbows that seem to become the fountain for the few moments that the sun is in the right spot. As those few moments happen, though, it seems as if there were a spell cast upon the air itself to make it the most beautiful place in the known world. There's a garden to the left filled with flowers of many hues and types that fill the air with the sweet smelling parfumes that makes the air even taste sweet. It is the perfect place for calm or romantic conversation to take place.

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Dtalk, Festus the Gnome, Gea - [xido]
Airadonia- [Firous]
Bard Elwyne Verahs- [Elwyne]
Civalya De of Vxa - [Sairafaen]
Aelia Ryneth - [vintage alice]
Sylvien - [K'jesrya]
Illari - [Elodicressida]
Bangs, Hiuko's cat - [Hiuko]


"Tag?" Illari suggested, swooping away.

Elwyne smiled and accepted Airadonia's hand trustingly. 

Sylvien looked to the sky where the others flitted about without wings of their own. She looked around to the area that surrounded the fountain to see if there would be enough room for her to change. She herself loved the feel of the wind on the smooth membranes of her wings and it had been some time since she had felt the wind on her scales. Ignoring the sting of the light in her eyes, Sylvien shed her cloak and closed her eyes. To those watching it seemed that she disapated into a silver mist as fine as moonlight, only to reapear in the graceful, yet powerful form of the silver dragon. Tensing the muscles in her legs and unfurling her wings, she lept into the sky to frolic in the wind with the others. Do not fear, I shall not harm you. I too love to play on the wind. She spoke into the minds of the others that had been around the fountain.

Airadonia looked at Sylvien and smiled, "You're as big as my Roc!! I wish Xarious were here!" She giggled then looked to Illari, "Tag sounds fun. Let me alter my directions for the windto carry Elwyne which ever direction that she wants." Airadonia closes her eyes then opens them again. "Elwyne, just point with a finger which way you want to go and the wind will take you there, ok?" She made sure that Elwyne was the one to take her hand away so that she wouldn't scare her.

"Not It!" Illari shouted.

Elwyne removed her hand cautiously and did a little very careful testing of Airadonia's spell, by circling the other. Then she grinned happily to show she understood, though she still felt a little wary. She'd never flown like this before, except in dreams.

Illari hadn't either, and so she glided over to examine the air currents.

Aiardonia smiled to Elwyne, "I'm glad I can make you smile like that. It makes me happy." Airadonia smiled broadly then started to chase Illari calling out, "I'm it!"

Illari started and turned away and up from Elwyne, but she had to stop her descent before she could escape properly.

Elwyne smiled even more brightly and flew a bit more freely, away from Airadonia as she didn't know whether she was really a part of the game or not. She thought that maybe she could find a place to hide in the tree tops and still watch if she was careful.

Illari made good her escape and found a thermal, spiralling up it.

Elwyne landed slightly on the upper branch of a tree and, knowing she wouldn't fall, she started scampering around the branches like a squirrel.

A cute little brown and white kitten is on the branch she stops on looking at everyone. She stretches out and yawn as she watches.

Illari suddenly dove to escape the pursuing Airadonia, and crashed through the branches of the trees in her flight. She slid through the branches right beside the kitten, managing to stop only just before hitting the ground, whereupon she stood and worriedly switched her glider to a position in front of her where she could check it for damage.

Bangs, having found that hair makes a nice bed, quickly jumped on Illari's head and lied down purring getting ready for a nice nap, assuming there were to telepaths around to wake her or assuming that Illari wouldn't take push Bangs off.

Airadonia sped toward Illari until she went through the tree then turned and went around it. She looked down at Illari and noticed the kitten on her head, "Do you still want to play or do you want to put the kitten down first?" She sounded playful and waited as she looked like she was a cat ready to pounce.

Bangs looked up at Airadonia and laid back down not carig if she was taken off of Illari's head.

"Kitten? What kitten?" Illari asked absently. There was a hole in her glider, a long one all down the right wing. It was most distressing. She'd have to turn around soon to fix it... unless... Illari hurried over to the fountain.

Bangs stayed on easly and kept lieing down until they got to the fountain. There she thaught that Illari would see her on her head in the reflection. That is if she looked in the water.

Illari did look in the water, but it was a different sort of looking in. There really are three ways to look at water, or more: to see your reflection, to see what's in it, and to see the bottom. Illari was looking to see what was in it, and with a cry of surprise and delight, she swept up the bark she had dropped in earlier, which was now quite cloth-like. "So puddles are worth something in this Bark-forsaken world!"

Bangs started to bat around Illari's long hair, not for attention but just because she has the cat impulse to attack things that float in the air. She started to purr a bit loudly.

Elwyne was interested in the kitten too, so she floated down next to Illari and looked up at the kitten. "She's cute, she reminds me a little of Violet!"

Airadonia now assuming that they were done playing landed and gently pet the kitten. "She's really cute." She gently reached out with her mind to brush it lightly against the kittens to see if there were more to this kitten than it seemed and smiled softly.

"Who said you could go in there" Bangs said telepathically to Airadonia when she touched her mind and pushed her out. Then she kept acting like a regular kitten.

"Violet?" Illari asked, pulling the bark out of the water to dry and fishing in her pockets for a needle. "Do you have a cat, then, Elwyne?"

Airadonia slightly flinched as the kitten pushed her out. She thought to herself for a moment then smiled slightly, "You're a fiesty one aren't you?" She had a soft smile as she continued to pet the kitten as if nothing happened.

Bangs purred with delight as she was being pet ontop of Illari's head.

Elwyne blushed at Illari's question, "Well, umm... Violet's not exactly a kitten, she just kinda looks like one. I mean she does, most of the time." Elwyne pulled her flute out, which was glowing purple and pulsing. Then the pulsing light brightened, and the flute stretched out, until there was a small glowing purple kitten in Elwyne's arms, staring a little jealously at Bangs.

Airadonia went wide eyed, "Wow that was amazing!" She pet the 'kitten' and smiled. "How does she do that?"

"Hi I'm Bangs. Who are you?" Bangs telepathically says to Violet. Since they were both cats she figures that they should be on the same brain frequency.

But Violet was not really a cat and all that Bangs would have heard in return was an energetic buzzing sound. Elwyne answered Airadonia, "Well, a dragon friend of mine once made her for me out of some elemental energy. She shape shifts to whatever I need or ask her for. She's still alive though." El stroked Violet, who then began purring.

Airadonia looked stunned, "Wow...that's amazing..." She begins to look at it with new found respect and awe displayed on her face.

Violet noticed the attention of Airadonia and preened herself accordingly, looking proud and pleased with herself. Elwyne giggled, "She still acts like a cat though!"

Airadonia nods to herself, "I can see that." She kind of chuckles and flashes a brilliant smile. "She's beautiful." She had longing in her voice as she suddenly started to miss Xarious.

Elwyne cocked her head, she was an Empath and able to Feel other people's moods. "What's wrong?" She asked worriedly.

Airadonia shook her head lightly, "Oh, nothing. I'm just missing my familiar. His name is Xarious. But he's way too big to be in this area. He's a Roc."

Elwyne smiled and held out her kitten for Airadonia to hold, as she held it out Violet heard Elwyne's thoughts and changed into a mini purple roc bird.

"I'd like a cat." Illari commented wistfully, settling on the edge of the fountain to repair her glider. "A small, light cat, or one with wings." Everyone seemed to have a pet but her, Illari thought gloomily, settling in to a favorite pastime of hers: sulking.

This was a good enough sulk to block out all the helpful facts around her, such as that Bangs was a cat who might consent to travel with her; that no one has a cat, a cat has humans; that the majority of cats grow past the small light stage and do not have wings; and that sulking was really a silly idea at the moment.

Airadonia smiled at the little roc in her hands, "Thank you..." Then she offers the bird back so that it may be with it's friend.

Elwyne gathered Violet up to herself again, and turned to Illari. "Would you like to hold her too?" She asked as Violet stretched and turned into a yawning cat again.

Bangs stretched and decided to see what Hiuko was up to so she sprouted her demon wings but kept her kitten form and flew off Illari's head off into the streets but sure she would be back soon enough.

Illari brightened, tossed off her sulk, and nodded happily, accepting Violet-as-a-cat, who she squeezed. Illari may have thought she wanted a cat, but she had no idea how to treat one.

After sending El an angry look at being squeezed, Violet calmly accepted it and settled into Illari's arms. It wasn't like she really needed to breathe, since she was basically living energy.

Sylvien looked to the one called Airadonia, "How is it that the wind lifts you up with no wings? Do you command it to do as you wish?" Though the thought seemed very strange to her, it seemed to be the only thing that she could think of. The wind lifted her because her wings would spread wide, but with no wings...

Airadonia smiled, "I ask. I do not command the greatness of the wind. But we are linked and it will do whatever I ask. We are one." She seemed to be at a loss of words to describe the link that she had with the element but tried really hard to get a basic point across.

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2006-07-02 [xido]: *imagines a big squishy dragon corwding his way through the marketplace and scrunching into the fountain zone, knocking people over and apologizing*  hehehehe.... yeah, this is open for anything to happen. Something crazy could happen here, and some adventurers might have to rush off in a fit to some other story or location, or else everyone can just hang about and be crazy with other people.... and... dragons.  Big, squishy ones.  ;P

2006-07-02 [K'jesrya]: no...not a big squishy dragon...a very nice Silver Dragon. She wouldn't hurt anyone

2006-07-04 [Firous]: ...squishy squishy! hehehehehe

2006-07-05 [iippo]: That makes me think that the dragon is like a water balloon. X)

2006-07-05 [Firous]: Hahahahaha!! That's great!

2006-07-05 [K'jesrya]: ....she's deffinatley not a water ballon yeah...i guess she's kind of stuck with the whole squishy thing now isnt' she

2006-07-07 [Firous]: Yes! I think it's funny!

2006-08-21 [xido]: Sorry, K'jesrya... But I guess my vision of squooshiness was stickier than I envisioned originally....

For anyone who was wondering, the Elftown Water Fountain Design Contest has now been closed for entries, and three polls are set up on that page for all who wish to vote.

The finalist who wins the Best of Show category is going to have their image posted on the page until the second portion of the contest, which will have the art project image final piece posted here when it is completed.

Everyone vote!

2006-09-09 [Elwyne]: Ummm... Edierna if you're talking about Elwyne, she's not winged she's being held up by winds controlled by Airadonia

2006-09-10 [Elodicressida]: Where is Edierna, by-the-by? I can't find her up with the others...

2006-09-10 [Elwyne]: umm... maybe she forgot to put up her character info

2006-09-10 [Elodicressida]: Ahmmm.

2006-10-28 [xido]: The image posted is the winner of the Final Contest Category Best of Show in the Elftown Water Fountain Design Contest. ;)

2006-10-29 [Elodicressida]: Hey, didn't you have a kitty before?

2006-11-04 [Elwyne]: I have a kitty, Violet. She transforms too, so who knows where she is. She'll probably pop out again sooner or later.

2006-12-05 [Elodicressida]: Oh, Fi-rous... come and get our characters. You're still It.

2007-01-10 [Firous]: lol...ooops!

2007-01-13 [Elodicressida]: I'd forgotten what a spoiled little brat Illari is...

2007-01-14 [Elwyne]: Sorry Bangs/Hiuko, I hope I didn't squash out your cat with Violet. I wasn't intending to, I was trying to get more interest for her. And Elwyne only brought her up because she wanted to pet Bangs too.

2007-01-14 [Hiuko]: You didn't squash her out, I'm just making her do something else for a moment.

2007-01-15 [Elwyne]: oh, just making sure. I wouldn't want to do that to anybody. That's partly the reason I chose a character like Elwyne, she's more likely to help characters interact than to freeze them out.

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