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Tutorials and Lessons.



Digital Art Tutorials

Tutorials for the digital arts and the use of programmes like Photoshop or OpenCanvas.

<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>A Method of Coloring
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Adjusting Brightness
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Akhi's Colouring
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Atayemi's Photoshop Text
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Atayemi's Photoshop Text2
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Brushes-to make one in PS
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Cassave's Photoshop Page
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Cassave's Photoshop Pages #1
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Cassave's Photoshop Pages #2
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Cell Shading
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Cel Shading in Photoshop
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Chain Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Coloring Lineart 1
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Coloring Lineart 2
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Create a Brush on Photoshop
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>CT: Portrait Manipulation
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Danas Eye Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Danas Hair Tutorial Part1
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Danas Hair Tutorial Part2
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Danas Ink/Colour Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Danas Lip Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Danas Scan/Prepare Sketches Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Dana's PS CS Layer Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Dar's New Color Tut
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Digital Sketching
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Dipping Into Digital
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Drawing Scales
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Dur's Photoshop Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Easy Fire
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Easy Lightning
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Easy Rain
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Easy Watermarking
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Eliminate White Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Elysiann's Inking with Gimp - Style 1
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Elysiann's Inking with Gimp - Style 2
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Eye Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Feathered Wings
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Fur in Photoshop
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Generating Transparent GIFS
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Gimp Coloring
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Hair Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Hypnotising Eyes
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How do I Make Transparent Images?
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to Color Lines
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to Colour in Photoshop
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to Create a Starry Night
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to Draw a Mouth
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to Ink in Photoshop
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to Maintan Colours in B&W Images - Gimp
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to Make a Crystal Ball in PS
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Inkting and Scanning
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Iris Removal in Photoshop
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Jewel Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Make an Image in Sepia Tone
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Making Rain
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Mirror Text in Photoshop!
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Neat Tricks in MS Paint
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Pentool Lineart
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Perspective Text
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Photoshop Layers for Newbies
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Photoshop Lightning Magic
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Putting Images Together
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Rainstains Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Rynn's how-to-color in Photoshop
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Rynn's how-to-draw Hair
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Short fur in Photoshop
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Simple Eye Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Simple Lips Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Simple Vector Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>The Grid Method
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>To Get Started - Gimp
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Traditional sketch to CG painting
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Transparent Gifs - with Gimp
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Tree Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Triola's Lineart Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Watermarking your Work
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Why Textures?
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Wing Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Zabs Eye Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Zardra's Portrait Painting Tutorial


Traditional Art Tutorials

Tutorials for the traditional arts, compositions, sculpting and other tips and tricks.

<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Acrylic on Leather or Canvas
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Composition and Negative Space
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Danas Anatomy/Face Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to Draw a Portrait
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Facial Structures
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>From Doodle to Drawing
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Nathies Pencil Shading Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>One Part Silicone Molds
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Rynn's how-to-draw Faces
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Some Sculpting Basics
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>To Draw a Fantasy Creature
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Tutorial 1
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Working With Prisma Colors


Miscellaneous Tutorials

Tutorials that we just couldn't place somewhere but are useful or too fun to ignore.

<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Advanced HTML - Character Entities
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Animated .gif tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Asinine Cat Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Basic HTML – Border Backgrounds
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Contest HOW-TO
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Cover Your Assets
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Create An Old Picture
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Egyptian War Tutorial <img:stuff/aj/57/ystar.png>
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Emoticon Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Gimp - to install
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Hairpin Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Herringbone Wire Weave Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to make a beaded crocodile
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to Quick-Edit Wikis in Notepad
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>How to Write a Script
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Irulan's Paper Making Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Learning HTML
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Lightsaber Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Marketing Art Online
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Mood Image Tutorial
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Origami birdbase, crane and dinosaur tutorial <img:stuff/aj/57/ystar.png>
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Outline Cleaner
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Photographing Art
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>SEO HOWTO - How to make search engines love your page.
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>The Non Repro Blue Trick
<img:stuff/aj/57/greendot.png>Tutorial on How to Write Tutorials

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2005-11-25 [Zab]: That's good :P Hope they can teach you something new^^

2005-11-25 [Charybdis]: Oh! I'm watching this page for sure :)

2005-11-25 [LadyMoon]: Omgz we're helpfull ^_^

2005-11-25 [Charybdis]: Yes you are :P

2005-11-25 [LadyMoon]: If there's anything you'd like to see then please tell ^_^* aye

2005-11-25 [Sunrose]: Perhaps there could be a section with suggested/requested tutorials? :p [liiga] made some good suggestions in the forum..

2005-11-25 [LadyMoon]: She did :D and I have them listed here. I wanted to write down every suggestion that comes up here there too but if you think a wiki is better :)

2005-11-25 [Charybdis]: That would makes sense :) Ehm, what is the relation of this wiki to Elftown CG Tutorials? I notice you have a link- will there be any overlap with the digital art section on this page?

2005-11-25 [Sunrose]: I don't get what you are saying [LadyMoon]: you listed them where and wanted to write them where? I don't see them here :/ :P // Tutors was founded by the one who created Elftown CG Tutorials :p

2005-11-25 [LadyMoon]: I think there will be some overlap. The general purpose of Elfown Tutorials is to provide all kinds of tutorials for the people who need it. Elftown CG Tutorials mainly focusses on digital but isn't very active now...but yeah, I think some overlap might happen.

2005-11-25 [LadyMoon]: Never mind Sun :P

2006-03-15 [Elegy - gone]: How many tutorials do you have to make to get an official badge?

2006-03-15 [Zab]: One good, I think, to get the uncolored badge. :)

2006-03-15 [Elegy - gone]: Define 'good'... =P 'cause I made one, and someone added it to this page, but I still haven't gotten a badge *pouts* which means it probably wasn't good enough ^_^ so I'll just have to make another one! I find the badge utterly adorable, you see, I must have it =P

2006-03-15 [Zab]: tutors you better get it there and check :P Good= something that is useful. :) let's say here are 2357 different tutorials about coloring in photoshop, another one isn't extremely useful, right? :P If it's not really, amazingly original..;)

2006-03-15 [Elegy - gone]: Hm, good point... bah, it probably wasn't useful enough... but thanks for answering me! ^_^

2006-03-15 [Zab]: Which was it? :P

2006-03-15 [Zab]: hehe.. I found it.:P I think it's good ^__^

2006-03-15 [Elegy - gone]: Haha, thanks, except that I can't really draw decent lines for the life of me =P you get the concept though... I hope O.o

2006-03-15 [Zab]: hehe..:P

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