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695 usernames have logged onto Elftown in the last month. If you have been invited here, you're one of them! Congratulations! You've been selected to take part in a brief survey on Elftowners' habits and opinions. One lucky participant will be given a chance to win one Dogecoin! But I'll probably never give it to them. Anyway, rate yourself in these following areas from 1 to 5, 1 being a small number and 5 being a number that's 4 higher than 1, but still pretty small.


1. How active would you say you are on Elftown? 1 being not at all active, 3 being somewhat active, and 5 being really active.

2. How do you like Elftown's graphics? (you know how this works at this point, I don't feel like explaining it anymore)

3. How often do you use wikis?

4. How often do you use forums?

5. How often do you roleplay?

6. How often do you send and receive messages?

7. How would you rate the layout on Mainstreet?

8. How often do you enter art contests?

9. How often do you submit poetry?

10. How often do you submit photography?

11. How often do you submit writing?

12. How often do you post diary entries?

13. How often do you comment in guestbooks?

14. How often do you visit Mainstreet?

15. How likely is it you're going to comment on this wiki with a helpful suggestion or friendly introduction?

4230) What do you typically do on Elftown? (Administrator: [Mortified Penguin])

Number of voters: 69


Thank you for your time! Please comment below to let me know you've answered this survey and I'll get you entered in that fraudulent, disappointing contest for the single Dogecoin, 10,000 of which wouldn't even be worth $1!

Also, feel free to suggest new options for the poll or other questions you'd like to see answered. Maybe introduce yourself and make new friends for once too! And please tell us what changes, if any, you'd like to see in Elftown, what you like most about Elftown, what might make you more active on Elftown (assuming you're not currently already really active), and any suggestions you have on getting new members to join and stay on Elftown. You may also post links to wikis you wish to share with other Elftowners, if you want to do so.

Thanks! Don't forget to watch and comment!


Wikis of interest:

How awesome is your elftown house?
How on Earth did you find Elftown?
How on earth did you pick that name?
I use Elftown because
The Unofficial Elftown News
What would make your friend join Elftown?
Art Wikis of Elftown
Comics by Elftowners
Chess Tournament
Bob's Diner


This wiki is in no way sponsored by or affiliated with Dogecoins.

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2013-12-20 [GarnetLullabies]: Took the survey :)

2013-12-20 [Mortified Penguin]: You have been entered in the fake contest! Also, hello there. What do you do for fun around here?

2013-12-20 [GarnetLullabies]: Hello! Recently I've gotten back into roleplaying by joining X-men RP

2013-12-20 [Elwyne]: I took the survey just cuz. I'm mostly an roleplayer, but been a little busy lately so have to be careful.

2013-12-20 [Dezmond]: Primarily a roleplayer but what brought me to the sight is the artwork, it would be nice to see more of that on mainstreet or something. Or you know, Roleplays advertised there.

2013-12-20 [Evolution X]: Done.

2013-12-20 [Mortified Penguin]: What would you think about a Featured Roleplay section on Mainstreet that features a different roleplay every other month or so?

2013-12-20 [Evolution X]: I think it's an interesting idea, but you've got to find new ones constantly.

2013-12-20 [Mortified Penguin]: Or maybe advertise a lot of the old ones that have either slowed down or even stopped completely due to lack of posting. It could help to revive some old, dead roleplays.

2013-12-20 [CuteCommander]: I want them Doge! The mythical currency will be mine!
And I think a Featured Roleplay section is a MUST, as it seems to me that I only hear about them through word-of-mouth in the comments sections of the RPs I'm currently in.

2013-12-20 [yamisango]: i totally agree

2013-12-20 [Teufelsweib]: Entered,really like this idea and the survey, wish it will be used...

2013-12-20 [Viking]: Why is "Answer polls" not on the poll?

2013-12-20 [Sunrose]: Hey not everyone answered every question :O

2013-12-20 [hanhepi]: The numbers on 15 went sorta wonkey: 23811.5/21 . Dunno what's up with that. 

2013-12-20 [hanhepi]: This was a great idea. :) I like the Featured RP idea too.

2013-12-20 [Sunrose]: He probably rigged it, because he wants you to comment :P

2013-12-20 [Mortified Penguin]: I may have slightly increased the value of 5 to several thousand more than what it should be for myself, forcing the average way up and making it more noticeable so that, as Sunny said, more people would actually comment here.

2013-12-20 [Elwyne]: I like the featured rp idea too. I like rping, but I occasionally have difficulty finding rp's that are interesting and still active.

2013-12-20 [Mortified Penguin]: Roleplaying seems to be what the majority of Elftowner's like doing, so it should definitely have a spot on Mainstreet. And probably more official contests involving roleplaying would be nice too.

2013-12-20 [Flisky]: We have had RP competitions before. But they die because it takes too long/people lose interest. (Or because the more intense and serious people get cut in the first round because people don't understand the science behind her character. :/)

2013-12-21 [Eyonic]: :( that's a sad thought flisky, i would've loved to do something like that

2013-12-21 [Flisky]: True story about the character thing, though. People created elves and vampires and crap and I make a completely original species and got cut because they didn't understand the science.

2013-12-21 [CuteCommander]: I remember seeing those RP contests - DEFINITELY worth doing again, and with stricter rules in place regarding play time; if you take too long, you lose by forfeit

2013-12-21 [Dezmond]: not just that, but active RP's shown on mainstreet or one of these RP Guilds could be shown each month, it might make them become more active because everyone on them enjoys the games, its just hard to regulate when you don't have enough traffic coming through.

2013-12-21 [Elwyne]: I tried to enter one of those rp contests, but as far as I know they never even did it, cuz I waited and waited and never got word that they even started. 

2013-12-21 [Evolution X]: I think that was the same one as I entered... yeah... nothing happened.

2013-12-21 [Nuktae-tal]: I love seeing stuff other people submit into contests I just never do because one my stuff isn't very good, two I rarely have time to do anything and three the stuff I do is create clothing not write or draw except for basic concept ideas for what I'm sewing together. But I loved this it was helpful and wonderful!

2013-12-21 [Stephen]: Hi, I'm Stephen. =P

Suggestion: If [Hedda] could put some kind of shout box on Mainstreet allowing instant communication among members it'd probably help increase socializtion and thus activity.

That, or maybe an app that would make the Elfchat IRC accessible on Mainstreet without some convoluted process to access it.

It'd also get people to view Mainstreet more, which is a plus. :P

- Edit -
Actually, by rights anyone who can edit Mainstreet could put in an app if it was simple, like Mibbit. Although I have no idea where it would fit.. (Now I want to put one in Elfpack's second news box.. :D)

2013-12-21 [Teufelsweib]: But dont the stats kind of say that mainstreet looks like crap?

2013-12-21 [Mortified Penguin]: Or an expandable comment box under each Mainstreet item. Hedda could probably have wikis related to each feature and attach the wiki comment box from each onto their respective item on Mainstreet.

2013-12-21 [Stephen]: That would be awesome, Mort.

But I don't think he'd do it. ):
I'll ask him about that for EP, actually.

2013-12-21 [Mortified Penguin]: I've seen him add comment boxes like that using iframes and the wikic.html version of comment boxes on other non-wiki parts of ET before, so it's definitely doable.

2013-12-21 [Mortified Penguin]: And that was already in that big list of suggestions I sent you! I'm pretty sure you never read it. ;-;

2013-12-21 [Stephen]: I did too read it. :P

I just marked it unread. It's really difficult to have a drawn out conversation with Hedda about new features and why they should happen.. x)

2013-12-22 [Elwyne]: I started Elftown because I wanted to work on my story writing skills. I learned a lot about making unique and interesting characters by roleplaying. That's something that's very important to me. 

2013-12-22 [Sunrose]: Can someone make this wiki prettier? :P

2013-12-22 [Stephen]: I'd end up making everything as green as possible, and most people don't find that too pretty. ):

Mort - after messing with EP I figured out iframes don't work on Main. I asked Hedda if he could enable them for Mainstreet and he said he'd look into it. x)

2013-12-22 [Sunrose]: Green?? Why green?

2013-12-22 [Stephen]: It's too bad there's no easy way to enable colors on wikipages, like on Elf12. That'd mess up the donor system though, and every way to enable it (that I can think of) for donors and disable for non-donors is easily abused.

Sunny - I just lack creativity like that, heh. I find green to be very relaxing and generally just want everything green. My bedroom is a prime example. >_>

2013-12-22 [Sunrose]: But the wiki is already green :P

2013-12-22 [Stephen]: Yay for Elftown Graphics ~ and now it's more green. :3

2013-12-23 [Sunrose]: I'm not sure it's actually prettier though :P

2013-12-23 [Nuktae-tal]: Green!!!!

2013-12-23 [Stephen]: See, I told you that you wouldn't like my beautification process, haha.

2013-12-24 [Sunrose]: I never argued that I would though :P

2013-12-24 [Paul Doyle]: Never mind the beautification process. So when does the beatification process begin? It's never too late to apply for Elftown Sainthood.

2013-12-24 [Stephen]: I can't even imagine how sad a halo I create would look. *chuckle*

Also that's true [Sunrose], but your words spurred me into action. :D

2013-12-24 [Sunrose]: I doubt I would be considered for sainthood, elftown or not :P

2013-12-25 [Alexi Ice]: I'm Alexi. I used to be active but have not had the time. I'm a shadow member now. I come on to publish a few writings and role play with friends. It's is unlikely that I will return to this place in the way that I used to.

2013-12-27 [Avaz]: Forget sainthood, I've already achieved divinity. :D

2013-12-27 [Mortified Penguin]: Yes, yes. We know you're the Smut God.

2013-12-30 [Avaz]: Just thought I'd keep you informed.

2013-12-30 [Nekko fox]: All Praise Smut God!

2014-01-01 [Sunrose]: I refuse!

2014-01-01 [Paul Doyle]: What does a Smut God halo look like? Is it festooned with weenies?

2014-01-03 [Avaz]: It's a glory hole, actually. And it glows around the other head. :P

2014-01-08 [Mortified Penguin]: Sweet, I've mined me some Dogecoins, so I can actually give out a prize here!

Except I won't.

Because none of you have earned it.

Especially not [Sunrose].

2014-01-08 [CuteCommander]: I demand the doge!

2014-01-08 [Avaz]: wow
such demand
so exclamation

2014-01-08 [CuteCommander]: Damn, I was hoping to get in the doge reference >_< such frustration. much frowning

2014-01-08 [Avaz]: such thunder stealing. wow

2014-01-08 [CuteCommander]: so reference

2014-01-08 [Flisky]: ...I hate doge.

2014-01-08 [Avaz]: Do you also hate dogecoin by association, Flisk?

2014-01-08 [Sunrose]: Boohoo ;_;

2014-01-08 [Mortified Penguin]: You know what you did!

2014-01-09 [Flisky]: I don't even know what dogecoin is...but I'm sure I would hate it as well.

2014-01-09 [Avaz]: Behold, dogecoin.

2014-01-10 [Eyonic]: wow...

2014-01-10 [BettieBodacious]: Maybe a cleaner styling option (all white, black text), Easier uploads for multiple pictures to be displayed and titled in our houses, easier ability to link outside of ET. <3

2014-01-10 [Avaz]: Thank you to whoever added dogecoin to the page. Seriously, <3

2014-01-11 [Sunrose]: The dogecoin was already here when you commented about it earlier :P

2014-01-11 [Paul Doyle]: doogiecoin---IT'S A TRAP!

2014-01-13 [Avaz]: Sunny: It was? :O I didn't notice. But my thanks still stands. :D

2014-01-14 [Flawless Imperfection]: I voted or whatever. Lol

2014-01-15 [Teufelsweib]: All junkies voted for C. Go junk forum!

2014-01-15 [Avaz]: \o/

2014-02-01 [Blood Sucking Beauty]: I want a Dogecoin :(

2014-02-15 [Stephen]:

*happy moment*

It's probably possible on Elftown now, as well.

2014-03-18 [synergtggtrrgf]: What the hell is a Dogecoin? Is that anyway explained by Doge (Being the Venician term for Ruler during the middle ages) and Coin being pretty self explanatory?

2014-03-18 [Mortified Penguin]: Close! But actually not at all. It's just an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, favored by Shiba Inus worldwide.

2014-08-27 [Sagacious Turkey]: Huh, 11.5% of the people invited here answered at least one question...

That's pretty terrible.

2014-08-28 [Sunrose]: I guess the doge coin isn't a proper incentive..

2015-03-17 [Mortified Penguin]: 11.7% now!

2015-04-13 [Miaye]: Yay!!!

2015-11-24 [Alexi Ice]: (;

2015-11-24 [JajaJulie]: :D

2015-11-26 [Eyonic]: :O

2015-11-28 [JajaJulie]: <img:44166_1164145221.gif>

2015-12-11 [Nuktae-tal]: I answered five questions.... I must be weird or you know there aren't enough answers

2015-12-11 [Alexi Ice]: The Christmas competitions are open for anyone interested! Follow the link on mainstreet

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