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Welcome to Elftown Suburbia, my own little guide to my favorite spots in Elftown!


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Art Galleries in Elftown

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an artist
art of derek henderson
art of otherside - Fan art and Original art of [Asryth]'s Otherside
calico tiger art progressions
elfwood artists united - Have an Elfwood gallery? Advertise here.
kyrinn's botanicals
remos art page 1
the art store
xmen fan art gallery
my favorite elftown/elfwood artists
Munny- Who says I'm too old to play with dolls?
Color My World


Art Reference

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artistic reference
Find Your Muse
Reference Pictures
horse referense by zab
nathies photoreferences
the "parts place"



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comics by elftowners
jupitcy - It's a State of Mind.
mobster m - 'Nuff said
therogue:sleeping samurai e-comic
elftown: the movie
batman fans
the one true superman



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pearlcrocodiles - Beautiful beadwork by [BlackDragon]
something about animating mary - A unique glimpse into the art behind Hollywood
wood sculpture pictures
Plush- Cute little Stuffy wuffs!


Elftown Help & Information

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Lord Josmar's Emporium of Useless Information
nominate a picture
elftown dictionary
elftown paranormal society
my way of life
my school is blocking elftown - An informative essay by [Hedda] illustrating an ever growing problem and it's solutions



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all things 80's cartoons contest
csi fans
gamers corner
hugh laurie fanclub
thundercat lovers
monty python fanclub members
monty python fanclub!
mxc fans
ninja turtles fan art gallery
pirates of the carribbean
saturday morning cartoons!
zombie apocalypse awareness - A must for Zombie fans!


Free Graphics

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Free Images
Elftown Graphics
hiddenfire decorations
mice cream crypt
my very own graphics page...



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faces for cheap
frog people united
geek wiki
how on earth did you pick that name?
how on earth did you find elftown?
insane cat cattery
only in the south
ewok stew and other tastey treats
little known facts about elftown
so you wanna make an emo house?
talk like a pirate day
the old wiki candy shop
which font are you?
astro adoption
elftown memes



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brokenmoon fan page - Information on how to obtain a book written by [travs the bean]
a night ouf magic by pamela tackett and farah woods
my favorite elftown/elfwood writers


Official and Non Official Competitions

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Elftown Photo Reference Marathon
contests hosted by lothuriel
Make a Quote
the ultimate marvel universe contest



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Elftown Photo Reference Marathon
Photographer's Wikiring
celluloid manipulations - Fantabulous photos by [playslashwrite] and [Saray]
photos by font
the corvus project - By [Skydancer]
photographing kentucky - A photo album of some of my favorite spots in KY



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Star Wars

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female starwars nerds



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elftown tutorials - A comprehensive guide to tutorial wikis in Elftown
pencil portretting tutorial
trennas' tips for story writing

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2008-10-24 [jaraden]: itching my idle brain trying to figure out what i've done wrong on my drawing page..
hates being internet idiotic..

2008-10-24 [Lothuriel]: What's the link, maybe i can help you fix it.

2008-10-24 [jaraden]: jaraden's drawings

yeah that's it.. there also a link from my page..

some came up doubles aswell, and i have no idea why..


2008-10-24 [jaraden]: thanks Loth by the way!! your wicked!!!! me is your newest bestest friend..

says the local idiot..

2008-10-24 [Lothuriel]: kk

2008-10-24 [jaraden]: i thinks i've made a royal mess of it..

2008-10-24 [Lothuriel]: I think I fixed it.

2008-10-24 [jaraden]: yeah, and you did a hell of a GREAT job too!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2008-10-24 [Lothuriel]: You are most welcome!

2008-10-25 [jaraden]: gives you sloppy kisses then licks your ear...


thank you thank you!!!!

2008-10-28 [Lothuriel]: whoot!

2008-10-28 [moira hawthorne]: loth gettin some lovin lol

2008-10-28 [jaraden]: i good for SOMEONE to get some loving... i ain't thats for sure!!


2008-10-28 [Daisy le Fleur]: lol I wonder if we should /pounce tackle him, ladies? <img:stuff/mood10_gif.gif>

2008-10-28 [Chimes]: XD

2008-10-28 [jaraden]: *runs away screaming like a little school girl*


2008-10-28 [moira hawthorne]: hehehehehe...

2008-10-28 [jaraden]: *hides in boy's bathroom*

can't get me in here!

2008-10-28 [moira hawthorne]: HA! I use the boy's bathrooms all the time... less crowded than the girl's one... so NO you are NOT safe!

2008-10-28 [jaraden]: awww crap..

*thinks of a hiding place*

i got it.. the janitor's closet...perfect

2008-10-28 [moira hawthorne]: you know... you really shouldnt 'announce' where you will be 'hidin' ...hahahaha

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