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2011-08-23 07:05:56
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Contest Began: 2nd May 2011
Contest Closed: 15th August 2011


Please place your entries here. Be sure to check that your entry fits the rules of the Elftown Prose Contest and follows the theme: Horror.

The format should be as follows:
Entry number. [Username]: [Linktoyourstory] (word count)

1. [Veltzeh]: EPC: For Love, Sky-Chaser (2995 words)

2. [NOOOPE]: A Storm (878 words)

3.[kians mummy]; behind the door (649 words)

4. [Marlene'Jacques]: The Legend of St Catherine's Church (2742 words)

5. [Alexi Ice]: Ginny (3,000 Words)

6. [Rice]: Scarlett (868 words)

7. [Mystin]: Nyctophobia (996 words)

8. [BookNerd]: Beast (969 words)

9. [Gastogh]: Passing the Time (2375 words)

10. [Dark Side of the Moon]: Through the Cellar Door (1882 words)

11. [Priscilla Primkin]: Terror in the Dark (1310 words)

12. [Karithina]: The Passenger (1333 words)



-Elftown Prose Contest

Username (or number or email):


2011-05-02 [SilverFire]: :O Sure you couldn't make it 5 words longer, Vel? :P

2011-05-02 [Veltzeh]: Actually OpenOffice showed me 3000 words but another word counter gave 2995... I call it the curse of the dashes. :P

2011-05-08 [Marlene'Jacques]: Grrrr...bloody wiki faffed all my formatting :( how the hell do I get it to look like it did in word??

2011-05-08 [Veltzeh]: If you want to put it on a plain wiki like this, then there's no way to preserve all the formatting from Word, unfortunately. You can, however, export the Word document as HTML, put that to a wikipage and change the wikipage's settings so that it thinks it's real HTML. (And if needed, you can put that real HTML wikipage on a regular wikipage in an iframe box so that it looks sort of like everyone else's wikipage.)

I'm not sure if fancy formatting is allowed in the contest, though, so better check that first. X)

2011-05-08 [Marlene'Jacques]: can you explain how i can do that please? the formatting isn't fancy at all...paragraphs and some italics but unfortunately the wiki pge i made for my entry some of the text goes way across the screen and the paras are all shot to pieces! :(

2011-05-08 [Marlene'Jacques]: its ok figured out when copy + pasting the wiki page makes the spacing double instead of single hence why the formatting was faffed up! Just gotta sort out how to indent the paragraph now! thank you [Veltzeh] for your help :)

2011-05-08 [Veltzeh]: We used to have an indentation tag but then Hedda changed Elftown's coding so that it doesn't work. :( Now the only way is with multiple spaces or a totally transparent gif.

2011-05-08 [Marlene'Jacques]: it's ok figured it out :) just left a line between each the formatting on your story :)

2011-05-14 [Alexi Ice]: That might just be a place holder...

2011-05-31 [Alexi Ice]: Changed my submission ^^

2011-06-07 [Gastogh]: Checking in with an entry, wut.

Laborious and unreliable formatting ftmfl.

2011-06-30 [Priscilla Primkin]: My submission is in. I’m afraid it’s not very original, but I hope it’s a good read nonetheless.

2011-07-01 [Veltzeh]: I just thought of something... When the stories are sent to the literature judges, I figure it might be better to send a version of my story with the conventional pronouns (either one, I don't care). The reason is because the judges who know me would immediately know it's my story if it has the gender-neutral ones.

2011-07-01 [Priscilla Primkin]: These aren’t anonymous submissions, so I don’t think it really matters, [Veltzeh]. The gender-neutral pronouns make your story more original. I would leave them in.

2011-07-01 [SilverFire]: Vel is referring to the fact that the Literature Judges aren't supposed to know who wrote which entry. However, that someone will recognise someone's writing style is always a risk, and it seems a bit absurd that people should change their style to avoid the possibility of being recognised. I'd leave it as is. <_<

2011-07-01 [Veltzeh]: Hmm, all right. It's a risk, sure, but with me it's blindingly obvious. ;)

2011-07-01 [SilverFire]: I had this problem at uni with some of my language classes this year – the exams were supposed to be marked anonymously, but you also had to write what course you were on. I was the only MA in the class, so it was always going t be obvious which paper was mine. <_<

I think some of the others have such distinct style that it will be obvious who wrote their entry, too. But not all the judges know all the entrants, and the judges who DO know you well enough to recognise you're style aren't going to go 'Oh, btw guys, that one's Vel's! :D'

2011-08-05 [Karithina]: I was going to get some friends to go over mine before I submitted it, but I don't know if I'll have time before the deadline to fix things now so this will do - better something than nothing :)

2011-08-09 [Alexi Ice]: New entry! And I worked really hard to get that word count exact and not run away with myself! Hope everyone likes ~ And hope it's not too, erm, graphic.

2011-09-23 [SilverFire]: <news:Winner of the [Elftown Prose Contest@wiki]!> Congratulations to [Gastogh] and thanks to all who entered! Your entries provoked some very lively debate amongst the judges, and choosing the final winner was very tough indeed. :)

2011-09-23 [Gastogh]: Yay! :D

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