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Art Competitions:

Christmas Art Competitions
Valentine Art Competitions
Halloween Art Competitions
ECM Character Art Competitions

Various Past Elftown Art Competitions


Photography Competitions:

Christmas Photography Competitions
Valentine Photography Competitions
Halloween Photography Competitions
ECM Character Photo Competitions
ET Photograph Competitions - For the winning results.
ET Photograph Archives - For past entries.

Various Past Elftown Photography Competitions


Writing Competitions:

Christmas Writing Competitions
Valentine Writing Competitions
Halloween Writing Competitions
ECM Character Writing Competitions

Various Past Elftown Writing Competitions


Elftown Graphic/Building Competitions:

ET sci-fi logo contest - Winner: [BinaryPhoenix]

Elftown Mood Contest - First place (tie): [Black Raven] & [Elegy - gone], Second: [LvSha]

ET Front Page Art Contest!, 2005 - Winner: [Dr.No]

Merchandise Logo Competition, 2004

Draw the Council, 2004 - Winner: [Aliena]

Mainstreet Image Competition, 2004 - Winner: [Allthatjazz]

frontpage-competition, 2004 - Winners: [Liv] & [Dr.No]

Christmas FrontPage competition, 2003 - Winner: [liiga]

Elftown-graphic-for-Elfwood-competition, 2003 - Winner: [tankerman]

icon-competition, 2003 - Winner: [yesidiaz]
Theme: Elftown browser icon

Elftown-Donor-logo-competition, 2003 - Winner: [liiga]
Theme: Donors of Funds logo

elftown-diary-competition, 2003 - Winners: [akilah], [Grumble], [Mistaya], [vlad] & [yesidiaz]
Theme: Diary image

Name That Computer!, 2004 - Winner: [Hendercrazy] - "ELFTRON"
Theme: Name the computer that runs Elftown


RP Competitions:

Patrons' Challenge, 2007 - Winners: Best description: [Kachichan], Best character portrait: [Somewhereoverth erainbow]

Official Role-Playing Tournament - Winner: [Lerune]


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2009-12-27 [SilverFire]: Hey Cilla, where are you listing the Halloween Costume Competitions? Under Art? It would probably best to list them in their own section, and with any future Craft competitions, as they all use the same Artisan penguin badge. :)

2009-12-29 [Cillamoon]: Sounds good, I will take care of that today. Thanks Silver!

2010-10-20 [SilverFire]: This page needs to be updated for the latest RP competition - the Character Challenge.

2011-04-04 [Nioniel]: *poke* Lots of stuff here needs to be updated. Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's, etc. :)

2011-04-19 [SilverFire]: Hey Cilla, Crafty Fairytales isn't listed anywhere. D:

2011-04-20 [nehirwen]: It's listed on Various Past Elftown Art Competitions.

2011-04-20 [SilverFire]: So it is. :S I searched each page for the phrase 'Crafty Fairytales' and it didn't come up at all. It still doesn't, even though I can see it right there on the page. >_< wtf?

2011-04-20 [nehirwen]: Oh! I can comment! Did you have to delete a ton of the same comment? I went on an annoyed clickingspree as my comment didn't seem to appear. x)
And weird, my Ctrl-f found it just fine.

2011-04-20 [Rice]: It's happening to me as well. .3. I posted in the bug forum about it but I was wondering if it was my internet being weird.

2011-04-20 [SilverFire]: I didn't have to delete any, but I did get lots of notifications of comments on this wiki when there where none.

2011-04-20 [Akayume]: I put in a comment on the bugs forum for that problem. DX

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