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True, plain and simple

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Name: Tim

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The funny thing about personal descriptions is that they don't do their job very well if the user can't be bothered to write one...With that in mind, I might as well try.

My name is Tim, and I'm a world-travelle­d computer science enthusiast. I've lived in various parts of Canada, Hong Kong, and the United States, and in my travels I have visited China (mainland), Finland, Latvia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Thailand (having stopped over in many other places). Most of my time is spent typing out lines of code in one of the following programming / scripting / mark-up languages:
 - ActionScript
 - C
 - C++
 - CSS
 - Java
 - JavaScript
 - PHP
 - Pike
 - SQL
 - Visual Basic .NET

Some of my time is spent doing various tech things for Elftown, such as designing stylesheets that can be found on th Stylesheet Archive and making the buttons that you see at the top of the page. I also wrote the original code for the new(ish) mood page layout, but [Hedda] is the one responsible for making it work as well as it should. The rest of my programming efforts typically go into my web design company Last Frontier Technologies (, which I use to make a little extra money on the side.

I graduated from high school on May 27th, 2007, and am attending University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. Though my academic performance is high, I also tend to be fairly lazy, so try to have some patience with me if you ask for something that I don't get around to doing right away. On a typical day I have a million things that my poor planning has kept me from getting done and as a result I can't tackle everything at once.

I've met some Elftowners personally, too:
 - [Nita], my best friend
 - [evilhamster], supah-hero partner and fellow Hexic addict
 - [Kii'ia], my apprentice Dark Snail
 - [Isilando], programmer to the core
 - [Veltzeh], Literati master
 - [Linderel], fellow Daily Poem Boss
 - Some other inactive people

While I'm sure that there's more to say, I think that this is enough for now. Maybe I'll take another sta at writing something more interesting later. Hola, and enjoy Elftown! :)

Personal Information

Age: 19
Born: 1989-03-18
Gender: Male
Civil status: Single
Sexual preference: Opposite Sex
Body shape: Normal
Height: 170
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Fantasy race personality: Elf
Elfwood artist: No
Elfwood writer: No
Elftown crew wannabe: Yes