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How To Buy?

- Go to our shop:

See how it looks on Elftowners on Elftown t-shirts.

The prices displayed are prices that charges per item. Elftown does not add any mark-up.
Keep in mind you are also charged with shipment costs.

Shipment to the USA
1-5 products = $5
10 products = $9.55
15 products = $11.55
20 products = $13.55

Shipment to other continents is more expensive, please check the shop for details.

* Cafepress charges less shipment costs per item if you order between 2-5 or more than 10 products to one address.



Elftown has permission from the artist(s) to use the art for this merchandise.
Do not take any art without permission of said artist(s).

The Elftown-logo by [Saffron]

(For the products we use a larger, slightly darker version that includes .com)

A) Custom white shirt for men
Sizes: S-XXXXL
Price: Front (pocket) and back $16.99

B) Custom white shirt for women
Sizes: S-XXL
Price: Front (pocket) and back $16.99

C) Dark t-shirt
Colours: Black, cardinal, navy, military green, red, brown and charcoal
Sizes: S-XXXL
Price: Front (center) $18.99

D) Custom hoodie
Colours: White and grey
Sizes: M-XXL
Price: Front (pocket) and back $27.99

E) Button
Size: 2"25
Price: $1.25 per button, $10 per 10 buttons


To make a donation to Elftown, please go to <URL:donate.html>


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2007-11-28 [de Morte]: Any chance the sweatshirt could be in black?

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