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Welcome to the home of the Elftown Gods If you wish to join, message one of the Emperor Gods With your request and tell them what kind of God or Goddess You would like to be...

 (*Notice*) The Emperor Gods may reject your application to become a God or Goddess for any reason and without informing you. If your house contains things that break the Uploading Art Rules or you have a bad record here on Elftown, Do not expect to be added to the list. Please refrain from repeatedly messaging the Emperor Gods with the same questions, it only slows processes and answers down. And please, if a friend of yours wants to join, have him/her ask us THEMSELVES. Any harassment to any member here will result in your immediate expulsion, and even if you are not a part of this Wiki, you WILL be immediately reported to the Guards. All Emperor Gods reserve the full right to exclude any and all persons from joining for any reason. 

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She Rules over all.


Emperor Gods are in charge of Elftown Gods If you have a problem, question, or request, send them a message

If you want to become a Emperor God, private message one of the Emperors with your reasons, why you want to become one, why you should be one, how you would help out with the wiki.

The Names of the Gods are forged here for Eternity

The Elftown Gods 


To see the Elftown Gods, enter The Temple of the Elftown Gods


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Those stripped of their powers. Shamed Deities who no longer stain our halls with their presence. Now they rot within the dark Temple of Those Who are Shamed


Though they are not Gods, they hold honor for their beauty and rareness. Some day they will rise to the title of Deity, though for now, they are honored as they are.
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2008-10-27 [kay-chan]: I always have the feeling that they're laughing AT, not WITH me.

2008-10-28 [Flisky]: Meh. Sometimes it's the same. I laugh at me, too.

2008-10-28 [kay-chan]: Aaaack, but now none of my professors take me seriously anymore. I give them shit, so they retaliate, and then we're ribbing on each other and all I can do is go "OH SHIT we're friends." >.<

2008-10-28 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Being friends with your professors is cool. And in general - being friends with people is cool.
Just... I hope this friendship doesn't make them give you higher marks than you deserve.
BTW, sorry I was away these past few days... My Granny died, and I just didn't feel like internet much. I needed my IRL friends.

2008-10-29 [kay-chan]: Really? I hope exactly the opposite. I love high marks, they make my tummy feel warm.

...oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. How are you holding up?

2008-10-29 [Flisky]: *hugs Jino* That's makes me sad.

And Kay, just so long as you actually deserve them.

2008-10-31 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: I'm coping.
And... Yes - warm, but only if you actually have the knowledge needed for the marks.

2008-10-31 [kay-chan]: Jiiiino, I can bake you rainbow sunshine cookies if you want.

Honestly, I'm not a suckup, and most of the time the tests are graded completely fairly (multiple choice), so... :P Don't you guys want me to do well regardless? ;____;

2008-11-01 [Flisky]: Do well, yes. Cheat? Well, only when necessary. :P

2008-11-01 [kay-chan]: Haha, no cheating. :P Heeeey I'm smart enough to get through my classes on my own.

2008-11-02 [Flisky]: *shrug* So was I. But sometimes, as I learned, profs cheat, so we do too. I had this biology prof who was always giving us test questions to chapters we hadn't covered, so what we did was went to the library and looked up all his tests. (He never changed them. They were always the same.) We still learned because all his tests were short answer, but we also knew the extra stuff, too.

2008-11-06 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: I'd like the cookies. :)

2008-11-06 [Flisky]: Rainbow sunshine cookies. Sounds like something a carebear would bake...

2008-11-12 [Flisky]: Hellloooo!!

2008-11-13 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Yup! Present! Sorry... haven't been on the internet chatting for a while...

2008-11-14 [Flisky]: I have no I'm always here.

2008-11-14 [kay-chan]: I've had internet apathy lately. D:

2008-11-14 [Flisky]: I've been doing alot of manga drawing...that and ET have been my life outside of work. I'm so lame!!

2008-11-19 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Why don't you go out and find some friends?

2008-11-19 [kay-chan]: Flisk is crawling in friends. Dry-humping her leg. I know, I was there. :D 3 days until I'm 21!

2008-11-19 [Flisky]: Heehee. Don't do anything I wouldn't do. But that's not much, so be careful.

2008-11-19 [kay-chan]: I'll try not to have too much fun. And if I do, I'll name it after you.

(Nooooo I'm hella careful all the time.)

2008-11-19 [Flisky]: Well, have fun all the same. ;)

2008-11-19 [kay-chan]: Oh so much, I'm hella excited... especially since I'm going home, too. :D My college gives us the whole week off. What are you guys going to be up to for Thanksgiving? ...except for you, Jino. You get no massive amounts of turkey. :3

2008-11-19 [Flisky]: I don't like turkey...I don't particularly like Thanksgiving....especially since I'm supposed to be on a diet. 

2008-11-20 [kay-chan]: D: Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Mostly because I get tasty food and family (somewhat tolerable in small doses) and presents. And I REALLY like turkey. >.> Then again I've never been a picky eater...

2008-11-20 [Flisky]: I'm not picky. I really just don't like Turkey....Meh...

2008-11-20 [kay-chan]: Yeah, it happens... My friend doesn't like it only because apparently her family doesn't cook it well (it's all dry D: )

2008-11-20 [Flisky]: I've never had good turkey. At least none that I liked. :)

2008-11-20 [kay-chan]: Haha, I'm sure it's out there... :3

2008-11-21 [Flisky]: Maybe. *starts daydreaming* The perfect turkey...

2008-11-24 [Daring Silence]: Turkey. So Yummy. *drools a bit*

2008-11-25 [kay-chan]: Turkey's my fav... And my family's mashed potatos, nomnomnom. ...My hands are freezing. Otherwise my reply would be longer. I'm typing at a rate of 2 wpm with plenty of typo's. D:

2008-11-25 [Flisky]: That's okay. I'm being distracted by Star Wars...

2008-11-26 [Daring Silence]: I like eggs! I hate eggs. Like really. Hate the smell, the feel of them in my mouth....gross.

But I like mashed taters.

2008-11-26 [Flisky]: The strangness abounds...

2008-11-26 [kay-chan]: Nom eggs. I can understand hating them, but when you grow up with them... I dunno, I have no idea why I like them. XD

2008-11-27 [Flisky]: I have a co-worker who says eggs are gross because they are liquid chickens. I almost gagged.

2008-11-27 [kay-chan]: They're not. Only a small part is the chicken bit. :P The rest is just protein. The FOOD for the liquid chicken. XD

2008-11-28 [Flisky]: Well, I know that. But simply the idea of liquid chicken...ewww...

2008-11-28 [Daring Silence]: that doesnt bother me. just the texture

2008-11-29 [kay-chan]: Mmm, chicken smoothie. :P IT HAPPENS DON'T JUDGE ME *cries*

2008-11-29 [Flisky]: I got the disturbing comment from a friend at work that eating liquid chicken would be like eating liquid *insert male name here*. And there were two other females in the breakroom besides myself. We all cracked up and he was really confused.

2008-12-01 [kay-chan]: Oh that's a little creepy. XD

2008-12-01 [Flisky]: He didn't understand why we were laughing.

2008-12-02 [kay-chan]: I don't really understand why you were laughing, but my mind goes straight to innuendo and I giggle a little.

2008-12-02 [Flisky]: That's why we were laughing. XD

2008-12-02 [kay-chan]: Awesome. Because I think he was totally like "...they're going to put me in a blender! D:"

2008-12-02 [Flisky]: Probably. Heehee.

2008-12-17 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Christ, how long WAS I gone?

2008-12-17 [Flisky]: Too long, methinks.

2008-12-17 [kay-chan]: You missed a whole bunch of drama. Flisk got me preggers with siamese twins, half of us discovered long-lost siblings and I got a scholarship for $2,300.

...only that last part is true. I'm so excited. SCOTLAND YOU BEST WATCH OUT.

2008-12-17 [Flisky]: You mean you lied about the twins? *cries*

2008-12-17 [kay-chan]: Oh, well, they're not SIAMESE twins. I just told you that for the extra money for the obviously complicated birth.

2008-12-17 [Flisky]: You might have told me that! Jeez.

(Oh, and congrats on the whole scholarship thing. Glad I don't live in Scotland.)

2008-12-17 [kay-chan]: Baby I woulda told you eventually.

(Thanks! I don't envy'em.)

2008-12-17 [Flisky]: Heehee. [kay-chan] is my baby momma!

2008-12-17 [kay-chan]: Dude, have you seen that movie? ...hilarious. Oooh Tina Fey.

2008-12-18 [Flisky]: Heehee. I know.

2008-12-21 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: ...?
I... Don't get it...
::turns [Flisk-girl] into a male::
NOW I get it. :)

2008-12-22 [MatchBookRom3o]: *jumps into conversation randomly as always*

2008-12-22 [Flisky]: *looks down and scratches head* Hey. I'm a guy...

2008-12-22 [kay-chan]: You'd be surprised at how often that happens.

2008-12-23 [MatchBookRom3o]: so what have i missed in my severely long absence

2008-12-23 [Flisky]: I became a guy.

2008-12-23 [kay-chan]: I'm preggers and going to Scotland.

2008-12-23 [MatchBookRom3o]: Really now... im still a guy and i find it difficult to get preggo...i keep trying but it just aint happenin

2008-12-23 [Flisky]: But I don't want to be a guy. I like being girly.

2008-12-24 [MatchBookRom3o]: *returns [Flisky] to her feminine state*

2008-12-24 [Flisky]: *promply dons a skirt* Much better.

2008-12-24 [MatchBookRom3o]: i aim to please

2008-12-26 [kay-chan]: You know, you can do that as a guy. Not preggo, the skirt. *whips out camera with a hopeful gleam to her eye*

2008-12-26 [Flisky]: *hides* I'm not a guy anymore!

2008-12-27 [MatchBookRom3o]: Is that a suggestion that i don a skirt? um i think not

2008-12-27 [Flisky]: *holds out a kilt* It's close, anyway.

2008-12-28 [MatchBookRom3o]: um nope

2008-12-28 [Flisky]: *shrugs* Oh, well. I tried.

2008-12-28 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: ::turns into a muscular, bearded, almost cartoony Scotsman::
Aye. Now where did ya go, lad...
::finds [Flisky] and turns her into a girly guy... keeping th skirt::

2008-12-29 [Flisky]: *looks down again* Well...crap.

Now apparently I'm a cross dresser...*quickly puts on the kilt* But even cross dressers have their dignity.

2008-12-29 [kay-chan]: *whips leafblower out* So... are ye wearin' it proper?

2008-12-30 [Flisky]: Why? You got a blue ribbon for me?

2008-12-30 [kay-chan]: ...if by 'blue ribbon' you mean 'invitation to the party in my pants' then yes.

2008-12-30 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: ::takes out a camera, lights a cigarette and waits quietly, trying to be as unnoticeable as possible, but deciding to not turn invisible::

2008-12-30 [MatchBookRom3o]: *sits in a chair to enjpy the show*

2008-12-30 [Araglas]: *is reading book, but looks mildly amused*

2008-12-30 [kay-chan]: ...*feels watched* O___O

2008-12-31 [MatchBookRom3o]: you are watched...very watched

2008-12-31 [kay-chan]: THEMS BE FIGHTIN' WORDS. Not really. But I got a tattoo so that makes me a badass, right?

2008-12-31 [Flisky]: *looks around* Can I just be a girl again?

2008-12-31 [kay-chan]: *sigh* Jino, can Flisk be a girl again? I promise to keep hitting on her. Or something. Or I'll try.

2008-12-31 [MatchBookRom3o]: So if you having a tattoo makes you badass im like super badass because i've got like 50 right?

2009-01-01 [Flisky]: Having a tattoo makes you crazy, not badass. Thousands of needles staining your skin colors it's not supposed to be...*shudder*

2009-01-01 [MatchBookRom3o]: No i think im a badass

2009-01-01 [kay-chan]: Yeah, I'd go with badass. Thousands of UV rays hit my skin every day in an attempt to make it a color it's not supposed to be. Plus with the cancer That's not badass, though. Now I'm just confused. HAPPY NEW YEARS!

2009-01-01 [MatchBookRom3o]: thank you

2009-01-01 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: ::reverts the gender change:: Personally, I see the human skin as a fairly big canvas... Tattoos don't make you badass, but a stylish tattoo can be a cool/pretty thing...
I myself don't have any though. I know me, and I'm fairly certain I'm going to want a different, "better" tattoo for the same spot I placed the first one, in just a few months... That's why I stick to make-up and bodypaints.

2009-01-02 [Flisky]: Ugh. How did we get on the one topic that makes me cringe?

2009-01-02 [kay-chan]: I thought about it for... 9 months. Nope, I'm good. FLISK LOOK A SHINY NEW CHANGE OF TOPIC. How did everybody enjoy the change from 08 to 09?

2009-01-02 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: ::shrug:: It was... boring. :P
I have the strange sensation, that the national television has been recycling the same new-year's show for the past 20 years... Only rising the costs and singers' fees.

2009-01-02 [kay-chan]: Hey, recycling is good for the environment. Like I watched TV. I was busy bullshitting out on a porch with mah bitches.

2009-01-04 [Flisky]: I was heavily drugged. Painkillers and alcohol. Not a good combo.

2009-01-04 [kay-chan]: Ooh, that's not good. What are the painkillers for? You know it's bad for the baby.

2009-01-04 [MatchBookRom3o]: i like booze

2009-01-04 [Flisky]: I had to take my horse tranquilizer migrain medication. And then I forgot I took it and started drinking. Totally not what I wanted to to happen, but entertaining anyway.

2009-01-05 [kay-chan]: Always a good way to top off an evening...

2009-01-05 [Araglas]: Hmmm was I the only one who didn't drik on new years?

Not saying anyone is an alcoholic or anything like that, but everyone I know at least one glass of something alcoholic...does that just make me wierd that I didn't?

Oh and BTW I am now officially 19! Turned it on the first!! I am a new years baby lol

2009-01-05 [kay-chan]: Happy biiiiirthday! You have the same bday as my grandma. :D

I know people who didn't drink. I drank, but didn't even get tipsy. Fun times!

2009-01-06 [Flisky]: I've never been drunk, but I have enjoyed the bliss of a drugged stupor. Heehee.

And happy birthday, [Araglas]!

2009-01-06 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Happy B-day. :)
I drank. Different types of alcohol. But I didn't get drunk. ((I don't like to anyway)).
On the drug thing... Never used those, prolly never will.

2009-01-06 [Flisky]: Mine are all prescription. I am required by doctors to take them. Bleh. Otherwise I probably never would.

Still, when you mix them wrong, you can get some funny reactions.

2009-01-07 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: I don't like the idea.

2009-01-07 [Flisky]: It is one thing I would never suggest to anyone. Don't, unless your life depends on it (and sometimes mine does), try drugs. Ever.

2009-01-09 [kay-chan]: Don't ever buy drugs kids. ...become a rockstar, and they give'em to you for free! :D but drugs are bad.

2009-01-10 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Enough on the subject of drugs, k?
I've lost a friend or two because they started drug abuse, and didn't care 'bout anything else any more.
Now then...
I've got it! ::takes out a bucket of jellybears from his inside pocket:: Who wants CANDY!!!!

2009-01-10 [Flisky]: *leaps at Jino, trying to get at the candy* CANDY!!!

2009-01-11 [kay-chan]: CANDY!! *steals a bunch of them* *being the Goddess of Theft and all*

2009-01-12 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: ::places the candy on the table:: <<yes, the table was ALWAYS there... Or so you think>> Here you go! :)

2009-01-12 [Flisky]: *grabs at candy, then pauses, turning to Kay* You don't think it's...poisoned or something, do you?

2009-01-13 [kay-chan]: *has already eaten a bunch of it* ... >.> Well we can wait for a few minutes to find out...

2009-01-13 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: ::carefully inspects the candy::
Thank god! I left the poisoned candy for another wiki...
I have to remember to give it to them. :)

2009-01-14 [kay-chan]: *chomps down on non-poisoned candy* And now I'll just die of the diabeetus!

2009-01-14 [Flisky]: *stares* Insulin anyone?

2009-01-14 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: No, thank you.

2009-01-14 [Flisky]: *eats candy* Good thing I don't have any blood sugar disorders.

2009-01-14 [kay-chan]: Mmm, blood sugar. Nomnomnom.

2009-01-15 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Hm... I should someday send you to a realm I haven't visited in a loong time... But I somehow feel you'd like it there... ::transports [Flisky] and [kay-chan] to Lost insanity and then eats all the candy himself, because he stayed here::

2009-01-16 [Flisky]: *in the middle of eating candy looks up* Aw cra- *disappears in a poof of multi-colored smoke*

2009-01-16 [kay-chan]: *poofs away*

*returns briefly to fill pockets with candy*

*disappears again*

2009-01-17 [MatchBookRom3o]: What is it with all the damn poofing

2009-01-19 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: I like to make things go "poof". Or "bamf", for that matter.

2009-01-22 [MatchBookRom3o]: ah... entertainment value

2009-01-22 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: YUP- I Like to entertain. ::bamfs away for a bit:: <<BAMF>>

2009-04-10 [kay-chan]: I'm a BAMF all the time. *BAMF's*

2009-04-12 [Morrigon]: Can you bamf in or only out?

2009-04-15 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: <<BAMF>> I can Bamf any way and anywhere I want... It's a basic godly ability... Though many people preffer flames, or roses, or lightning or whatever... I find the bamf a cute way to teleport. :D

2009-04-16 [kay-chan]: It's how the goddamn Nightcrawler does it, so I couldn't agree more. :D I love that fuzzy dude.

2009-04-17 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: ::shrugs:: I like him. I like other teleporting critters as well... But a bamf is just more soothing than a blink, and hurts your eyes and ears less.

2009-04-17 [Morrigon]: <<BAMF!>>

I think I need practice. It smells like farts when I bamf

2009-04-19 [kay-chan]: It's supposed to do that, unless you take special pills.

2009-04-19 [Morrigon]: DAMMIT why the hell aren't I notified about these things?

2009-04-19 [Flisky]: There are special pills?

2009-04-21 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: ::takes some out of his pocket::
Oh, yes, unless you can fiddle with the improbability factor, you have to take these.
::places them on the table::
I don't need them anymore.
See? I'm an improbability-factor-genius...

2009-04-21 [Morrigon]: Have I ever mentioned how much I falking HATE Dreamweaver?

2009-04-21 [kay-chan]: Dreamweaver = an hour-long headache, but only because I wasn't the one working on it, my friend was, and wouldn't let me see. :( The moment I got on... bam! Done. 5 minutes. But it was just simple changes, really. :P

2009-04-23 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Dreamweaver?

2009-04-23 [Morrigon]: Dreeeeeamweaver. I believe you could probably make me cryyyyyy

2009-04-28 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: What?

2009-04-29 [kay-chan]: *sings with her* Dreeeamweeeaver, I believe you will keep me up through the niiight...

2009-04-29 [Morrigon]: Sorry Jino :P

2009-05-02 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: ...?
I have no clue what the fuck that was. Care to enlighten me?

2009-05-02 [kay-chan]: XD There's a song called 'dreamweaver.' We were singing a slightly altered version of it.

2009-05-03 [Morrigon]: Yeah, it's a stupid song too. GAH!

2009-05-05 [kay-chan]: Seriously. Now it's stuck in my head. XP

2009-05-05 [Morrigon]: Damn, let's move on from there before we drive ourselves mad.

2009-05-05 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Whose song is it?

2009-05-05 [kay-chan]: ...something White? No... Hehe. I had to google it. Gary Wright. >3> *flips on headbanging music to distract people*

2009-05-07 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: :P

2009-05-08 [Morrigon]: Yeah, youtube it but don't blame us.

2009-05-12 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: I prolly will, when I go home and turn my PC on...
After I get some sleep.

2009-05-12 [kay-chan]: Sleep is for the weak. Speaking of which. I'm gonna fail two classes. D: *dies*

2009-05-12 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Why?!?

2009-05-13 [kay-chan]: I'm absolutely not ready for the finals, one of my classes I'm going to fail just because I'm not a religious studies student, and I have no idea how they grade here. I actually am just hoping to pass. Plus I had another death in the family right at the start of the exam period and guess who didn't felt like studying? I'll give ya a hint, it starts with a K and ends with ay-chan. Can someone just shoot me now? I figure a bullet wound to the face is a good reason for not passing.

2009-05-14 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: ...
Group hug?
::hugs [kay-chan]::

2009-05-14 [Flisky]: *glomps Kay and Jino in the process*

2009-05-14 [kay-chan]: YAY group hug. <3

2009-05-15 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Feels kinda weird due to other events taking place elsewhere.

2009-05-15 [Flisky]: *grins like an idiot* How wierd?

2009-05-15 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: ::shrugs:: Cutely weird. Fun weird. WEIRD weird. :)

2011-07-27 [Mortified Penguin]: What, I'm not god quality?

2011-07-27 [kay-chan]: Well I wasn't gonna say it but. Uhm. AWKWARD.

2011-08-02 [Danboo]: yup

2011-08-04 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Indubitably.

2011-08-08 [Morrigon]: Sundaaaay bloody sundaaaaay

2011-08-08 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: I love that song!

2011-08-30 [Morrigon]: Of course. You're handsome and not American :P

2011-08-31 [kay-chan]: Um, I'm American and like the song. Does that mean I'm doubly handsome to make up for it?

2011-09-09 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Kay, hon, "handosme" is only used when referring to males. :D

Morri, my lady, THANK YOU! ::bows::

2011-09-09 [Flisky]: Not when you're in a Jane Austen novel. XD

2011-09-09 [Morrigon]: Or if you're Glenn Close.

2011-09-09 [kay-chan]: Good enough arguments for me. I'm so handsome! :D

2011-09-14 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: ::shrugs:: Fine. :)

2013-10-15 [Slayer Chick]: meow

2013-10-15 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Mew! :)

2013-10-15 [Slayer Chick]: hehe how cute!! mew mew ^^
I have not seen activity in this wiki for a long a$$ time!
Used to be a popular one from what I can remember...

2013-10-17 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Used to be.
Most wikis I'm part of have been dead-ishfor a long while too.
I guess... ::shrugs:: I dunno.
We're growing up.
And the new generation's different.
And maybe, after Facebook, ET just isn't as popular as it once was.
And also maybe, after DA and Behance took over... Elfwood (which used to be the main source of Elftown users) isn't as popular either.
I dunno. ::shrugs::

2013-10-19 [Slayer Chick]: You are correct about that one

2013-10-21 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Which one?

2013-10-21 [Slayer Chick]: we are growing up. new generation differs from us.

2013-10-23 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Yeah.
Also, this used to be place for mostly artists, with no idea of what Facebook is.
It takes a bit of creativity and a bit of madness to go "Hey... Can I be god in this place?"

And... I can't believe how much we're growing up. I just read your comment and was like "How long have I been an ET member?"
9 years. Nine years! That's a lot!

2013-10-26 [kay-chan]: For me, 11 years on this place. Yeah, I'm drifting away. I haven't been on Elfwood in years and years.

2013-10-31 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: I... I have a confession to make... I've only ever visited Elfwood like... Twice in my life. :)

2013-10-31 [Mortified Penguin]: I've been here for a decade now. And yet, I'm still not a featured member or on the crew... stupid Elftown...

2013-11-03 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Heh. You have to apply to be on the crew.
As for the feature... No idea how it works. But don't forget there's still THOUSANDS of Elftowners. :)

2013-11-03 [Mortified Penguin]: Yeah, but only like 20 active ones though.

2013-11-04 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Eh... I dunno.

2013-11-26 [Daemon SaDiablo]: A bit sad, but ET had its boom period. Now, well I don't even know if I'd consider it limping along. Guess we'll join the ranks of old mythos past. Once worshiped, then forgotten and ignored. Rather ironic considering what we had here on this wiki at least.

2013-12-09 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Aye... Well, all Gods have to some day step down, and give the crown to the New Generation.
That, or evolve.
Which is the same thing.

2014-06-11 [Danboo]: all of this hits me right in the heart T.T

2014-06-11 [Danboo]: HOW DARE YOU MAKE THE (albiet mistaken) GOD OF PLANES FEEL!

2014-06-13 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Hm... By stating the obvious, apparently. :) And because I really, REALLY think it's not bad to have feelings. :)

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