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[Hokage Hagakure] god of great warriors-his powers include a fighting skill unmatched in hand-to-hand combat, and ninja skills unmeasured, also when the moon is full he can walk through the shadows to get from place to place .He is also the leader of a great army and is loved by his followers unconditionally. his fighting skills have been known to defeat 1000 warriors in one fight! he is also the teacher of martial arts to the gods of elftown!

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE] GoD OF ChaoS
In the beginning there was ChaoS. then ChaoS got bored and decided to do something, seeing HE was all that is, and all that is not. So ChaoS created the first ChildreN OF ChaoS. One of them was THE CREATOR. He asked DaddY for some space, and began creating the worlds. And the rest of the ChildreN became the first GodS. Except for Jino.
Jino learned all from THE CREATOR, and decided to wander the worlds to gain experience and have fun.
At a time, he was GoD OF BlooD and GoD OF FlameS, because the other GodS got tired, but their own ChildreN were too young to take over. Now a skillful fighter and wizard, Jino still wanders the Worlds and Planes. Although he never considered himself a GoD, the people chose him as GoD OF ChaoS, and he liked the title. Thus becoming the true GoD OF ChaoS.

[Morrigon] Empress Goddess
As the Empress of the Gods, she is the one who cares for all gods and beings. She, Along with her most trusted Gods, welcome new members, and create new Gods every day. Though she is usually kind, if you hit upon her bad side, your chances of making it out alive are nonexistant...

[Avoral] God Of ^_^!
[Avoral] controls all that is full of cheer and ^_^! From his fingertips flow bunnies and ducks but not Easter because there's too many eggs there and eggs smell bad; his hair is made of happy, and his eyes radiate love and cuteness. To those overly sad and/or depressed and/or not happy souls out there, you're either screwed or he'll fill you with lots of ^_^! and pudding, because pudding is also something he has control over unless a God of Pudding comes along and decides to be a bastard. Stupid pudding gods. They need their nuts kicked in. But if it's a Goddess of Pudding... Oh yeah. ^.- Anyway, though, things that are cute, sweet, lovable, meepish, and usually with short attention spans all fall into his domain; but above all, he rules over ^_^! Here, we have a picture of [Avoral] in his truest form:

[Mayuya] Goddess of The Stars

The Goddess of The Stars have a particular form to say the things...

I am the goddess of those who light up the night while the Moon lulls asleep.
I am the keeper of lover's secret wishes.
I am the guardian of shooting stars,gliding whilst wishes come true...
If soulmates's bindings come apart,
If those wishes don't come true,
One of my stars's lights fades away ;
But always a new star is born from within infinity's neverending wings...
I respect those who worship me.
I shall give light to those who love me
I shall turn night into day when lovers are free
I shall give angels their wings when dawns give me their glee
I shall turn hate into love when phoenixes soar above hearts
And I shall give them their own star...

[Orouriel], Goddess of The Floating Cheese
As the Goddess of The Floating Cheese, [Orouriel], of course, created The Floating Cheese. Many people don't know anything about the powers of The Floating Cheese. This is why The Floating Cheese isn't quite accepted in our society. As the Goddess of The Floating Cheese, It's [Orouriel]'s task to bring people the joyful news of the many advantages of The Floating Cheese. Than they can hail The Floating Cheese. To help [Orouriel] with her task, you can worship her to prove her your loyalty, it might give her new energy to bring the message of The Floating Cheese!

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