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Brought to you by the Council and Assembly
Contest concept presented by [Elandain]


Welcome to the Elftown costume design contest. This is not a Halloween contest, but a chance to show your skills at costume design, and/or construction. So, shall we begin?



1: As usual, all work must be your own. No matter how much you love someone's costume, or drawing, you may not enter it for them. Anyone entering copied or stolen work will have their entry deleted.

2: Photos only, in the photo section, and drawings only in the drawing section. The competitions are separate, so please post entries in the right section. 

3: No photomanips. We only want drawings or photos of costumes you design.

4: Any photo of a costume, must have you (the elftowner) in the costume, so we know it is your work. There should also be an additional image of either the half made costume, or a reference photo of yourself, so we can verifiy the work is your own. (I know this can be a pain, but photos are too easy to steal, and difficult to verify) No photo will be accepted without the additional photo. No exceptions, sorry.

5: 2 entries per member maximum.


Since the chosen images will be featured on Main Street, we would like to keep them fairly small. Your image should be no wider than 300 pixels and the height should be no more than 500. Be creative but please keep that in mind!





How to post it here:
Add your image after the last one that has been already posted. Don't forget to write its title and your user name. For example:

1. "Title" - [insert user name]

Two Images will be chosen by the Council and the Assembly among all those presented. One winner will be chosen from each category (photos, and drawings).


Costume Contest August 2005


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- Costume Designers

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2005-05-06 [ArchangelGabriel]: Could it be a character from a story i've written?

2005-05-06 [Broken Saints]: I'd say no. If that were the case, I could make up a story and just describe the character as looking like myself (the way I normally dress). Besides, the theme is game costumes.

2005-05-06 [Tellie]: I don't really play much rp games, the only ones I play, the costumes are completely 2d. What should I draw?

2005-05-06 [Broken Saints]: Just becaue the game play is 2d, doesnt mean you still cant do it. The original Mortal Kombats were 2d for a while, and people were still their favorite characters.

2005-05-06 [Ihsahn]: council and assembly are not linked so i fixed it :)

2005-05-07 [Princess Carwash]: YAY!!! When im older i want to be a fashion designer for runway and for red carpet! now i can finally test my skills. i wanted to know if for the photo's were supposed to be you and an ensemble that you designed AND sewed or if you could design it and draw it onto a photo of you? im not sure if that would be considered photo-manipulation but i assume so. fill me in please i would also like to make it known that the rules do state that it can be any type of game, not just rpg's. so i think you could do video games, board games, and even games like pac man... but good luck if you do chose pacman! lol.

2005-05-09 [Sunny Silverunicorn]: I guess the rules mean that you should be wearing the cloth you have designed, not just a combination of two photots.

2005-05-09 [Dark Daemon]: would you have to draw the charactor inside the suit or just the suit with the title of the charactor next to it

2005-05-09 [Sunny Silverunicorn]: Daemon, My previous answer was directed to the Photography section of the contest. Ofcourse if you want to enter the drawing section, you'll have to draw the newly designed clothes for the character, on the characters own body. (Even though you could just draw the suit/cloth and declare whom it belongs, but wouldn't it be more fun and eye appealing if you draw the character too?)

2005-05-10 [Charybdis]: Ooh! ^^ *adds this one to the lengthy list of contests she is hoping to enter*

2005-05-10 [Fire fae]: how many images for person? Also would like to know if LARP costumes can enter and same question as the person bellow.

2005-05-10 [elemental]: do you need to draw the actuall character, or just the clothing as it would be worn?

2005-05-10 [MoonDuck]: is there a image/person limit? I've been showing costumes of me on my House page for a while now, so I've got a lot to pick from, how much do I have to narrow it down? One other question: When does the contest close?

2005-05-10 [ArchangelGabriel]: here is v1 of the pic i want to enter, can i?

It was all drawn by me, about a char i made in a story a while ago. theres quite a story behind the dress, everythign about it represents women being repressed...

2005-05-11 [Stray Kitty]: Does the costume I draw have to be from a role-playing game or could it be from a pretend game ?(like a game were you would pretend you're a princess or something) Would that work?

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