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The Elftown Constitution

The Mayor & Council
Clan Structure
Mission Statement
RP Council Houses - GOP & MGP
Laws & Regulations

Elftown Clans
RP Council
Take Elftown Back


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2007-03-26 [xido]: I would like to make an appeal for an Elftown Constitution
from the Elftown Council and [Hedda]
to add Elftown Clans to the house descriptions of ET Members - under description, list 'Fantasy Race' as 'Elftown Clan', and add checkable races under that category.

Based on the ECM's
Representative Poll: <poll:73926>

Clan: a group of voting members of any Fantasy Species of the Creature_List

House: a group of Clans, also a 'party'. Each House gets to make a 'House Vote', which represents the decisions of those Clans and Members.

Unison House Vote: A 2 out of 2 House Votes, which is presented to the ECM Moderator, a non-Clan Speaker for [Hedda] from the Fantasy Race of the Creature_List.

This Unison House Vote, and a single vote from Take Elftown Back will be the only decision-making input will take from anyone, regardless of your Fantasy Race!

[xido] of the Draconic Clan:
Since any Dragon would know that the undead surely cannot lead or overwhelm us, we call out a Congressional Unit and Council RP of Elftown!

There shall be House Leaders, decided by a House Vote. These House Leaders, the Moderator of the Houses (a Human Clan Member, and owner of the Representative Poll), and the Leader of the Take Elftown Back wikipage will annouce 3 Votes to [Hedda] about the next creatures of the ECM, as well as on major decisions to be made in Elftown.

There shall be a GOP, or 'Grand Old Party', of a majority voting class, and a Minorities Groups Party, or MGP, and each will be divided across a 1% split (7%-8% of <poll:73926>). If your creature is not listed on the poll (<poll:73926>), then list your creature on the Fantasy Endangered Species List, to be added into the MGP's final claim on purpose and strategy, known as a 'House Vote'.

Each House (the GOP and MGP) will have a House Leader, being the decided Leader of each of the GOP's and MGP's Clans. This House Leader must be from the Clan with the Most Votes in the Representative Poll, <poll:73926>.

The decisions made from these Houses will help create and further the progress of the ECM. For this House Vote, one representative will be elected, the Clan Leader, who will represent the needs, wants, and values of the Clans. Each group of clans will form a House (or party).

If any decision needs a major vote, these two groups of clans will convene on the issue, and make a poll to decide the outcome. The Endangered Species will also get adequate representation by having their own special vote on the issue, which will decide the final outcome if there is a split in House issues (ie, GOP - 30/50 Yay, MGP - 40/41 Nay) as a tie-breaker vote.

No House Vote will occur until a date and time is established for all Clans to have at least one member/moderator, and for both Houses and the Endangered Species List to be adequately represented. One non-Clan Moderator will announce the outcomes of all Unison Votes or polls/votes to the Elftown Mayor, [Hedda], where they will take place as helpful input to the Town Mayor of

[xido] will not be that moderator, because he is a representative of the Draconic Clan, and current Seat for the Human Clans (Moderate GOP Vote).

A Clan is made up of voting Elftown members. Each Clan decides the fate, destiny, leadership, internal hierarchical structure and singular Clan Vote (or 'vote', which will be made by a representative Clan Member - Council Members make the final decision on any vote, House Vote, or appeal to [Hedda]). Each Clan will represent a single vote in the House - GOP or MGP - a 'House Vote'). If a decision is made with a majority vote in that House, it is a House Vote. The House Leaders of the Houses will each submit their poll/vote to the Town Mayor if they are 'in unison', which is 2 out 2 House Votes. If there is not a Unison Vote ('Dual-House Decision'), the tie-breaking vote will be decision from the Clan Leader of the races of the Fantasy Endangered Species List (or 'FESL Leader'). A House Vote is told to the Mayor by only one member, the 'House Leader'. Sub-polls can be made within each Clan and within each House. Each House represents one Vote.

To Self: (whoa, edit!)

2007-03-31 [xido]: Elftown - integrate

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