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Elftown Comedians

This wiki was created for Elftowners to share comedic/satirical material they have created, with other Elftowners. Real life can be very tough on people, and those who may come to Elftown for relief may not find it so easily, at least not as quickly as they might have a few years ago when this website was at its peak. Contests aren't as happening as they once were, fewer long-term people remain on Elftown and of those who do, many do not update as often as they once did. Big, grand-scale ideas and crusades are proven to be giant time wasters that come back to haunt those who created them. Some people are driven off Elftown for any number of reasons and use that as an excuse to stay away from Elftown, while others invest so much time and energy on this website they are driven "over the edge" and lose contact with reality. For me personally, I find it ever harder to stay active on Elftown even though I have lots of friends here. I'm sad the best days of this website are well behind it, but at the same time it's not like it's the end of the world or anything. Enough of the negatives, already! I do know this website could use a better collective sense of humor. I know there's still a great wealth of untapped talent, of those who remain. Humor doesn't have to be a painstaking masterwork . . . just let it happen, and make us laugh!

This wiki is designed to be as simple as it is fun. List your comedic/satirical wikis here. This can also include wikis that were originally "serious", but over time went from being unintentionally hilarious to being deliberately funny. Don't link to outside sites (use the comments box for that, please) unless it's your site (or your page on someone else's site) that has your own original stuff on it. Obviously everyone has different types of humor, and tastes vary. Personally I have a goofy, off-the-wall sense of humor that is only occasionally mundane and middle-of-the-road, but I'm fine with that. Others might not appreciate it, but then again here's their incentive to come up with their own material, and to link it here! It can be anything made by you: really funny pictures you took (or someone else took, with you in them), comic strips you created, funny stories or artwork or poetry (again, keeping these to maximum "R" . . . artistic nudity and suggestive stuff is fine, outright pornography isn't), videos and recordings of your stand-up work, your pet dog being exceptionally goofy, and so forth and so on. Make sure it is YOUR work, and not just a wiki filled with random Internet images and Youtube clips. (As said, link those in the comments area though to be realistic not too many people will likely click them!)

What is not allowed: Slanderous hateful attacks on Elftowners, drama for the the pseudo-dramatic sake of drama (leave that shit at the door, mmkay?) anything that could get you and me in trouble with the law, religious/ethnic slurs, gay-bashing, and anything that's only permissable on a "private" wiki. Keep it "R"-rated, maximum. I, [Paul Doyle] reserve the right to remove links and kick out people that violate these simple rules, and will report to the Guards as needed. Hopefully, that won't need to happen at all, but it's there for posterity . . . for what "posterity" is worth, mind you. :P

Otherwise . . . have fun and show us your stuff!

[Paul Doyle]


(1.) [Paul Doyle] for now, Ask Pauly the Anthro-Dragon! This is a satire of "Dear Abby", with other things thrown in as well. Basically, you ask my comedic alter-ego/ avatar/scalesona/whatever Pauly the Anthro-Dragon a question, and he answers it in his own peculiar, silly, sometimes smart-assed fashion. Asking the "real me" questions is discouraged.

I might add art/writing links here later.

(2.) [Hendercrazy] writes and illustrates a webcomic in his spare time called Spazznik. :) Good for a few chuckles if you like medieval/high fantasy stuff. ;)

(3.) [NOOOPE], so, uh, I may have too many to list. Bears, So You Wanna Make an Emo House?, The Mailbox, ET Quotes, Mobster M, Miss Hall, Patrolla, What i've been up to in college..., more to come, I am sure.

(4.)[hanhepi] whoa! you want my advice?? you can ask real questions, funny questions, silly questions, serious questions, any kind of questions accepted gladly! no question too big or small! all questions answered with Mrs./Mr. Advice person's special brand of humor! (for old questions, and answers, read the back issues of the town herald)

(5.) [little flag] - I appreciate humor more often than I create it, but if you're up to reading an in-progress story that gleefully mixes the absurd with the ordinary, you might like this: P's Story: The Adventures of Sub Girl.

(6.) [Ravenclaw] Just a quirky little place where people can add their own redneck related Jedi jokes. You Might be a Redneck Jedi If

(7.) [Daisy le Fleur] Mine's a simple enough premise I suppose. Overdone Ham .. Shameless indulgence and fun-poking at the "Myspace Pose" as I call it.

(8.)[Ayden Cross] Oh snap, what a wonderful idea... The Adventures of Ayden college. Haven't updated in forever, which is not to say nothing happened...but I'm too lazy...

(9.) [Mortified Penguin] Why do I have to keep skipping number nine?! But, I digest (that's right! Digest!)... maze of guile. It's only slightly offensive.

(10.)[kians mummy] the worst person i have done ever? look above
(Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera . . . )

(11.) [Lord Josmar] Dont know if it fits, but there are some funny things in here: Lord Josmar's Emporium Of Useless Information.



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2009-07-25 [Captain Rachel Black]: (will return)

2009-07-28 [Paul Doyle]: I'm sorry I've fallen behind. It's summer and my family has priority, but I'll update here (and a few other places) ASAP.

2009-07-29 [Paul Doyle]: Previously posted this extremely silly link on the wrong wiki-page.

2009-07-29 [Ravenclaw]: That was awesome! I've seen the "good guy" in stuff before, always lame ass old martial arts films. I especially love that she can transform into a small Asian man and do a back flip with only one arm lol. And the part with the hook and forklift was priceless!

2009-07-29 [smakeupfx]: it's my second favorite joke, my first ends in "and the the bear wiped his ass with the rabbit"  XD  does the joke really matter with a punchline like that? 

2009-07-29 [Jewl]: cool.

2009-07-30 [Paul Doyle]: And then, how does the rabbi get revenge on the bear?

2009-08-04 [Emporer Sensi]: YEAAAAA I got a wiki invitation!!!! Ummmmm....Helllooo!

2009-08-04 [Paul Doyle]: Hi there :)

2009-08-04 [Paul Doyle]: Again, sorry about delays . . . it's the summer and I have a family, so I haven't been here much at all lately. And when I do log in, half the time I don't get very far before I need to take care of more important stuff o.O

2009-09-08 [Pyro Mac]: Who invited me here?...its been so long since I've been on...

2009-09-10 [Young J.C.]: It usually shows who when you get the invite.

2009-09-10 [Paul Doyle]: *shifty eyes* It's a conspiracy, and someone's keeping tabs! >__> <__< Dwahahaha!

(Actually, I sent the invites. But since this is drama-llama Elftown we're on, let's just speculate the possibility a nefarious, devious string-puller is ultimately responsible. Just for shits and giggles.)

2009-09-11 [Young J.C.]: Sounds good.

2011-04-30 King: At last, smoonee comes up with the "right" answer!

2011-04-30 [Paul Doyle]: Smoonee! How the hell are you, Smoonee?

2011-04-30 [iippo]: Heck, I thought Smoonee had died back in 2004! O_o

2011-04-30 [Paul Doyle]: Smoonee, please enlighten us, and guide us on own perilous journeys to the Right Answer! Show us a sign! (Sorry, the gourd and the Holy Hand Grenade are taken.)

2011-05-07 [Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: ...?

2011-09-27 [Paul Doyle]: Here's some random yet relevant awesomeness:  (Listen to it through headphones for maximum bass-guitar impact. It sounds a bit like Geezer Butler on bass guitar!) I have no idea who the Ronnie James Dio-ish lead vocalist is though (Daffy has a great spoken interlude).

2011-09-27 [Paul Doyle]: (If anybody cares, Ask Pauly the Anthro-Dragon! is active again, for the time being anyhow. All are invited to ask questions. Though it's certainly a naughtier place than most public ET wiki-pages, please do not make the questions too graphic or naughty! Thanks :3)

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