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Welcome to the Academy!

By [Elegy - gone], for the ET Academy Drawing Contest

The Elftown Academy is a place where ordinary Elftowners volunteered to teach and instruct other Elftowners on certain subjects that can be found in regular schools. Although classes have ended, the classrooms and their materials are still here! Enjoy browsing through lessons made by other Elftowners about Biology, History, Math, and many other subjects.



Click here for the full list of classes: ETA Classes


Managed by the Professors of Tutorials and Lessons.

Joining us

New classes will not be added here, but rather at Tutorials and Lessons.
View the requirements at Tutorials and Lessons Submissions.


- <joinforum:1156:join> (Elftown Academy)
To discuss comments, corrections, suggestions, or questions.


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2005-08-07 [Delladreing]: *glomps the sunrose randomy and then runs off*

2005-08-07 [Sunrose]: :D ahw *tackles and hugs*

2005-08-07 [Delladreing]: yay *hugs* :) ooh i just remembered something i have for you :p

2005-08-07 [Sunrose]: What? :p

2005-08-07 [Delladreing]: you've gots it now :p

2005-08-07 [Sunrose]: Yes! :D

2005-08-07 [Delladreing]: woot :)

2005-08-10 [Fingon]: Because of this thing with description my badge description is back to her old self! Where do I report this?

2005-08-10 [Sunrose]: I already know, I will fix it asap.

2005-08-10 [Fingon]: Thanks!!!! He heE

2005-08-10 [Vampires do exist]: um hey like how do you stop people from logging in as you when you didnt even give your password out?

2005-08-10 [ArchangelGabriel]: try changing your password, also log out everytime you leave.

2005-08-10 [Vampires do exist]: right thanks i was having a dumb moment

2005-08-11 [~Vt~lady~]: I just registered here where do I go now?

2005-08-11 [Vampires do exist]: um well you can like just go and enter stuff or take peoples quizes or update your home page or something or just chat by messing people and make friends:) have fun!!!

2005-08-12 [ArchangelGabriel]: i think she means she's signed up for a class...

2005-08-19 [X-23Sexy]: How do i make those banner thingies for my wiki?

2005-08-19 [Sunrose]: Regular banners you can make in artprograms like paint, phototshop or stuff like that :)

2005-08-20 [Mataza_71191]: what do i do??

2005-08-20 [Sunrose]: What do you mean? :)

2005-08-21 [Mataza_71191]: what is this place im lost...   :o how and what do i do in the academy??

2005-08-21 [Jeed]: you either learn or teach. there's a multiude of subjects at your disposal here, and many teachers willing to answer any questions you may have about them

2005-08-21 [Mataza_71191]: cool!!!!!!!!(runs to a class.)

2005-08-24 [Suicidal Butterfly]: Hi, um, I have a question... I would like to take part in the story comp. but I have no idea how to make a link for it. Any suggestions? thanks -:)

2005-08-24 [Sunrose]: Better ask there ;)

2005-08-26 [Francis555]: Im a new member and like this site

2005-08-26 [Jeed]: want a cookie?

2005-08-26 [Vampires do exist]: what kind? katie you there

2005-08-26 [iamalamp]: okay!

2005-08-26 [Vampires do exist]: hi messege me and ill intro you to peolpe

2005-08-27 [healing_garden of _pain]: Iwant to make a banner but I would know were to begin other than paint what should I do?

2005-08-28 [Jeed]: look for photoshop or other drawing programs. try, they have some really good stuff, and its all free

2005-08-31 [AyatoTokishima]: elftown is sweeeeeet! (sorry)

2005-08-31 [AyatoTokishima]: im new anyone got advice?

2005-08-31 [Sunrose]: Advice about what?

2005-09-02 [gojii]: I'm lost

2005-09-03 [Suicidal Butterfly]: Are the chats scheduled, or do some of Elftowns' members just plan to get together and chat?

2005-09-03 [NightTheOwl]: I got approved by a professor now what do I do

2005-09-03 [Sunrose]: Which department? :)

2005-09-04 [Rach♥]: its confusin on elftown anyone know how to join wikis etc :S?

2005-09-04 [Sunrose]: How do I join a wiki ;)

2005-09-05 [NightTheOwl]: Music

2005-09-07 [morgan nynaeve]: hi was wondering how you become a proff.....?

2005-09-08 [Jeed]: i believe your asnwer is on the board of gov'nas page

2005-09-08 [Sunrose]: No, read Join ETA Main :)

2005-09-08 [Jeed]: **looks around blushing** i knew that.......

2005-09-08 [Fayt100]: I mean Forum

2005-09-08 [Sunrose]: What exactly are you talking about? I did not see you comment before (not in the last 2 pages anyway)..

2005-09-11 [Peug]: Helo Fantasy Lovers! Can anyone help me? I am neew and kind of lost. What is a URL?

2005-09-11 [Peug]: oh, okay Nevermind....................Nor as if I exists

2005-09-11 [Sunrose]: A URL is an internetaddress, basically :)

2005-09-15 [Pince]: Hello everyone whats a wiki?

2005-09-15 [Elegy - gone]: You can read all about wiki pages here: CNETG9

2005-09-15 [Sunrose]: And wiki_intro ^^

2005-09-15 [Nuit Darksin]: if anyone needs help with history or govt(goverenment) let me know asap i may not get back to you right away but i will help you answer your questions

2005-09-15 [Dragonous]: if you need help with any math up to algebra 2 they can ask me

2005-10-07 [CrazyRedNeck]: howdy yall'

2005-10-08 [Princess Carwash]: hey, i was wondering... i forgot how do do something... i cant find the classes... where r they?

2005-10-08 [Poindextra]: Look at ETA Departmental Staff. :)

2005-10-10 [QWERTIE]: i need to get a badge but how

2005-10-10 [QWERTIE]: plz help

2005-10-11 [Poindextra]: You do not need to get a badge, you earn them with the amount of work you do for Elftown. There is no absolute need for one.

2005-10-11 [Fay Dragon]: wats a badge?

2005-10-11 [Poindextra]: A badge is something that shows the sorts of official work/submissions you put into Elftown. See my house or [Sunrose]'s or any Council member, for example.

2005-10-16 [Leyandra]: heya thinking of signing up and doing a new mythology course, probs norse and celtic since there's an egyptian one already...

2005-10-18 [ogr47]: I am new please help !

2005-10-19 [Jeed]: well what do you need help with?

2005-10-23 [Janouk]: Please don't chat on this wiki // ^__^ Thanks Sunrose ;-) *hugs back*

2005-10-23 [Sunrose]: *hugs [Janouk]* I deleted it ;)

2005-10-28 [T_Pop]: i have a question... would anyone here know how to learn psy??

2005-10-28 [bexy88]: any body

2005-10-28 [T_Pop]: hi [bexy88]... anyone know how to learn psy??? if not then i understand... i was just wandering

2005-10-29 [addicted to the drug of lust]: no I don't even know what that is!

2005-10-29 [T_Pop]: hhmmm... i guess not meany people do... i just thought sense this was an academy that tought stuff i would find something out about it... it (from the little i have learned) is the manifestation of one's thoughts... its a little hard to explain but its like using the power of your mind to monipulate temp., fealings, and small objects. i have only been able to work with temp. and only then with cold and i just thought someone in here would know how i can build up my psy...

2005-10-29 [Four Winged Fox]: do you mean psychic abilities B/c it sounds like the manipulation with the use of positive thought

2005-10-29 [T_Pop]: ya thats it. you know what im talking about then right? *exited look*

2005-10-29 [Four Winged Fox]: a litle... I'm trying to get a class on here for psychic, but it's still needs work

2005-10-29 [T_Pop]: ya... i know what you mean. i've tryed to start a wiki community for it, but i only have 3 people (including me) who knows what psy is... well only 3 people... and im so far the farthest one in it... *sigh* theres one who rarely practices psy, and a nother one who knows a lot about it but is to lazy to practice anything... thats why i wanted to see if anyone here could teach it. that way i can try to get to the next level.

2005-10-30 [snowelf]: i want to now how to get badge....

2005-10-30 [Sunrose]: How do I get badges..

2005-10-30 [Jeed]: why do people always ask that.......i mean really..........

2005-10-30 [Delladreing]: its just a pixelated piece of shiney people!! ><

2005-10-31 [~*~imcrazy~*~]: how do u become a council member?

2005-10-31 [Jeed]: **bangs head on the wall**


2005-10-31 [T_Pop]: wow *backs away slowly* lol

2005-10-31 [Delladreing]: o.O ....... that pretty much sums it up

2005-10-31 [T_Pop]: lol

2005-10-31 [Jeed]: well said man

2005-10-31 [Thunder Cid]: Thank you, I decided to just use the council quote to get my message through.

2005-11-01 [Brandy88221]: what is the website for Fake

2005-11-02 [Sunrose]: [fire fly] and [dragon love]: don't use this page for chats.

2005-11-04 [el ninho]: Can someone suggest me a Death Punk Cd?

2005-11-04 [Jeed]: last time i checked, this wasnt a music forum

2005-11-07 [Furor Scribendi]: I see there are a lot of classes for Languages, does that include older ones, too? (i.e. Irish and Scottish Gaelic, Latin)

2005-11-07 [Sunrose]: Look on Languages and see ;)

2005-11-08 [fire fly]: is there any wiccas out there

2005-11-08 [dragon love]: um can i ask what is the best wiki page ther is?????????

2005-11-08 [Jeed]: no

2005-11-08 [dragon love]: ok can i ask who that was 2?

2005-11-08 [Nuit Darksin]: wiccan and pagan

2005-11-08 [Sunrose]: If you want to follow a certain class you can look around ETA Departmental Staff. If you want to make a class you can read Join ETA Main. Please only make comments related to the Academy, or they will be deleted.

2005-11-08 [Psychotic Princess]: Hi i would like to be a pupil :)

2005-11-08 [Sunrose]: Then go to the classroom that you like :)

2005-11-08 [Nuit Darksin]: how do you find that classrooms

2005-11-08 [Sunrose]: Try to read my comments.

2005-11-08 [Nuit Darksin]: ok

2005-11-08 [Furor Scribendi]: Thank you very much! That was really helpful. I feel stupid that I didn't think if it before. Thanks again.

2005-11-10 [Janouk]: Any comments that do not belong to this wiki will be deleted.

2005-11-10 [Nuit Darksin]: how can i become a teacher

2005-11-10 [Jeed]: by creating a class that someone needs(see the bulletin board page), submitting your classroom, using the template provided on the BoG page, to the BoG and/or the professor of the subject you wish to teach.

2005-11-11 [Nuit Darksin]: ok kool cause i was wanted to teach or help teach a histroy class

2005-11-16 [-Shadow-Nell-]: It was suggested that some of you smart people here might be interested in judging writing or art contests! If so, check out the Judges for Hire page.

2005-11-17 [puntonbabe]: heyye

2005-11-18 [Deathsgirl06]: im so confused about elftown what is the purpose of it?

2005-11-18 [Nuit Darksin]: to meet people have away to find new friends, lovers, stay in contact with current friends and/or lovers

2005-11-18 [Nuit Darksin]: ok i asked the history professor if i could teach a history class like 2 weeks ago and i have yet to get a response what do i do now?

2005-11-18 [Jeed]: first of all, elftown's original purpose was a way for elfwood artists and writers to meet eachother, share ideas and such. now its a good place to showcase your art, see other peoples art, and learn some awesome stuff. elftown is not a dating service, nor has it ever been

2005-11-18 [Nuit Darksin]: well whatever it is now

2005-11-27 [xmybrokenviewx]: wow this is a really confusing site

2005-11-27 [Sunrose]: You can ask for help at help :)

2005-11-28 [japegrin]: how do i join a class???

2005-11-28 [Jeed]: by going to the class you wish to sign up for and addign yourself to the list of students and letting the teacher know you are there.

2005-12-05 [Red Eyes Black Dragon]: This seems to be a good site if you want to get confused...

2005-12-07 [lady nytmare]: that's what drama is all about, so join the drama classroom. :p I could also use a few new teachers.

2005-12-08 [Thunder Cid]: All requests for teachers should be posted on the Bulletin Board.

2005-12-12 [..Andrew..]: wtf?!?! how ya become a student?? soz i am really lost in that subject

2005-12-12 [Jeed]: you go to the class you want to join and sign up for it, by adding your name ot the list on the wiki, or by PM'ing the teacher

2005-12-12 [..Andrew..]: yes but were r the classes? i cant find then! thx 4 helpn me btw dun this si shit!!

2005-12-12 [Jeed]: go to the Et departmental staff page, all the departments are there, and just find the class you want to join by the subject it is under. hope i helped

2005-12-15 [..Andrew..]: ta u did but i had dun it thx anyway

2005-12-15 [Jeed]: no problem, you do know the classes are in the departments main page right?

2005-12-17 [..Andrew..]: yar

2005-12-31 [OneSimplewish*]: so im confused and new Help plzzz lol

2006-01-01 [Jeed]: well ask a question and we can try our best to do so

2006-01-04 [The family black sheep]: i need help with phyical science

2006-01-04 [Thunder Cid]: then find a science class and state your question.

2006-01-05 [The family black sheep]: weits mostly studing

2006-01-05 [Jeed]: studying

2006-01-05 [The family black sheep]: ya for tests and quizes

2006-01-05 [Jeed]: well make outlines ofthe stuff you went over in class, highlight the important parts the teacher emphasized, and read it until you can recite it from memory

2006-01-05 [The family black sheep]: short term memery lose

2006-01-05 [Jeed]: well i hope your well endowed and the teacher likes you.....

2006-01-06 [The family black sheep]: most do but some dont y

2006-01-06 [Jeed]: nothing, it was a joke. just try your best, thats all anyone can ask of you

2006-01-06 [The family black sheep]: ya ur right thanks

2006-01-06 [Jeed]: no problem

2006-01-07 [NightTheOwl]: When are the classes going to be accepted or rejected?

2006-01-07 [Jeed]: i will speak to the governess, and will take care of it in a speedy fashion

2006-01-07 [Nuit Darksin]: is there a criminal justice class

2006-01-08 [Jeed]: i dont believe so, but if you'de like to start one please follow the classroom guideline and we'll be happy to look it over

2006-01-08 [Nuit Darksin]: no i need to take one cause i wanna be Texas DPS Trooper (Department of Public Safety)

2006-01-08 [Jeed]: sadly we do not have one, but i believe if you find your local community college or university, they can direct you towards one in a timely fashion

2006-02-25 [Jeed]: **psst** paging sunrose, master of the delete button.... **psst**

2006-03-04 [Black_Roses]: who here knows russian? i do korrikonzai!

2006-03-08 [Ulaan]: Is there a water colour class?

2006-03-08 [Jeed]: from what i saw we dont, so if you would please contact the art professor, [wolfenstein29], we might have one soon!

2006-03-08 [Pirokenetic]: are you guys by any chance offering japanese language classes?

2006-03-09 [Sunrose]: There's a Japanese classroom, but no teacher atm :)

2006-03-10 [ShredFace]: what are we supposed to be doing?

2006-03-14 [Jeed]: spinning around in circles until we fall down?

2006-03-24 [Celtic Guardian]: so where do I sign

2006-03-30 [monkey queen]: ok i'm confused again whats going on

2006-03-31 [XxXStephanieXxX]: Hey

2006-04-14 [Sunrose]: Please see the Bulletin Board about the recent wikichanges!

2006-04-19 [Urecht]: Is there any kind of cartooning class on here?

2006-04-19 [Sunrose]: I'm not sure, take a look at Art and Elftown Tutorials :)

2006-04-22 [Grey Warden]: looking to set up a new chess class...

2006-04-22 [Sunrose]: First of your cours eyou must create a classroom. Please read the wikis about how to join the Academy :)

2006-04-22 [Grey Warden]: OK I think I know how to make one...i'll just transfer my website to this classroom then

2006-04-26 [dayah]: I was wondering if anyone was teaching the elven language here?

2006-04-26 [SilverFire]: Quenya has a teacher, Sindarin doesn't.

2006-06-13 [wolfnitehunter]: I would like to learn the elven language as well

2006-06-13 [Jeed]: then feel free to go to the languages department and find the elven classroom and join it :)

2006-06-27 [monkey queen]: never mind where do is ign up

2006-06-27 [Grey Warden]: so what's next...? what do I do next after setting up my class room about chess? ey? ^_^

2006-06-27 [Grey Warden]: Hello anyone at home?!! ^_6

2006-06-27 [Ulaan]: you have to submit it, then someone nice from the Board of Governors will cheak it and if its ok they will let you be a teacher

2006-07-01 [Viperess]: What if you want to offer assistance if needed?

2006-07-01 [Sunrose]: With? :)

2006-07-01 [Viperess]: Pretty much anything except art, as I can not even draw two straight lines without a ruler, and computer programming type things as my speciality there is crashing a computer not setting one up.

2006-07-01 [Jeed]: then create a class you'de like ot teach in that there wiki called "apply ot the academy"

2006-07-01 [Viperess]: Am not to sure how well I would do as a teacher, which is why I was offering assistance if needed anywhere..

2006-07-01 [Jeed]: well give it a try, use the classroom template in the application wiki, and we'll go from there

2006-07-01 [Viperess]: Okay. My teens on here thought it was funny because I have homeschooled the last 6 years.

2006-07-06 [Grey Warden]: ok thanx for the info [Ulaan] ^_^

2006-07-07 [Sunrose]: Go check out the new ETA contest: ET Academy Drawing Contest! :D

2006-07-17 [Nuit Darksin]: is there not a crimonology class

2006-07-17 [Sunrose]: I don't believe there is :)

2006-07-17 [Nuit Darksin]: man well is there anyway ya'll could get one

2006-07-17 [Sunrose]: You could make one :)

2006-07-17 [Nuit Darksin]: yeah if i knew anything about it. that's why i was askin

2006-07-17 [Sunrose]: Selfstudy on wikipedia? ;)

2006-07-17 [Nuit Darksin]: meh i guess

2006-07-20 [Melocrie]: Whoa, I never actually checked this academy out, but there's so many cool stuff in it. I noticed my wiki is mentioned too lol. I should really start following some of these classes.

2006-07-20 [Sunrose]: ^____^

2006-07-31 [Xeroh Kanoe]: Do you guys have any teachers on Alchemy?

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